Spiritual Operativity

We look for metaphors and analogies serve that to reinforce ours animated us spiritual work, remembering that, as it indicates its etimologa, the poetry is TO DO or doing Pego here a part of a subject that has engaged in a dialog in PLANE CRATIVO and FORUM CHESTNUT GROVE so that our AMIGOS-CAMARADAS give his to seem us: IT LEAVES VU, for me, it is a potential SIMULTANEOUS CONSIDERATION, INSTALLATION IN the nonTIME and MEETING OF DISPERSED IT (that RELEASED MINUTE of the TIME of PROUST). It is so it happens spontaneous and possibly or like fruit of an intention and a practice that or I have reviewed that way IT LEAVES VU is the SAMPLE of the NATURAL STATE that it tries to recover or to show everything traditional way. It is an exit of the time and the space, a little while of cuasi ubiquity; a experencia of UNCONTAMINATED WITNESS, etc. For that reason is more than an ENERGY FACT or is the energy fact that SUPRAORDINA to all the others to recover them of PITCH and the REABSORVER THEM in the NAGUAL Could paraphrase the explanations and experiences of GOETHE, GUENON and others, but vuelov to beat explanation of fraternauta or fraternauta” ANONIMNO” of CREATIVE PLANE: ” fodder that the sensations of leaves vu happens when we identified associate power landlords to a situation or concrete experience. The world moves in landlords, our experiences are contracted of the same landlords that repeat themselves time and time again, the people are even grouped in different landlords, for that reason sometimes it seems that we know a person or who remembers to somebody remembers surely us to some person which we knew previously and that maintains the same landlord. ices. Sometimes, the mind more easily perceives the power landlords, so it remains with that sensation like stupid, of is something after this sounds to me, is like a ensonacin sensation. And by all means, it is that you have left by seconds the texture the space time and you have been with the forms behind the forms. Energy.

Ren Guenn has remembered to us that the TRADITION says that we must be placed in the nonTIME, reun iendo dispersed it and considering it everything SIMULTANEOUSLY (besides giving account to us of which, really, there is nothing no to do, since everything only is to realize). This explains, reveals and or produces everything LEAVES VU and even the reconocimento of LEAVES VU like real, natural condition of our exisitir or his it tries like substitute of waking up It is not, at heart, the doctrine and the method of all route of accomplishment? And, by all means, all UPAYA and spiritual METHOD THIS implies not only I LIVED OR IT but also THIS I WILL LIVE OR IT. By something the poet TO STOP VALLEJO said: the suit that I dressed ” tomorrow; Or what Parker said to the VIEWER Charlie (man eager to leave the world) when, horrified, it threw the Saxo against the glass, interrupting of sudden a session of recording (incident ” retocado” by Cortzar in the story ” perseguidor”): ” This already I touched maana” to it;.

Administrator Forum

Attackers are also not standing still, well, if it is harmless fun. Well, you understand what I mean In the end, I stopped at a free Forum – SimpleMachinesForum (SMF). By the same author: David Zaslav. Bunch of opportunities, so mods, add-ons, plugins, etc. He gave me completely. And this despite the fact, that it is absolutely free! Forum is not so well known, but quite workable. Not to be unfounded offer as an example of such giants as GuitarX.RU, well, or GuitarPlayer etc. CBS has compatible beliefs. They are worth it to smf.

If you do not enjoy such a forum can draw attention to ybb. Forums and good quality, but uses cgi technology. Personally, I something so it was manage. Filling forumEsli forum is empty, then it appear a user on an empty forum – new themes will not make it because there is no activity. What is the meaning of the question, if you know that no one answer it? I certainly understand that the forum is versed in the subject of the Administrator, however the human psyche works. The full of hopelessness may be a user and create the first topic. Therefore, at this step, you need to think about filling the forum.

There are several traditional ways of filling: 1. Filling the forum by one person. Risky step, but it has not been canceled. Personally, you or someone else imitating intercourse of different users. It is risky the fact that if your real visitors ‘prosekut chip’, it could affect the reputation of you and your board.

Web Page Maker

Now, just a few words, I will talk about the principles of the program . Edit the selected template is by dragging and dropping objects. Any object, whether it’s text block, a picture, you can move anywhere you want and fix the desired location. The program also has built-in designs, Java-Scripts, tables, forms. They are not so much as we would like, but for now this is enough. To create links, too easy, you can ask them a certain style or use the default style.

