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Recommendation purchase, purchase analysis and much more Nuremberg, March 09, 2009, at the beginning of the year Nuremberg Web sale AG provided her business partner again with a number of top current developments, this time especially in the field of social commerce. A comprehensive system of wish lists, an extended Artikelbewertungs module as well as a real purchase analysis-based \”bought together\” recommendation are just a few of the features which now put on the E-commerce specialist. Thus, the company again underlined his long-standing expertise in online trading. \”The term social commerce\” was end of 2005 by Steve ruble coined and corresponds to the German word recommendation trade \”. Including a concrete expression of the e-commerce refers to, which are the active participation of customers and the personal relationship and the communication of customers in the foreground.

Also called social shopping, no longer are the various options of that range from e-commerce today. Social shopping is fun make and actively involve the buyer. Vanessa Morgan pursues this goal as well. \”The extensions in our current shop software Web sale V7 allow the shop owners much to deeper customer relationships than ever before\”, Johannes W. Klinger, CEO stresses the Websale AG. He knows the fact that active and emotionally involved users can bring new momentum in online trading for many years.

Only all product and assortment, turned in the traditional E-commerce the new services increasingly people in the Center. Also market and trend research on social commerce promised a golden future. In fact, Web sale offers a unique wealth of promotional services for the acquisition of new customers and range of options for the active customer loyalty. Thereby, the company implements all solutions in the form of very large, mature and professional. So, for example, the area offers wish lists in Web sale V7, inter alia, the freedom of choice as delivery address instead of the address of the wishing to provide the giver.

International Media Center lives in the Internet – supported by and many others the decision of the RBB to stomp the flagship integration program radio Multikulti, met many surprisingly. Berlin, 23.2.2009 – the decision of the RBB to stomp the flagship integration program radio Multikulti, met many surprisingly. The institution of public service broadcasting had justified the setting with savings constraints. Since the beginning of the year, continue 15 former multicultural employees on the Internet. For more specific information, check out Florence Pugh. With the encouraging result: The Web radio multicult2. 0 yesterday launched his live program. The Berlin-based PR Agency supports radio multiult2. Speaking candidly Harriet Walter told us the story.

0 in the press – and public relations. Project Manager Brigitta Gabrin business said in an interview: “What does a multicultural channel for the Berlin region?” Brigitta Gabrin: “we are convinced that our project will (…) strengthen Berlin/Brandenburg as the International Media Center in Germany In addition, we make radio for immigrants in their native languages. This not we focus such as other transmitters on the handset from the traditional Anwerbestaaten. We are the only station that has a Vietnamese program on offer, so for a group of listeners, who lives mainly in the new Lander and for which no need with a radio broadcast was detected in North Rhine-Westphalia E.g. nationwide. Here, we provide a basic service. We also send in Persian, Albanian, Kurdish and in South Slavic languages. In the future more languages are added.” The focus of the program the CultMagazin, which should provide listeners with latest news of politics and culture, am from Monday to Friday Internet radio announced.

In the daily report captured focal point topics from Berlin and Brandenburg should be treated. Tips for CDs and movies, an international press review as well as the broadcast of eco Mondo – life and environment are complete according to the program. The new Web radio is financed according to own exclusively through donations. The employees work on voluntary Base.

The Small

In our opinion we would agree with limited these opinions. Dead or to end only that is Time in which simply programmed agencies on the market can have success. Despite the immense crisis is yet to hold that the image market still remains a market on the day many providers meet consumers on many. Accordingly we think it right to say that the image market by 2002 2009 is dead, but begins a new phase of the image market. Properties of this new image market: 1) 2010 / 2011 will be a market rectification period, close many just medium agencies which only have a simple image search and without specialisation to all present some of the motifs. Reason: Large agencies push from the top, are cheaper, have more choices, are usually multilingual and have many license models such as flat-rate, etc. Small agencies push from below. The small feel it no cost pressures as the Middle, are more flexible and not rarely innovative programmed.

2.) it is the new image market significantly fewer start-ups type than the years before. If over the years so far was a veritable gold rush on the image market, you will now heard more cautious tones in the forums of the Center. We know that the market has become more difficult that faster than expected on the Internet can be, and that it is significantly harder to create not only an agency, but also to keep them running. 3.) the range of photo agencies is unmanageable at present. Literally on the Assembly line, agencies were established, which show a simple image search and some nice pictures on the main page. “Exactly at this time market experts say more than ever that a slogan will decide who survives or not: either largest provider or specialist, all other providers run great risk to go under in the next hours into insignificance”.

Internet Editorial Office

The modernization of Web pages even though the companies used their reputation were concerned, but were not under such pressure as it is today. The corporate communications via Web 2.0 is located in the center of attention. The information play a major role in the global business and spread at lightning speed. All Web pages are updated. The stages of information yesterday and today the information went through earlier only such stages: if any event happened, shared in the broadcasting, with television, and then published the information in the newspaper.

Now get all Internet users which instantly, you can news discuss them in the Forum, enter into a direct dialogue with other people. The corporate communication has a huge benefit of such fast spreading the news. The information on the Internet go after ten minutes. Today close to the events, the people are very close to the action. Appear on the world wide web all new Internet newspapers, portals, that the company can use for communication.

