Deficiency Intellectual Abilities

The ability necessary to live with autonomy and independence in the community where if it inserts (to this ability also calls adaptativo behavior or adaptativo functioning). While the diagnosis of the cognitivo functioning normally is carried through by technician duly qualified (psychologists, neurologists, fonoaudilogos, etc.), already the adaptativo functioning must be object of comment and analysis on the part of the family, the parents and the educators who coexist the child. To get given regarding adaptativo behavior must look for to know what the child obtains to make in comparison with children of the same chronological age. Certain abilities are very important for the organization of this adaptativo behavior: The ability of daily life as to be dressed, to take bath, to eat. The communication abilities, as to understand what it is said and to know to answer. The social abilities with the colleagues, the members of the family and other adults and children. People such as Edmund V. Ludwig would likely agree. To diagnosis the Deficiency Intellectual, the professionals study the mental capacities of the person and its adaptativas abilities. These two aspects are part of the definition of common cognitivo delay to most of the scientists who if dedicate to the study of the intellectual deficiency.

The fact of if organizing support services the children and young with intellectual deficiency must provide one better understanding on the concrete situation of the child of who if she says that she has a cognitivo delay. After an initial evaluation, must be studied the potentialities and the difficulties that the child presents. She must also be studied the amount and nature of support that the child can need to be well in house, the school and the community. This global perspective of – us a realistic vision of each child. On the other hand, it also serves to recognize that ' ' viso' ' initial can, and many times must move or evolve.

Applied Virtual Reality

' ' Of course, after making many novels, a team tends to fall in an ambush in what it refers to the cenografia. It starts if to use chaves of the type marries of rich, house of poor persons. Morton Ira Greenberg is full of insight into the issues. It exists a difference in each personage, each history, and must be intent isso' '. (SON, 2001, p.257) In parallel to the Net Globe, other senders also already had initiated the process of productions. In accordance with Walnut 2 (2002), in the accomplishment of its seminary in function of the group of Applied Virtual Reality, it affirms that in the TV Diffusing Tupi of So Paulo, inaugurated in 1950, for journalist Assis Chateaubriand, the Show in the Taba, program of varieties, he was one of the first ones to be transmitted possessing the characteristics of being to the living creature, with rustic and precarious scenes, beyond being filmed, was transmitted and decoded in black person and white. For the commercial ones she was placed only one deep tapadeira of with logotipo of the advertiser, evidencing total how much artistic enterprise inexperincia in such a way. Walnut (2002) continues the description of the senders, who, in general way, had been if perfecting to the few. The transmission to the living creature was adopted by much time, and, exactly with the sprouting of the edition possibility of the videos for posterior transmission, the adoption of the system videotape was an impracticable resource due to the high cost.

But later its implantation was complete, being pioneering the program Chico Ansio Show, in the TV River. The edition process, in this phase, still was total manual. Beyond the difficulties of that everything, the theatrical designer if incases as a mere collaborator, therefore what it has of if vangloriar they are its productions. To join its creative profile, with all its cultural luggage, this is the art of this craft.

Reproductive Functionality

In the birds, great and yellow folculos, destined to the ovulao are organized inside of a hierarchy (JOHNSON, 1993). The left ovrio presents cellular and endcrina function. Firmly it is adhered to the dorsal corporal wall, placed closely in the previous polar region of the left kidney. Its size depends on the functional state where the bird if finds. The color is yellowish with pink shades, of rounded off form the polygon, lobated and frivel, presenting folculos with ovcitos (RUTZ et al.

2007). One of the main functions of the ovrios is the hormone production esterides, essentials for the growth and function of the reproductive treatment. The progesterone acts in the secretion of albmen and induction of the LH peak. The andrognios act in secondary sexual characteristics (crest and barbela). The estrognios act in the synthesis of the egg yolk for the liver, calcium mobilization of the bones medulares for the gland of the rind. In contrast to mammals, the cells of the granular they are the main sources of progesterone and small amounts of andrognios, whereas the cells of the theca produce andrognios and estradiol. It is important to point out that the cells of the granular do not luteinizam, because the necessity of formation of lteo body does not exist, a structure associated with the prenhez (BAHR AND JOHNSON, 1991). According to Rabbit (2006), oviduto of the birds is a tubular segment that if communicates with the ovrio by means of infundbulo.

