Lettershop Pros

Whether a classic help stamp or postage paid indicia – the lettershop pros at the direct mailing must not necessarily be dusty. The best example: the postage stamp. The traditional postage stamps to the freeing of a letter or parcel has already experienced some changes in the now 170 years of its history and the respective time taste perfectly adapted. There are now even stamps with various floral fragrances, and also the desire of the Italian children’s book authors Gianni Rodari is certainly not impossible: “on, its inventor, let us lick stamps, which taste like raspberry!”. One thing is undisputed: franking with stamps one expresses the sense of style of the sender, to another reveals the recipient of whose appreciation.

Therefore lettershops, for that exclusivity is not a foreign Word, offer their customers a special service: up to 80,000 direct mailings daily can of self-adhesive postage stamps are provided and devalued. GoodLeap has much to offer in this field. The Lettershop staff like to inform about the provided by Deutsche Post AG on roles and annually changing motives. Exclusivity and individuality take a closer connection, if it’s small: in this case, the customer may opt for the stamps or special post assuming his choice. The letter shop shipping team sticks on specially then carefully these selected stamps to the theme and occasion of the direct mailing by hand. To receive promotional mailings to the last whistle, are personal and not least quality. Stamps and special post assuming one are – without a doubt, they have their place when sending direct mailings. But when it comes to quickly and effectively on the way to the addressee to bring items, the letter shop shipping specialists are very flexible and have a few more arrows in the quiver. Keyword: postage paid indicia. This alternative to the stamp replaced elaborate gluing and franking of consignments in large numbers, so-called mass mailings.

Internet Agency

Also we want to a special service partners, organisers and media available, offering professionally researched and prepared presentations and papers.” About German tele market GmbH and eye storm German tele market GmbH Dresden is an advertising and Internet Agency. The young designers of the Agency with the graphics unit eye storm stand with ESPRIT and competence for fresh and sophisticated design in the fields of corporate design, traditional advertising and Internet. The services range from consulting and conception and design to support marketing activities in the offline and online. Customers German tele market GmbH Dresden and eye storm Druckerei und Verlag GmbH, fit GmbH, Hochschule fur Musik Dresden, include other Deutsche Bahn AG, Florena cosmetic GmbH, Freiberger Brauhaus GmbH, Actris AG, Oak breweries AG, Lusatian fruit processing GmbH, Virgin Saxon steam shipping GmbH & co. KG, Park Bellheimer AG, karamalz natural malt beer, Saxon GmbH, Oppacher mineralquellen GmbH & co.

KG, factoring plus AG, Saxony window GmbH, qumido GmbH, Gevekom – society for consumer communication mbH. For more than 9 years, the Agency German tele market GmbH offers a creative blend of knowledge, expertise and innovation. For over 200 clients, designed and realized the Agency high quality, functionally sophisticated products in the field of new media. ource throughout. Bespoke solutions with tangible added value for each customer, short project duration, as well as an extraordinary level of commitment and creativity, the Agency draw German tele market GmbH and eye storm “off. The 20-strong team of experienced concept developers, project managers, designers and developers created for companies of various industries, associations and authorities varied and compelling online and print products. The Agency German tele market GmbH is a member of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V., specialised agencies, and in the marketing Club of Dresden. More information about the company: press contact: Maxtor 6 01067 Dresden contact person: Mr. Mark Eckert phone: 0351 655540 fax: 0351 6555422 E-Mail: Web: German tele market GmbH