In visit to Brazil in this Saturday day 19/03/2011 07h30min of the morning in Brasilia, I eat Brazilian I feel shame and unresolved matter, then I decided to write something on this visit. What vocs Brazilians find of this visit? He will be that the people really has some benefits in this? HE SEES: How much it polices that it in general it was disponibilizada for this great event, you police them to all had been obliged to be present. The streets had been swept and clean, beggars, beggars or thieves are know there where, find that the 100 km squared of entorno of in agreement Brasilia determination of the security of the President of the U.S.A? The people had been ludibriadas that President went to make a speech for + or? 30 a thousand people, all maneuver politics, the Brazilian always is deceived in such a way in its Parents Brazil as for others, Frustrou the people saying that he went and did not make (politician thing Well) and how much it lost itself in values in this information will be that it goes to be divulged? I DOUBT. The accepted Brazilian is fool everything, unhappyly was conditional to accept muzzle since of the discovery of Brazil, unhappyly the Brazilian people has slave mind. Everything because of this LAMBEO OF BAG, for the foreigners of is there, PRA THAT? OQUE the PEOPLE EARNS WITH THIS, now that E.U.This in worse? It lost pra CHINA, JAPAN and the AMERICAN is magnificent and not accepted defeat (well the face of them), and the Brazilian instead of being in house, of IBOPE PRA THIS CAMBADA OF OPPORTUNISTS AND URUBUS OF the BRAZILIAN POLITICS.

Latin America

The American president soon said that she would give support to Brazil and the Brazilian president felt itself flattered. Thing good U.S.A. for wanting to extend relations with Brazil, signal that the country is there with good image is. Papo tava so well so gostoso and flowing that they had decided to speak of commerce, exportations and opening of markets. American president suggested that Brazil stopped to import Chinese products, those baratinhos, me the quality and that dependent of U.S.A. became Latin America less.

Say-whose until he revived that American products are more interesting, but the Brazilian president affirmed that China liked to export primary products. They had talked a little and they moved of subject. Taking black coffee and laughing to toa, they had spoken of energy you renewed including them, biocombustvel and daily pay-salt. Lord American disclosed to extremity interest and sufficient curiosity in this sector, each time more efervescente in the Brazilian economy. To say of the relation of both the countries with the Anger left the tense climate short while, but all this colloquy still more increased the dream of the Brazilian president in including Brazil in the Advice of Security of the ONU.

E had not spoken very of corruption. Here it is that they had spoken of sport, Pantry of Mundo and Olimpadas in Brazil. Maquinrios the American president was gentile when offering, arranging preparativeses and other things more. The first woman president of Brazil was thankful, showed also areas that interest in the relation had Brazil-U.S.A., therefore as it says in the campaign politics, its mandate would be of unions. The colloquy arrived at the end. The American president left leaving Brazilian we some doubts. It will be that this relation will be real or only ideologies plays to the table? Sincerely, I believe that if well managed this union it can in such a way have advantages for U.S.A. as for Brazil. Over all, we are showing our potential and it he is being recognized internationally. This is very good, thus our country will become better, good chances will appear and will be developed economically social and. This yes is important.

Scientific Education

But if it is incomplete you explain why people who have the presence of HIV, diagnosed and presents in opportunistic diseases. The first explanation that appeared in the scientific world is you have genetic resistance, this could be true, but with limits, because people from different regions of the globe you donate not. The African continent, China, which locates in Asia and the United States in America ploughs different ethnic groups that make the scientists to wonder if the only legacy would be the causes. This question is not of today in 2010 ploughs old the disease itself in 1984, scientists realized this problem. David Zaslav may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Keywords: HIV; co-factors, opportunistic infections Introduction: Revision of literature: 1.0) Scientific antecedents Robert Koch (1843-1910), son of humble parents received an education not as if he waits of this great German doctor but the education limited in a gymnasium, but its mind had wing as limit was the horizon, its native land was not neither great cities as Berlin or Munique, was one cidadezinha called Chaustal in the neighborhoods Hanver, instead of being guided of the illumination of the scientific thought was created under the presence oppressor of ' ' austere germanic regimen where corporal punishments were applied not the pupils when fails, but of masters (Oliveira, 1981). It finished the University of Goettingen, with 19 years of Medicine with very effort, therefore its origin is of humble origin. ' ' (…) its professional career started as doctor. After to gain of its wife a microscope for its 28 years, it started to explore the world microbiano, already known for Pasteur, rival professionals of long date. ' ' Koch as all the men of science if had enchanted with a doubt that corroia its soul, the tuberculosis. ' ' He reigned the biggest confusions how much the cause and the proper nature of this disease.

Terrestrial Resources

Using this rocket China placed in orbit its first satellite in 24 of April 1970, called Dong Fang Hong I (Red East I), becoming it fifth nation of the world – after Soviet Union, United States, France and Japan – to place a satellite in the orbit of the Land for proper ways. This satellite had for objective the accomplishment of not specified scientific experimentation. CBS is likely to increase your knowledge. He was also the first one of a series of 55 satellites that would be launched in the following decades (BROWN, 2008). In November of 1975 the Chinese had launched, also with a rocket of the Long series March, its first recoverable satellite. The equipment returned to the Land three days later and China became the third country (after United States and Soviet Union) to recoup a satellite (ASTRONAUTIX, 2010a).