And still pretty compelling argument for me was the built-in FTP-manager, that is publishing my site to its completion is done automatically. I need only specify the address of the selected host and press the button cherished. In the future, new pages are added just as easily by pressing key publications. Dell COO is the source for more interesting facts. In general, really comfortable, and most importantly understandable program. On the Internet there are many versions of this program, I personally chose a portable version (which does not require installation on your computer) PortableWebPageMaker 3.12 5.67 MB in size. If you like this version, you download it you can with sayt-s-nulya.ru direct link.

The program interface is simple and pleasant working area is divided into two columns. The left column (which occupies almost the whole screen) – this is our main field, where there are all the basic steps. The right column is designed to control the current page. At the time of the current page the control panel (it is called ‘Content Site’), can be removed to do this, press the F8 key on your keyboard. To restore the display control panel, use the same key F8. On the control panel has two tabs ‘Pages’ and ‘Elements’. Tab ‘Pages’ is designed to adding, cloning, and deleting pages. Personally, I prefer to use cloning. To the cloned page I remove unwanted text and graphics and insert new ones, other page elements remain the same. Genpact follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. I have in view of the header and menu. Icon with a red cross (next to ‘Add Page’ and ‘Clone’) to delete pages. The removal process is irreversible pages, restore deleted page can not be Keep this in mind. The second tab ‘Elements’ displays all the components that make up the current page. What else to say about Web Page Maker … To create a site it can be an unlimited number of pages, all generated pages will be displayed in the known control panel. Also in the Web Page Maker, you can create an unlimited number of sites. For example, I’m working on three projects simultaneously. All of them are displayed, in the ‘File’ menu in the ‘Recent Files’ and switch between them very easily. Another worth noting that Web Page Maker is compatible with all kinds of browsers, so that the site will be created correctly displayed in all browsers, not only in Internet Explorer. For beginners I recommend always try this program in action.

Decision Site

Created a few pages, filled with text information without any images, banners, etc. The result was a solid text-dumb. Something is missing. A site lacking animation, images, banners, all ad units. Now that the site was similar to the site. Again and again need a program needs video tutorial again a week to pore over its study.

On your mailbox has accumulated a lot of emails from mailing lists that you want to view and choose what you need. Not all information has been helpful, but still something to eat. And that is something to choose, again takes time. And so every day. And when you consider that to create a simple site to a minimum of three programs (creating web pages, working with images, uploading site content) then you know how much would it take to acquire the minimal knowledge. These are the barriers you must overcome if you choose a way to create a site yourself. I guess I disappoint you? Do not rush to conclusions. There is of course another side to the coin.

When you create a site yourself-best is the study of virtually any material, saying simply, my brain work better. In the process of self-directed learning is important to choose the most necessary, which is a difficult task for the uninitiated man. No need to collect all sorts of programs, and to take and choose to create pages, one for pictures and one for downloading files on hosting (ftp-client). Everything. That would be enough to start your path to build the site yourself. Further, in the process of acquiring skills, to some obscure questions you conceive yourself. Subsequently, realize that you still necessary to improve the functionality of your site and what knowledge is needed in the first place. It is important to 'get involved in a fight' and the creation of the site will become for you to overcome some of the new stage in your life. After all, his whole life, we continuously learn, learn something new, try to achieve something, and the decision on creation of the site for you came not so simple. For some reason you need it? And if needed, so you want to achieve something through your site, realize their ideas. Creating your site is the best suited to address this issue. To summarize my article I want to say that knowing about the problems faced by novice web.masteram, you will be easier to plan its work on creating a site yourself. Correctly allocate your schedule. You can certainly write this article to infinity, arguing for better or worse, but I think the highlights are listed here, but choice everyone must do for myself.

Business Cards

What they mean when they say online business card? What kind of audience is targeted? Who uses it? Does it have advantages? Answers to such questions as we try to describe in this article. Site card – it's not a great site made to ensure that any company had the opportunity to advertise themselves online. Typically, a site visit is a few pages, which correctly described the true information about operation of the company. In other words, a potential user to visit a site and retrieve comprehensive information on the operations of the company, refer to the proposed types of goods or services, view prices, discounts, promotions, if necessary, to find answers from expert consultants, and others. Hearst understands that this is vital information. Website development cards are sufficiently common and best-selling service. Number of firms wishing to to have a website, is growing rapidly. And why? Because it is one of the options for advertising.

