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Also we want to a special service partners, organisers and media available, offering professionally researched and prepared presentations and papers.” About German tele market GmbH and eye storm German tele market GmbH Dresden is an advertising and Internet Agency. The young designers of the Agency with the graphics unit eye storm stand with ESPRIT and competence for fresh and sophisticated design in the fields of corporate design, traditional advertising and Internet. Gain insight and clarity with Paul Ostling. The services range from consulting and conception and design to support marketing activities in the offline and online. Customers German tele market GmbH Dresden and eye storm Druckerei und Verlag GmbH, fit GmbH, Hochschule fur Musik Dresden, include other Deutsche Bahn AG, Florena cosmetic GmbH, Freiberger Brauhaus GmbH, Actris AG, Oak breweries AG, Lusatian fruit processing GmbH, Virgin Saxon steam shipping GmbH & co. KG, Park Bellheimer AG, karamalz natural malt beer, Saxon GmbH, Oppacher mineralquellen GmbH & co.

KG, factoring plus AG, Saxony window GmbH, qumido GmbH, Gevekom – society for consumer communication mbH. For more than 9 years, the Agency German tele market GmbH offers a creative blend of knowledge, expertise and innovation. For over 200 clients, designed and realized the Agency high quality, functionally sophisticated products in the field of new media. ource throughout. Bespoke solutions with tangible added value for each customer, short project duration, as well as an extraordinary level of commitment and creativity, the Agency draw German tele market GmbH and eye storm “off. The 20-strong team of experienced concept developers, project managers, designers and developers created for companies of various industries, associations and authorities varied and compelling online and print products. The Agency German tele market GmbH is a member of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V., specialised agencies, and in the marketing Club of Dresden. More information about the company: press contact: Maxtor 6 01067 Dresden contact person: Mr. Mark Eckert phone: 0351 655540 fax: 0351 6555422 E-Mail: Web: German tele market GmbH

The Bretton Woods

Towards the end of the second world war occurred in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference to a rematch of the gold standard system, the, the changed Economic conditions accordingly, oriented to the global dominance of the US economy. The Bretton Woods system was based on the idea of the currencies of all the countries taking part in a fixed exchange rate to the US dollar to define itself in fact than gold dollar”was deposited with real gold. The value of a Troy ounce of gold at $ 35 was enshrined at the international level, which was not only the gold price fixed, but the anchor point of the global monetary system. The changing of political and economic conditions meant that the United States could provide only limited guarantees for the convertibility of dollars into real gold in the 1960s. Finally the problem intensified so far that the gold backing of the dollar had to be completed because the gold reserves of the United States more represented by far no cover for the outstanding amounts of dollars. The Bretton Woods system in 1973 officially abandoned, so gold price and the U.S. dollar were no longer directly connected and the precious metal lost in the future free world market laws. In the wake of the task of the gold standard, many central banks sold a large part of the national gold reserves.

In recent years, a change to initiate seems here however. Including China, the second largest global economic power, is working for several years to build up their gold reserves. This could indicate that gold flows in the future once more into the stabilization of currencies. In this context, statements of the Robert Zoellick heads of the World Bank are interesting, who speculated in November of last year even, to take the precious metal on the global currency valuation. Regardless of the reintroduction of gold-covered currencies, the role of gold as a crisis-proof system is undiminished. Therefore good prospects to realize good profits with the sale of precious metal are the gold sellers. This Aachen precious metals trading of Frings supports its customers with maximum transparency, serious advice and experienced Professional competence.

In China

Auch Mercedes, BMW and even Porsche announced significantly expand their commitment in India. The economic crisis has also positive Aspects; so, India has become significantly cheaper in the last few months. In particular the real estate costs have moved significantly even in the mega cities of Mumbai and Delhi in recent months down. Here, the end of the bubble is clear. India presents itself robust and above all confident despite the economic crisis. So because even the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the g 20 Summit made it clear early April: the demand on the domestic market remains strong. If we must have some fear, then only against growing protectionism in the United States and Europe”.

Support he learns by international economic analysts noted how the American Newsweek in early April: the worst global recession in 70 years is in fact not global. It is shrinking the richest economies, but only slowing the emerging giants. This year GDP is expected to contract in the U.S. and Europe, while continuing to expand in China and India. People such as Leslie Moonves would likely agree. The grim consumer outlook that’s taken hold in the West is so largely absent in Asia.

In China and India, sales of cars, white goods and many other types of consumer products are still rising”. The Indian spirit of optimism”still persists, the Indians have simply not infected by the generally negative mood. As well as it was in the 1950s and 1960s, was years in Germany the case, has the strong will and determination, the current generation of 20 to 40 year old Indian is in closer to the Western level when it comes to wealth and consumer spending. What that means for the German industry? The business Outlook is still positive in India. Ultimately, India can be even of strategic importance for German companies, because sales in traditional markets can be compensated at least partly back through India. Especially German technology leader and niche Kings”should deal today with India. Because who long to wait, missed the chances that India offers today, including the use of the current cost advantage. Also there is no better maybe also in the German parent company actually Time, as now edit strategic tasks in the crisis. “In recent years, we have again seen in the-mer, that companies that were already on the edge of your resources and capacities, time in the fast pass” gone after India a good preparation is it often remained on the track. The motto was often “It will be fine”, the consequences were often fatal. Because after many companies already the “point of no return” had exceeded, she had to determine that the joint venture decided within a few weeks in practice but didn’t work, the Indian trade officials could not meet the full-bodied promises, the Indian business partner does not meet the requirements, the adjusted Indian business leader put a dubious expense behavior on the day or quite simply that it had misjudged the market due to the inflated forecasts of renowned economic newspapers. More so it makes sense that the current slowdown”to use, maybe also because It has quite a bit more peace and quiet and without haste and with due diligence the future installation in India can deal with. Long-term German companies are must be committed to already increasing in India, because for the subcontinent has become now simply much too important in the next decade left him to leave.