The development of oviduto is stimulated by some gonadais hormones, even so the action of the progesterone more is directed for secretrias cells, such as those responsible ones for the avidina production. Whenever Celina Dubin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Estrognio and andrognio promote the development of a variety of fabric to glandular inside, muscular and conjunctive of oviduto. Anatomically oviduto is divided in five parts: infundbulo, great, isthmus, uterus and vagina (Figure 01).

Brazilian Level

She is necessary, first, to understand what if it asks for, to mount the problem, using the had formulas for finally arriving the reply. In a similar way, it is not enough to know to read to understand what he is being read. But what it will be happening? The educational system Brazilian this not obtaining to alfabetizar in adequate way to its population? In Brazil, a great parcel of the population is functionally illiterate, that is, beyond considered ' ' analfabetas' ' , incapable even though to sign the proper name, the ones exist that exactly with capacities to decode letters and numbers, do not possess the ability to interpret texts and to make mathematical operations. Go to Jack Hughes for more information. In Brazil the functional illiteracy reaches about 68% of the population (30% in level 1 and 38% in level 2). We are these 68% of functional illiterates with 7% of the population that is total illiterate, results that 75% of the population do not possess the full domain of the reading, the writing and the mathematical operations, that is, only 1 of each 4 Brazilians (25% of the population) fully are alfabetizadas, that is, they are in level 3 of functional alfabetizao. These so high indices of functional illiteracy in Brazil must it low the quality of the systems of education (public, how much in such a way private), to the low wage of the professors, to the depreciation and desmotivao of the professors, the continued progression (or automatic approval), to the lack of infrastructure of the institutions of education (mainly the public) and the lack of habit and interest of reading of the Brazilian.

The index of functional illiteracy is measured more than enters the people with 20 years that had not completed four years of study formal. The concept, however, varies the country in accordance with. In the Poland and Canada, for example, illiterate functionary is considered the person whom it possesss less than 8 years of escolaridade.

For Freire

Between many other crystallized theoretical bodies, this new conception of world rejects the effective heteronmias in autonomy search; the truth in search of truths and the conduction of sciences human beings who characterize and disqualify to know hierarquizando them and positivando them for the activation of knowing libertos to them of the hegemonic subjection of positivista base and based on the instrumental reason. For Freire (2004), the professor who thinks certain when leaves to be transparent to the educandos that one of the bonitezas of this our way to be in the world and with the world, as historical beings, is the capacity of, intervined in the world, to know the world. As well as all we, our knowledge of world also have historicidade. To the produced being, the new knowledge surpasses another one that before was new and if it made old and if it tomorrow makes use to be exceeded by another one. Therefore that he is so basic to possess the existing knowledge how much to know that we are opened and apt to the production of the not yet existing knowledge. To think certain is to make certain.

(FREIRE, 148p, 2004). The new professor needs a new reading of the world and the condition human being. The instruments of this new reading are not the analytical mechanisms and reducionistas of the classic logic, the rationality is complemented or substituted for the intuition and the feeling. They are started then to question, in education, diverse elements dialeticamente opposed. Amongst them, it is distinguished proper objetividade in the formation of the knowledge, with which if it collates. You may wish to learn more. If so, Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is the place to go. That is, the cognitivo citizen not only passes to be understood as a rational citizen, but also as a psychological citizen, social, politician, that is, relationary, has seen that it is fruit of the process between objetividade and subjectivity. 3. The commitment of the course of Pedagogia with the formation of multicultural professors.

