New Dental Community

Starts with, a hitherto unprecedented, international network, which brings together all sectors of the dental industry. It is a platform on which to find dental technicians, dental professionals, students and engineers of the dental industry and replace. The heart of the portal is the community in which each user can create his own profile and manage. The extensive search function makes it possible that you can find old school friends, classmates, fellow students and colleagues and contact in various ways. Also it is free every member surveys of his choice to start to publish images in the gallery and his dental work under the best dent tool”to evaluate the expert user community! Who is evident here, really the best”is! Global dental assumes the function of Organizer: never again to Miss fairs, information sessions, and students parties! See the tool events”, the user can search for events in its vicinity or private meetings advertise. The second leg of the portal is the Dental Forum! Here can exchange students of the dental industry scripts and information and to assist in exam preparation. Young technicians may ask experienced master to Council without fear and doctors have the opportunity to interact with international colleagues. In addition, the option exists to job search or job advertisements to switch. Thus Dentalglobal acts also as a sales market and job. Because nowhere can bring his old books, tools and equipment to the man! In short: no limits the uses of the Forum!

Ogilvy Put Prejudices

The newspaper has strength and humor Frankfurt, August 31, 2010. A prejudice that has for so long that it has been used on some dust is that the newspaper as an advertising medium has survived. And yet the newspaper still there and stronger than ever before. “This fact takes ZMG newspaper marketing company (Frankfurt) for the occasion, to deal with the false perception of the newspaper in its latest publication on highly ironic way rarely laughed so” already the shipping label to the 16-page brochure, and internal comments on it goes merrily on. Do you know already the latest? Advertising in the newspaper works best! “, disguised as a joke so benefits of the media presented newspaper with a dose of humor. And of course remains the much-needed enlightenment not on the track. A leading source for info: Coen Brothers. Sascha Lobo speaks of the power of the newspaper”and Google use them for themselves.

The newspapers deliver facts and emotion with the new brochure. I enjoy the read. “, so ZMG’s managing director Markus Ruppe. That many media decision makers are still reluctant in the use of newspaper advertising, can be explained only by ignorance, because the facts speak very clearly for the medium. “And the best way to deal with prejudices, our opinion is humor,” says Lars Huvart, the Creative Director responsible of supervising agency of Ogilvy in Frankfurt.

Visually to the point be brought the hoax messages”in addition by drawings of the cartoonist Greser & Lenz, nationwide known from various succinctly and not a joke from the newspaper. The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides research, planning and consulting. It supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control. Contact person: Dr. Joachim Thursday head communication ZMG newspaper marketing company telephone (069) 97 38 22-26 email

The Title Page: The First Page Is The Most Important

Why the cover of a magazine should be not amateurish made the front page is the poster child for a magazine or a magazine. It appeals to the reader, the chances are that he will buy the magazine and read. So the cover should be as appealing, maybe even funny or charming, sometimes even provocative. The title page is designed in a way to any she quickly perish in the great offer jungle. What ideas and graphical tricks, large magazine appealing design their title pages, you can see the best of examples. Found attached under such good examples lately in a slide show. The exhibition shows several dozen funny and original covers of the years from the German and international press. Among others are cover of Wirtschaftswoche this, English-language magazine the Economist, the focus and the mirror.

Germany graphic agencies are an extreme niche market brainstorming and design of front pages: the most newspapers and magazines make up their titles themselves and let by in-house graphic designers to implement. It is but another way and providing this part of the work to the outside has considerable advantages: the brainstorming does not happen between door and Angel, the external view of external service providers creates new perspectives, the design is done by specializing in an extremely high level. One of the suppliers for the external cover design is the small agency journal workshop in Kerken at the lower Rhine. For various magazines, the employees here to figure out title motifs and implement then including the headlines with a Designer graphically. This can range from a simple stock photo that appears in a humorous context, the photorealistic invention of entire rooms. For a business magazine for example were recently on the subject of energy mix”just Sun, water and coal in bottles bottled, shaken by a bartender at a cocktail. “Or in the personnel selection four types of problems” shown in the passport of the Chief must the smallest evil opt for. The journal workshop takes over all services mostly from the initial idea up to the fit file to download completely. Some magazine would, but only a part of this chain to outsource too is possible. Main thing remains, finally, that the first page of a magazine is a real eye-catcher. Source: The journal workshop