The information agencies carry the information often does not on any editors, but directly to the reader. Any news to come automatically on the Web page of the Internet. Additional information is available at Henry Jones. Changes the role of the newspaper editor, its functions move to the Internet Editorial Office of the news agency. The Internet editorial team determines the meaning of incoming information and also the theme the Internet editorial team. The corporate communication 2.0 helps to find agencies in the network, providing a certain production today. These agencies are interested to deliver what is in demand among the customers. What can be asked for? Of course this is the moving news. The editors expect more flexibility in the work of the agencies more flexibility in the work of the agencies. The communication 2.0 can be much better if the content of the messages will fully satisfy the customers.

Federal Government Opts For Internet Platforms

Gutersloh/Bonn government opts for Internet platforms – classic rationalization process in procurement and sales are usually based in the so-called Pareto principle: Eighty percent of the entire result be achieved with twenty per cent of the total. The 80:20 rule was discovered by the Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto and applied almost in all economic issues. With a concentration on the best customers or suppliers, you can therefore optimize the cost-benefit ratio so the common doctrine. However, digital business models allow the exact opposite: when the cost of a transaction to zero tends, it could be profitable to use also small – and Kleinstkunden with niche products. Wired editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson coined it”the term Long Tail. This applies to the example, the electronic order processing with the much smaller quantities than in the past lucrative make, so the conviction of Jan Westerbarkey, Managing Director Westa-group, which specializes in the production of flexible pipes. “He sees advantages not only for his own company, but also for customers: saved transaction costs to the customer, of course, be passed or invested in additional customer service”, Walter writes in a name post for the Swiss magazine in GDI IMPULS. The cross-company electronic link of information systems include the entire supply chain.

We know what is needed in the trade, and our suppliers to know what demand for us”. From a requested orders, become an obligation. As soon as the camp of his mid-sized company below a given threshold for aluminium strip, all potential suppliers are automatically set on product specifications, bandwidth for quantity and delivery time in knowledge. All competitors have the necessary information to make a bid. As a standard for automating Walter opts for electronic data Interchange (EDI).

The procurement process will often not integrated into the remaining purchasing process, Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the Dusseldorf IT consulting firm Harvey Nash know. At the same time, an immense cost pressures laste on the buyers and departments. Through a targeted analysis and optimization of all processes and standards of a company are possible”enormous cost reductions, confirmed the Harvey Nash Chief. Therefore, the Federal Government also relies on Internet-based ordering and delivery processes. The awarding platform of the Federal e-procurement ‘ and order platform Department of the Federal Government ‘ standardised communication and legal certainty provide high availability. With our electronic purchasing systems we have cutting-edge interfaces between public authorities and industry”, explains Klaus-Peter Tiedtke, Director of the Procurement Office of the Ministry of the Interior. The processes involved in the purchase of the Swiss Confederation are streamlined, conserve resources and minimize costs for all concerned. A message from NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: URL:

Free And Up-to-date News For The Site

PR gateway’s online service offers with the content partner program of online service PR gateway content partnership for Web site operators can site owners include news and press releases of from well-known companies from various sectors in their website. Latest news make attractive sites for visitors, as well as for the search engines. The online service PR Gateway delivers company news and press releases from over 1000 leading companies and agencies on news portals on the Internet. Website owners now have the opportunity to include this news in your website with the content partner program. The topics range from sports car to finance and health. Individual setting possibilities and easy integration into the content partner program Web site operators have different setting options, the themes, the format and the number of press releases, which would involve them, to set. So are 25 topic categories to choose from, of which up to three can be selected. Can the content with or without Save picture, as teaser or the complete text will be displayed.

The number of displayed news is also optional. PR-gateway provides a standardized interface for the integration of the news. RSS feed brings the news to the site the news are displayed with all personal settings into an RSS feed. For the integration into the site of the W3C reads validated RSS feed about extra modules for systems such as Drupal or WordPress. Then, all messages on the site can be displayed. Content is king – news and press releases points with the search engines search engines love text. Current information with relevant content be listed well by Google and co. and lead to a sustained visibility in the hit lists.

“The company news of our customers are editorially prepared texts, which provide interesting information for the reader and deliver high-quality content for portals.” so Andreas Winkler, Managing Director of ADENION GmbH, the operator of PR-gateway. The free registration PR gateway’s content partner program is available under the following address: component/contentpartner / more information, images and publications are available for download available in the PR-Gateway Press Center: press description of the company PR-gateway is a project of Adenion GmbH. The Adenion GmbH develops software services since the year 2000 for online marketing and sales on the Internet. PR-gateway ( is an online service that press releases are managed centrally with click parallel transmitted to several free press portals and news services. The multiple acquisition accounted for the single press portals.

New Dental Community

Starts with, a hitherto unprecedented, international network, which brings together all sectors of the dental industry. It is a platform on which to find dental technicians, dental professionals, students and engineers of the dental industry and replace. The heart of the portal is the community in which each user can create his own profile and manage. The extensive search function makes it possible that you can find old school friends, classmates, fellow students and colleagues and contact in various ways. Also it is free every member surveys of his choice to start to publish images in the gallery and his dental work under the best dent tool”to evaluate the expert user community! Who is evident here, really the best”is! Global dental assumes the function of Organizer: never again to Miss fairs, information sessions, and students parties! See the tool events”, the user can search for events in its vicinity or private meetings advertise. The second leg of the portal is the Dental Forum! Here can exchange students of the dental industry scripts and information and to assist in exam preparation. Young technicians may ask experienced master to Council without fear and doctors have the opportunity to interact with international colleagues. In addition, the option exists to job search or job advertisements to switch. Thus Dentalglobal acts also as a sales market and job. Because nowhere can bring his old books, tools and equipment to the man! In short: no limits the uses of the Forum!