Positive Moment

They had affirmed that the method that same they had defined was very good. It had an exchange of ideas between that they had made agenda and the ones that had not made. Arguments between them had been used to display the positive and negative side of each one of options. We leave that the quarrel gains argumentativo body dense, therefore, during the meeting we notice that some of the participants do not possuam a well-known power of argument, do not possuam authority and certainty in its you speak. The participants had continued for some meeting to speak on its agendas, that they did not need the paper to program itself, for the pleasure that was if becoming that moment of them, every day remembered this moment, and made something that they judged that they were needing to make for them. In this meeting we work an activity where the participants exerted the paper of leader of the group, some had revealed anxious, however they had made the activity, they had commented on problems that have in leading, in society, in the proper workstation, had told that for being caretakers and not to have much instruction they feel themselves minors who other people, then feel fear of speaking, acting in the front of definitive people. According to some commentaries, in the family he would be more easy to have leadership, therefore there they they are the mothers and the children must obey, everything there what they speak are certain there they have voice, however, at a moment they had arrived at a contradiction, saying when she is difficult to deal with the adolescent children, who feel difficulties in having autonomy to say and to impose limits for children, therefore, they say something and they answer, as they do not have solid arguments do not obtain a good quarrel with the children, thus generating conflicts, not only with the children but with the remain of the familiar group. .


The patient costuma to have fear, depression, estresses, anxiety, to the decurrent times of the used medication to supply the scarcity of the dopamina in the brain, as well as, decurrent of the lack of calmness of the tremors and the neurognica disfagia. Therefore it is of utmost importance the support of the family, the relatives and the friends. It is known that the illness is degenerative, is chronic, does not have cure, but most of the patients of Parkinson keeps the capacity to enjoy the life per long years. Valley to point out that the Parkinsnico sick person has that to be considered as a whole. This means that if they cannot divide the physical problems for a side and psychological for the other.

The family needs many times support that the doctor must know to identify. The allotment of the complaints, in the Associations or other forms of conviviality, can function as therapeutical support for the sick people and familiar who the illness came to modify the way of life, in dramatical way, a balance affective constructed throughout some years (CALDAS, (2008). FINAL CONSIDERAES To deal with the illness of Parkinson are to deal with a subject for which they do not lack resources of inquiry in developed countries as the United States, where the scientists if are valid surgical procedures of deep cerebral stimulation and test drugs developed for other illnesses. Brazilian researchers participate of the inquiries with new methods of diagnosis for neuroimagen that they will be able to anticipate the advent of the illness in few years. Not yet cure for the Illness of Parkinson exists, however the adequate treatment can improve the symptoms and diminish the speed of progression of the pathology. Beyond not existing the cure and of unknown causes and difficult to treat, the illness of Parkinson still it can be aggravated in consequence of the depression that acomete approximately 50% of the carriers and that can occur exactly before of the symptoms, making it difficult still more the life of this patient being that in cases of depression more accented this it can become the person total incapacitated.

Relations Human

The professional of human resources is an executive found in the great and average organizations. However, the ARH, is perfectly applicable to any type or size of organization. (CHIAVENATO, 2006, p.128) the ARH is a way to find efficiency and effectiveness in the work of the people, allowing that these extend its forces and have favorable conditions so that its personal objectives are reached. The area is composed for some activities that if integrate, being they: description and analysis of positions, planning of RH, conscription, election, orientation and motivation of the employees, analysis of the performance, remuneration, training and development, health etc. (CHIAVENATO, 2010).

At the beginning of century XXI, ' ' head of pessoal' ' it was visa as inflexible and insensitive when one was about resignation. During years the employees called to the department personal soon thought about unemployment. According to Marras (2002, P. 39), ' ' from century XX, with the movement of the Relations Human beings, the function of staff head suffers to forts pressures having an inversion from papers. The important one passed to be indivduo' '. In this new model of management the manager appears of Recursos Humanos (GRH) that she starts to manage people and to deal with them as the main asset the institution. It is not something Frieda Hughes would like to discuss.

With this change, he had the necessity to improve the knowledge in relation to organizacional psychology and sociology of the work being become them as indispensable conditions for the more competitive companies to become each time. administration of human resources consists of the planning, the organization, the development, the coordination and the control of techniques capable to promote the performance efficient of the staff, at the same time where the organization represents the way that indirectly allows the people who with it collaborate to reach the related individual objectives direct or with the work. (CHIAVENATO, 2002, P. 162) it Is verified form as the abilities and the abilities can be developed, in way that the organization comes to get resulted capable of conduziz it its strategical objectives.


