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So far, well over 90% of participating brokers have a brokerage level in the car which moves on or below the scale of nine MB. And so are the mediators for the most part satisfied and calculated the margin of their KV business as big enough.” Not all brokers are really happy with a political decision to Cap: 18% perceive a political intervention as wrong. Overall, the width of the intermediary market with regard to this change to see no major disadvantages. Over 40%, however, explicitly endorse the CAP. In terms of cancellation period of detention extension of 60 months in the car are more than a quarter of the respondents agents of believe that this loss of revenue are to be expected.

In contrast, the majority of broker believes, that this will make no impact on the brokerage business. The last post adjustment in the PKV of customers caused excitement the concrete experience of the mediator. The irritation in the customer base is very large and customers are trying to deal with this rapid development of post with bonus-lowering measures. One finds even the way of ten PKV-Vollversicherten back in the statutory health insurance. Maybe next citizens insurance there will be to a strong customer migrations of the statutory health insurance, so the mediator’s assessment. Broker Favorites newly added the commercial insurance is here”, which has positioned itself among the 27 studied products in the midfield of product sales. With the inclusion of this product”, greater attention is paid to the development observed in favour of non-life insurance business.

Due to the special theme of the PKV find the top 5 companies in this segment: PKV full insurance of German ring sick HanseMerkur Halle old Oldenburg Continentale about the study the AssCompact trend study I/2012 “, the by the SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of bbg Betriebsberatungs GmbH created was, has 118 pages. The results of a nationwide survey of 547 agents and multiple representatives, which was carried out during the period of the 16 27.01.2012 are shown. The study was published in the 05.03.2012 and can be obtained via the Internet. This study contact: Christopher Kahl Phone: + 49 (0) 6123-974-82-64. E-Mail: about SMARTcompagnie GmbH SMARTcompagnie offers management consulting, practice-oriented training and market research of the highest quality and with maximum benefit for customers. Founded in 2005, owner-managed company is rooted in the financial services industry and sees itself as a neutral and independent service providers. The focus is the sales and product management of insurance and financial services. Belongs to the self-understanding of society to create added value for customers through the successful implementation of the strategies. The expertise of SMARTcompagnie results of many years of experience (since 1985) in sales and management in the insurance and banking industry. Contact for the press: Harry HOLZHAUS – SMARTcompagnie GmbH Great hub 7A – 65344 Eltville-Martinsthal – Tel.: 6123-97482 62-fax + 49 (0): + 49 (0) 6123-97482 89-E-Mail: – Web:

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Respondents of the M + M of insurance barometer selects representative and proportional after a multi-stage stratified random selection to the population by province. Person selected throughout Germany in the homes for the people aged 18 years and older according to the last birthday method. Overall, the insured when the survey have to answer more than 70 questions. General questions to the spectrum of subjects belonged to the health insurance fund, the scope of services and offer of the health insurance fund, for technical advice or friendliness and helpfulness, to information and communication, service and consulting services, the image / reputation and general assessment (customer satisfaction, customer retention, loyalty, sympathy, cross buying etc.). M + M insurance barometer allows each year the latest information based on:-facts and figures to the Insured satisfaction and insured binding in the health insurance market, – relationships between requirements of the insured, their satisfaction and their binding to the cash register, – continuation of the trends of recent years, – pulses to the review and future direction of the market positioning of the health insurance. M + M the company: M + M management + marketing consulting GmbH was founded in 1996. She is the daughter of management research group led by Prof. Dr.

Armin Topfer since 1984 + marketing. M + M advises companies on a national and international level. M + M combines in its holistic consulting approach Marktforschungs-and management concepts with the aim of achieving business excellence, increasing the company’s success and to increase the company’s value. Current information, news, and free downloads of the subject matter insured surveys, customer satisfaction analyses and performance across the spectrum by M + M (management of customer loyalty, customer surveys, insured barometer, seal of customer satisfaction, competitive analysis, Employee surveys, patient surveys, personal supervisor assessment, internal service providers heritage survey, 360-degree assessments, complaints management, balanced scorecard (BSC), six sigma, value driver management, process optimization, etc..