Supreme National Council

Consequently, only men were initiated into it. Tribune Media Company is full of insight into the issues. Probably this discrimination were based from the time he wandered through history the wise and powerful King Solomon and Hiram Abi, an architect who was the first great temple dedicated to monotheism, according to the Biblical legend. Xfinity may help you with your research. Over time, emerged from the Temple or Knights Templar, who were the promoters of the Crusades and the pursuit of so-called Holy Grail, which was suspected to be the chalice of Nazareth where Jesus instituted the consecration of the wine. By the way, Dan Brown in his book “Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code.” gives us a different view on something speculative certainly more than two thousand years. To know more about this subject visit Gavin Baker, New York City. But the woman was not only discriminated against in this noble and ancient society of free men and morals.Years after the death of the eponymous son of Bethlehem, the nascent Christianity through their leaders, segregated forbidding women to be ministers of the altar and all the churches for centuries took the same course, something funny now, to say the least, this age of cybernetics, information and knowledge society, which abounds in an inevitable development, cognitive capitalism. Undoubtedly, this situation influenced the classification of females as second-class beings, and without question, the stone placed on the shoulders of Mary of Magdala, engage in the social division of labor as “sex worker”. Freemasonry evolved from a community sglo operational in mid-century, to be transmuted into speculative association.History is stubborn and if we look the independence struggle of all American countries including episodes becoming influential in the current societies, including the French Revolution with its triad of Libert Egalit Fraternit ou la mort and the Declaration of Philadelphia to mention only two, the majority of its leaders were the aged corporation Laborers Temple. This includes, of course, the heroes of the independence of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Venezuela, with its initiator Francisco Miranda and Sim n Bol var received in England. Those wishing to know about these two aspects (operative and speculative Freemasonry) must be submitted to the works of Rene Guenon “Studies On Freemasonry” About the beginning of the call modernity, in which science advances to the hum of the humanist interpretation of society, appeared in France, on stage Masonic Deraismes Marie, a champion in these Kalends of women’s liberation. It was launched on 14 January 1882 in the Lodge “The Free Thinkers Pecq. Georges Martin, Senator and General Counsel of Paris, who attended the reception of Mary Deraismes, became a winged creation of Lodges Mixed. In 1901 he created the Supreme Council Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and in Dominica 1921 the Grand Orient of France recognizes the Masonry and sets friendly relations with it.After 1901 the so-called Supreme Council of Human Rights (Le Droit Humain), spreading rapidly across five continents and with more than 5,000 lodges scattered throughout the world. At home, we have the Supreme Council, 33 for Colombia, the Supreme National Council of Grade 33 for Colombia and the Supreme General Council of Grade 33 for Colombia. All of them formed by men. However, in Bogot in 1924 and operated a Lodge Mixed-affiliated Supreme Council for Human Rights, which was closed by the asperities of religious denominations of the time. In the three lodges joint working capital of the Human Right.