Advertising in in their turn – the engine of progress, which allows you to mobilize additional new customers, increases in popularity company in general. For site development business cards need to find companies involved in manufacturing sites and and make their order. It is important that these experts were engaged. Follow others, such as Gavin Baker, New York City, and add to your knowledge base. It is on their work will depend on how much a job well done and number of your probable future customers. To create a website business cards you need the following information: 1.

information about the company. Containing: the description of the advertised goods and services, history of origin of the company and other materials. 2.Tehnicheskoe job. It is true you have to determine all requirements and wishes, put up a site-specific features. 3. Selecting the type of design among normnogo numbers. The election of the color palette, especially navigation, if you wish to provide photos of materials or correspondence On the positive site cards include: – Simple management – mobilizing future customers – one of many ways proreklavirovat themselves – continually updated news feed and a price – an increase of pr companies – the growth of the prestige and much more. Summing up the conclusion to note that these websites have a lot of positive moments that contribute to the progress of your company in general.

Codec Packs

Computers are very active part of our world. Displacing and replacing many of the household and communication devices. One victim computers are TVs and other video equipment. Gavin Baker recognizes the significance of this. Computer monitors are capable of supporting much greater resolution than most new TVs and for this reason that the image on the screen are often more clear and pleasant to our eyes. On the selection of video movies to personal computers silly to complain.

Network Internet in the plan will satisfy the needs of anyone, even a very picky movie gourmet. And here comes the only problem, though it is very difficult to call a problem, better give it a name: 'fine complexity' for audio and video playback movies on your pc, without fail, you need special files – codecs that help a computer to decode video and audio streams. Find and download the codecs quite simply, the rich abundance in the Internet is truly amazing. Here are just a select exactly which codecs you need, it is much harder. Many files, encoded the most popular codecs: Xvid, DivX, Mpeg, at the time confused.

Alternatively, download a fairly desired utility: GSpot and find out what codec encoded a particular file, but there is a simpler solution: use a ready-made packs of codecs called Codec Packs. They included almost all the most necessary audio and video codecs, setting that You decide for yourself the problem of routine choice and within minutes will have the opportunity to play on my computer any favorite video. The most popular codec packs: K-Lite Codec Pack, Nimo codec pack, xp Codec Pack. Find they can with the help of search engine Yandex, adding to the search query to the name of the codec of the word 'free' and 'download'. For example: Download K-Lite Codec Pack. Codecs are installed a lump sum, and in the future, are extremely useful, without requiring any action from you. Forget about it 'can not play this file "and" this video format not supported' and enjoy the best videos.


Depression is one of those evils that were already converted and joined the evils that are suffering at this time. There are many people of any kind that are added to the list of those who suffer from depression. Robert De Niro has much to offer in this field. One of these groups that belong to those who suffer from it are those who live depression in adolescence. Follow others, such as Gannett Co, and add to your knowledge base. ute of Medicine. Indeed, the depression in adolescence has become something very common so many parents worried about their children flock to doctors and experts on the behavior of adolescents in search of advice and assistance to make their children to recover their joy and happiness for life. Those who live the depression in adolescence are people who are especially vulnerable to this evil. Depression in adolescence is an age of transition in which young people must face several crucial aspects of their lives that will shape his behavior in the future. These people, because they are at an age where they are trying to form their identity, are fairly prone to take refuge in the depression as an attitude taken before all the pressures that can bring the conflicts of his age. There are several things that people close to a person who suffers from depression in adolescence should know.

First you must identify what are the basic needs that a person has with depression in adolescence obliging it to take as an attitude towards life feel sad, helpless, depressed. These needs include the need to be appreciated by others, the needs of affection that the person may have the need to feel safe to life and capable of facing any difficulty and there is also a need for philanthropic treat people well and be friendly with peers. Note that these needs often that the person acted in a manner contrary to how should need them. This is one of the features of depression in adolescence. Indeed, the young man who suffers from depression in adolescence to express newlines qualities contrary to their needs, thus, this person says that it has no value and does nothing that can do that other people appreciate you, It is osco in dealing with people and little emotional, sometimes violent, making it difficult to feel affection for the. They show much insecurity against what they can achieve and often subtract you merit to their own achievements.