Tension between what is important, and reality creates the energy that encourage personal growth. Creating a shared vision. This discipline brings people together around these common goals, allows you to define the skills required groups or organizations to achieve the desired future. Common vision of inspiring. Team training. Discipline group interaction. The teams are united through dialogue and properly constructed discussion.

And the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. Cognitive model. We all have hidden beliefs that influence our thinking. They are very powerful, and, unfortunately, may prevent us from continuing education. If you extract them into the world and explore, we will create space for change. Systems thinking. To know more about this subject visit Harry Styles.

This is the fifth discipline which brings together all the previous ones, enabling people to see patterns in complex systems. What is it – to learn together? So, the secret is learning company – is not so much to learn, and to learn together. Effectively interact, discuss, jointly set goals, look for solutions. Share best practices and still understand that tomorrow is the best that could be something else. Search for the best, being driven by a common vision, sharing shared values. But … why it is so difficult to adopt this style in the company of their own. Somehow stereotypes interfere. Ambitions, claims former friction. It happens in families. And the same happens in business. And then there are those who are skeptical configured on this style … Those who are accustomed to scathing remarks or cold neglect devalue sensible idea, if their author – someone else. So. This is – right! I mean, it is widely … How can that be?. Problems are not solved at that level, at which have arisen. We need someone from outside the system. Someone who will listen to each other, to see the total, to feel each other, to find understanding, create synergies.

HanseMerkur Halle

So far, well over 90% of participating brokers have a brokerage level in the car which moves on or below the scale of nine MB. And so are the mediators for the most part satisfied and calculated the margin of their KV business as big enough.” Not all brokers are really happy with a political decision to Cap: 18% perceive a political intervention as wrong. Overall, the width of the intermediary market with regard to this change to see no major disadvantages. Over 40%, however, explicitly endorse the CAP. In terms of cancellation period of detention extension of 60 months in the car are more than a quarter of the respondents agents of believe that this loss of revenue are to be expected.

In contrast, the majority of broker believes, that this will make no impact on the brokerage business. The last post adjustment in the PKV of customers caused excitement the concrete experience of the mediator. The irritation in the customer base is very large and customers are trying to deal with this rapid development of post with bonus-lowering measures. One finds even the way of ten PKV-Vollversicherten back in the statutory health insurance. Maybe next citizens insurance there will be to a strong customer migrations of the statutory health insurance, so the mediator’s assessment. Broker Favorites newly added the commercial insurance is here”, which has positioned itself among the 27 studied products in the midfield of product sales. With the inclusion of this product”, greater attention is paid to the development observed in favour of non-life insurance business.

Due to the special theme of the PKV find the top 5 companies in this segment: PKV full insurance of German ring sick HanseMerkur Halle old Oldenburg Continentale about the study the AssCompact trend study I/2012 “, the by the SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of bbg Betriebsberatungs GmbH created was, has 118 pages. The results of a nationwide survey of 547 agents and multiple representatives, which was carried out during the period of the 16 27.01.2012 are shown. The study was published in the 05.03.2012 and can be obtained via the Internet. This study contact: Christopher Kahl Phone: + 49 (0) 6123-974-82-64. E-Mail: about SMARTcompagnie GmbH SMARTcompagnie offers management consulting, practice-oriented training and market research of the highest quality and with maximum benefit for customers. Founded in 2005, owner-managed company is rooted in the financial services industry and sees itself as a neutral and independent service providers. The focus is the sales and product management of insurance and financial services. Belongs to the self-understanding of society to create added value for customers through the successful implementation of the strategies. The expertise of SMARTcompagnie results of many years of experience (since 1985) in sales and management in the insurance and banking industry. Contact for the press: Harry HOLZHAUS – SMARTcompagnie GmbH Great hub 7A – 65344 Eltville-Martinsthal – Tel.: 6123-97482 62-fax + 49 (0): + 49 (0) 6123-97482 89-E-Mail: – Web: