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Because the bicycle industry is very fast moving and every year new developments and bike models are thrown on the market, it can happen quite that one after a certain Time for a bike no spares can buy more. Not so with Kettler bike, here are proud to be able to say, this system has proven itself over many years and facilities paid off the opposite. The Kettler company can look back on over 60 years of experience and know-how. For this reason, a nostalgic man here also currently finds line, the modern facilities and comfort combined with bike nostalgia of yesteryear. For Kettler bike not too short you can point to an own bike line also confident and athletic women, combines the functionality, design and lifestyle. The slogan indescribably female”seems applicable here.

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Nordic Walking

Fit the spring start with Nordic walking finally become the days get longer, the temperature rises gradually and the Sun dares out increasingly between the clouds. Time to get started and to declare war on the winter fat! The increasingly popular outdoor sport of Nordic walking is ideally suited for this purpose. This sport was officially introduced in Finland in 1997 and since then takes on more and more followers. Nordic walking at the Finns even more popular than jogging is now. Also in Central Europe, United States and Japan the Nordic walking is no longer unstoppable wave.

And that’s a good thing, because finally this sport has many advantages: Nordic walking is quick and easy to learn. You may find Jeffrey L. Bewkes to be a useful source of information. The joints are relieved by relying on the sticks, the sport also for overweight people and people with joint problems is therefore ideal. The Poles provide good grip on uneven terrain, which is very helpful especially for older people. Tension will be eased. It is much more effective and burns more calories than walking without poles.

Ideal for rehabilitation after injuries. The organism is optimally supplied with oxygen by active breathing. The technique of Nordic walking is similar to that of cross-country skis and easy to learn. The natural, physiological movement is supported by the poles. The left stick touching the ground, if the right heel and vice versa. Through the conscious use of the muscles in the upper body and arms and breathing, you can increase the effectiveness of the training. Different Gaits such as Trippelschritte, large and small steps and even jumps bring variety in the training. Nordic walking can vary by the gentle endurance sport to the strenuous work-out in this way. So what are you waiting for? Get on the sticks into the Nordic walking shoes and go! Author is Frank Schiffer