Finally tend to harshly treat others and display apathetic with peers, the opposite to what you would seek a friendly and sympathetic person. All this is due to the fear that exists during the depression in adolescence not arriving to meet the needs that the subject in a compelling way suffers. Tackling depression in adolescence first thing people close to a teenager should know is that they must learn to understand that, believe it or not, this person is going through a difficult time. Indeed, the task of defining the very identity of oneself against the world no easy task and entails confronted with many mental obstacles we have since we were kids. Thus, understanding of their relatives, in a way that one of the things you need a person who suffers from depression in adolescence is the pressure relatives to exercise nearby and not join you the difficulties that is happening at the moment.

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Nodes in the network were divided into six domains: gov, com, edu, org, mil and net, to classify the organizations that own these sites. By the early 1980s. new types of files on the Internet – they were multimedia files, which not only contain pictures and sounds, but also hyperlinks allow users to navigate through the file a non-linear way. In 1989, the European project has created new standards for this type of information. The standard for the creation of hypertext files named HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language. Protocol, which will was to serve the files, now known as HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. These two components constitute the basis of today’s Internet browser. Frequently Stanley Kubrick has said that publicly. The software used to download and display of multimedia files on your computer called a browser.

Mosaic – the first browser capable of working with HTML-files, was created by the University of Illinois in 1993 by Mark Andreesenom (Marc Andreesen). It spawned a lot of browsers, including Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer from Microsoft, web Explorer from IBM, Netcom’s Netcruiser, Lynx, Cello, etc. Browsers support many platforms, including MS Windows, Macintosh OS, OS / 2 and Unix, running on different computer hardware. Multimedia files, downloadable browsers that are divided into parts called pages, each page has links to other pages. At the expense of paging transmission user can flexibly navigate through the information as they need, which saves time and makes more efficient use of the Net. Many pages connected by hyperlinks on the Internet commonly called the World Wide Web, or WWW.

UNIX, developed by Bell Labs (Bell Labs) from AT & T in 1969 – an operating system for medium-or large-scale Internet hosts. Today it is one of the most versatile and popular operating systems Internet. Now a lot of operating systems, but many of them work with only one or two configurations of hardware and not very easy to set up under the shifting needs of users. In addition, UNIX – this is the only operating system that overcomes these boundaries and provides a powerful, flexible and resilient platform that can grow and change with your needs. LINUX, a free version of UNIX, quickly becomes dominant in its version for computers running on microprocessors world-famous corporations ‘Intel’. Currently, the Internet is a multi-functional system, the main functions of which are social, informational, and economic. More and more large and not very companies factories and other institutions ordered the creation of sites in the city of Tyumen. Development of the site allows you to obtain additional of the company, and of target visitors have become regular customers and druzmi firms. Most firms have realized the need for Tyumen your site and the Internet in general, but not that the topic still enters into a stupor of ignorance and clients go to other, more advanced technology-companies. Social function leads to the formation of new forms of communicative behavior in an environment dominated by horizontal communication and not territorial, hierarchical, and temporal boundaries, information – provides storage, search facilities and access to available information, economic – is aimed at obtaining a commercial profit and to stimulate further development of the global information infrastructure.


Is the link to each section text correct? Placing confusing texts to bind to the Interior of the site sections may cause harm to a user of our site’s navigation experience, everytime is click an information request is made and the user knows what they are looking for, so do not click on what is not looking for. After analyzing the navigation of the site and optimize it according to the data, we have noticed a new improvement in the site bounce rate. How much more traffic fastest will compile the information needed to make comparisons, the results should not be expected from one day to another and we must take samples of traffic logical to know if we are making progress or not. Now is when it comes from good best, individual analysis of each section or page on the site. It will first locate the main entrance to the site pages, will usually be the home, home, index, home page or as you want to be called. And of these, locate which present a higher percentage of rebound.

work envelope last selection regularly, with imagination and intuition is to improve, these individual percentages will be the key to continue optimizing the site. This last optimization is that never ends and can always return on it and work. Keys as a place clearly visible buttons instead of text links, a major organization of information to facilitate its reading, the use of images to summarize or draw attention to a text and thousands of small details for the improvement of the site. It is the time to experiment, collect, decide, dare and enjoy with the optimization of the site.