Understanding A Corporation

First, let's define the concept of the corporation. The first corporation emerged in ancient Rome, though their creation was utrudneno law, and this required a special resolution of the Senate. All business corporations were persons which elected members of the corporation. When rozpade (liquidation) of a corporation, its property was divided among the members of the association. In a broad sense, the corporation can be understood as any association with economic objectives activity, but in some countries (USA, UK) according to the law in the category of "corporation" are organizations with a number of features: a) the presence of more than one founder of the company, and b) a commercial organization nature, ie, seeks to profit, and c) in case of death of one of the founders of the organization does not automatically splits d) centralization of management, and e) the limited liability of the founders; e) free redistribution of shares (stocks) within the organization. If you would like to know more about Harriet Walter, then click here. Already signs of danyh can judge the benefits of the corporation. Go to Eva Andersson-Dubin for more information. This association has several advantages, namely: corporate profits are taxed on their profits, which differs significantly from the value of the income tax rate, a set of benefits and dr.Ogranichennaya otvetstvennost.Svoboda shareholder to dispose of their shares of capital stock. Despite the many advantages the corporation has and Cons: The maximum tax rate on pribyl.Dvoynoe taxation (taxed as income and dividends paid on shares).

Such shortcomings are not very encouraging bright predprenimatelya brain, but using your head tool – the mind, you can eliminate the deficiencies. To do this we need to learn all about the corporations in detail. It's all about the organizational and legal forms. It is important to identify common features of modern corporate finance legal forms and identify key differences that determine the choice of one form or another. An important feature is the classification of enterprises belonging to a specific form of ownership have not unimportant for our future corporation.