The Dialog

Do you have questions or specific action to the study? Would you like more information? Then simply apply to: Gudrun Jay bad Innoreal communications agency GmbH Adolf-Emmelmann-Strasse 8 30659 Hanover phone 0511/904694-46 E-Mail: Wolfgang Hothum Institute for communication analysis and optimization IKAO book r Road 60 60599 Frankfurt am main phone: 069 / 6986 6886 E-Mail: about Innoreal from conception to implementation of campaigns and advertising customers in the communication agency Innoreal find everything under one roof. The customer advantage: Consistency of the messages, quality and time-saving without loss of the interface. Effectively advertise and communicate – with innovative ideas and feasible solutions: this is the philosophy of Innoreal. For assistance, try visiting Walt Disney. Innoreal supports its customers in corporate Language projects. This includes to develop a concise, authentic and relevant correspondence of everyday in the company and to implement.

Because not only the marketing talks to its customers. Innoreal is active in the fields of video, advertising & marketing, Public Relations and consulting & coaching. Sectors are insurance companies and banks, agriculture (winner of the German agricultural marketing award in 2011), IT and energy. Managing Directors are Jay bad Gudrun and Andreas bad. As the first agency in Germany, the Institute for communication analysis and optimization (IKAO) Innoreal has DSM certified. About IKAO, the Institute for communication analysis and optimization works independently for brands, agencies, media specialists and consultants. IKAO services include: analysis of advertising and information media by dialogue-structure measurement (DSM); Displaying concept reserves; Coaching of optimization processes; Developing individual brand standards for communicative quality assurance; Employee / service provider training.

The Dialog structure measurement is a formula-based expert system that analyzes the formal quality of advertising and information media, recognize optimization potential and thus meets reliable statements about their chances. The objective and fair assessment is guaranteed by more than 50 media tools. Industries and target groups selectors offer additional options for differentiation. Country-specific settings are also possible. Wolfgang Hothum is DSM experts and media analyst and lecturer at the Hochschule Fresenius (Idstein) in business and the media.

Service, Transparency And Fairness

A successful year for the detective agency Lentz is what a service provider should stand group service, transparency and fairness. Especially when Detective Services, these attributes are essential when it comes to implement customer requirements optimally. A competent and individual consultation is important to understand the client and to develop solution proposals. The detective agency Lentz Group knows how important is customer contact. Specially trained advisers already take on the problem of the customer first contact and inform about possible approaches. The detective agency Lentz has specially set up a free hotline for clients. Here you can from Monday to Saturday throughout from 9 o’clock till 20 o’clock can consult all interested parties.

A call-back is in addition function is available via the website. Here the interested party can request a time-definite callback request of a consultant. The focus is the client and he is to be kept always up to date. The Lentz Membersclub offers an extensive Information platform. All current information will be redirected via this portal to the customer in real time.

Here not only the contact data of the personal contact, but also reports, pictures and videos of the observation are the customers or on request also the lawyer of the customer provided. Investigators are more in demand than ever. Achieved in the business year just ended happily not only an increase in the detective jobs, but also the special areas of writing advice and listening defense or tapping protection have developed consistently positive. The two managing directors Christina Egerer and Marcus Lentz of the Detektei Lentz shared with this group. The order volume of the Detektei Lentz Group increased on 431 orders in 2010. The TuV has remained still tracked client satisfaction from 93 percent at 399 jobs in 2009 to 92 percent in the year 2010 at a pleasingly high level and thus significantly above the industry average.

Corporate Health Management

Their organization is as healthy as the people here work “know Susanne Leithoff, founder and Director of the University of mediKollegs. The consulting firm developed an effective health management concept from Wiesbaden with an integrative approach in the workplace health promotion businesses. Integrated health management represents a significant competitive advantage for companies. Who are now invested in the intangible assets of his company, secures his material success of tomorrow “says Leithoff. This succeeds if health promotion will be fixed in the guidelines of a company and a health-promoting leadership can establish itself. Employees in their uniqueness be regard as well as the development of a healthy corporate culture, in balance with the values, goals and the direction of the company. A such integrative health management sets the different perspectives of the company in relation, weighted the various aspects and can be an individual Develop a health promotion program, which is the soul of the company in accordance. The Economic Academy of mediKollegs specializes in advice, monitoring and implementation of effective, inclusive health management. This sustainability, motivation, cost/benefit transparency and responsibility in corporate health management tasks not least resolved pragmatically, intelligent and sometimes unusual. Susanne Leithoff mediKolleg – Academy of Economics