The film, which is formed by these paints when dry, firm linked to a metal and an additional protective layer. Zinc-coated painted surfaces can be combined spot welding or resistance welding. They are recommended to apply to the spot welding on edge, subjected to docking, as well as after autogenous welding or mixed to protect the back of the welds and any other internal cavities of the body that are exposed to heat and, consequently, oxidation. John Stankey: the source for more info. It is recommended cover these paints and in the case where welding is not done: it covers the contact surface hinges, locks, seats of sheet metal joints with bolts. Paint applied with a brush, drying time approximately 30 minutes. As in the case of other colors, covered surface must be technically clean. Brushes, rollers and spray nozzle after application of impregnated paint.

If nothing is done, then it is withered, and learn by heart, clog the channels in the very thin paint sprayer or brush hairs will cover the film and makes them unfit for further use. For more information see Leslie Moonves. Upon completion of painting or long break rinse the tools used in the diluent to completely remove traces of paint. Brushes can be cleaned aqueous detergent solution. SOLVENTS Solvents – a liquid that is added to paint at her manufacture and use. Solvents must comply with the nature of the bunch. There are two main types of solvents, solvents used in the manufacture of the original paint. Have unlimited diluting ability, they are added to the paint in the process of its preparation, solvents, thinners, are distinguished by a limited ability to dilution and added to the paint when using it.

Renault Logan

I made a choice between a domestic car VAZ 2114 and Renault Logan 1.4. On the recommendations of friends, I opted for the Renault Logan. The new technique could not afford and I bought a Logan 1.4 supported complete Expression. My Car was purchased in 2007. Mileage at the time was 13,000 km. For the outcome of three years, the mileage of 90,000 km. During operation of the automobile major faults have occurred. The cost of the TO-60 was the most expensive and was at the official Dealer 13000 rubles.

By the time it was not necessary to maintain the warranty and I took an informal service in TO for 7000 rubles. I believe that to maintain the guarantee must first 30,000 km, and further makes no sense to pay the official services. Leslie Moonves has much to offer in this field. K disadvantages include the vehicle relative to the "sluggish on acceleration" engine, a relatively high consumption of gasoline engine 1.4 (10 l per 100 km), the high cost of original parts, bad painting the car, not Expanding backseat. But the pluses outweigh the vehicle of its shortcomings. Really liked the simplicity of the car maintenance, simple design (a lot of things you can do it yourself), a spacious lounge. Especially like to mention reliability and softness suspension, very good cross. Problems with the parts does not arise, since non-original spare parts Renault Logan can be found in many shops in Moscow.

The spacious trunk – this is a great advantage of this car. The luggage compartment is more than some cars a class above. Salon, despite the austerity of design and cheap materials, looks good, just a huge bardachek. The rear seat is quite comfortable to sit together. Its top speed is 165 km / hour. In conclusion we can say that Renault Logan undoubtedly the best in its class in terms of price / quality ratio. Many Taxi drivers are wound more than three hundred thousand kilometers without overhaul of the engine, and this is the best advertising vehicle.

Siberian Equipment

Moreover, the wheel loader in China, without the additional assistance operate in a bulldozer, handle the soil, haul trailers, and miscellaneous equipment for short distances, to perform planning ploschadokvykapyvanie shallow pits, making poured embankments, trees, transported in a ladle and occupy Georgia. Wheel loaders, with much smaller size and weight, compared with an excavator, raise much larger mass of cargo, while they have no need of substantial area for maneuvering. These criteria and define their scope. Forklifts for sale today acquired a wide scale, and manufacturers are constantly modifying the goods. So use a variety of buckets. Standard buckets are operated at different load of sand gravel ground.

Jaw Buckets provide an opportunity to perform loaders additional features such as: leveling the ground and shoving and the seizure of goods and sypuchihshtuchnyh backfill and layout, allow you to increase the height of the discharge is much higher. To buy a truck, necessary to evaluate its effectiveness. For this purpose, 2 properties: the width of the pharynx bucket and its tilting angle. And the price on a loader is determined by these same circumstances. Modern wheel loaders equipped with different forks, grab the jaws for the loading of fibrous, long, piece, lumpy goods.

Front loaders are equipped with boom lifting equipment. Thanks to this front loaders are very attractive, functional, demand for construction and mining companies. Every day in Russia delivered hundreds of kiayskoy machinery. Among all others find the right not so simple. It is important that they meet all possible requirements of the buyer. Sweat in this matter is best prokonsltirovatsya with competent professionals. It is such rabotaeyut in the Siberian companies 'Sibtorgavto'. Skilled assistance, warranty service, fast potsavku equipment can get it here. The detailed features of the proposed special equipment can be refined on the site.