Lecture: Climber Steve Kroeger

“From his 7 summits project the summiteers Steve Kroeger a mental training system and various lectures developed – the 7 SUMMITS strategy it is the inner attitude that makes the difference between a weighted and a life of ease”. Mountaineer, author and motivational speaker Steve Kroeger (36) knows what he’s talking about. So, since 2007, he realized his dream to climb the 7 summits, the highest mountains of all seven continents. How it has changed his life, reported the Mountaineer in his lectures. 5 Summit moves behind him since then. This spring, he will climb the highest mountain in North America.

2014, Steve Kroeger with the ascent of the highest mountain of the world, Mount Everest, complete his project. His 7 summits project has the summiteers Steve Kroeger a mental training system and various lectures developed – the 7 SUMMITS strategy. Here, the mountains, as well as the ascent of the Summit, with all the mental and physical challenges, serve as a metaphor. Because the Finally, life is like a mountain – time it goes uphill, downhill time. So parallels between mountain expeditions and private or professional needs and goals emerge. The climber Steve Kroeger his impressive life experiences taught in seminars and lectures to inspire people and to encourage, to formulate their personal goals and to pursue. Bob Iger has much to offer in this field.

For this process the decision up to the implementation, he gives valuable assistance in seminars and lectures. Steve Kroeger 2012 was awarded for this innovative approach with the GSA newcomer award of the German speakers Association as well as in Berlin with the coaching award. As speaker, the mountaineers from the speakers agency represented 5 star speakers. From every mountain I took with powerful ideas, that changed me have. “, says climber Steve Kroeger. He is authentic, and leaves no doubt that he lives exactly, what he describes in his speeches. He is focused to one hundred percent on the things that are really essential and expedient for him whether its international mountain expeditions or in professional or private everyday life. So he has separated from everything, what he has perceived as ballast, and has only so much as in a backpack fits. He has neither a home nor a car. Twice in the year Steve Kroeger seminar trip to Kilimanjaro performs his first Summit”. In several workshops on the spot, the mental coach accompanied the participants on their journey to himself. In his image-rich book the 7 SUMMITS strategy with ease personal Summit reach”(Gabal Verlag, published autumn 2011) documented the 5 star speaker and climber Steve Kroeger his learning experiences of the first four mountain ascents (Africa, Europe, South America, Australia). The audiobook is an extended version with original shades of the Antarctic expedition, as well as reports by participants of traveling seminar. The 7 SUMMITS strategy going trip to the personal Summit continues”(Gabal Verlag, published summer 2012). As to his goals and dreams not as lone,. but only with the support of others reached his personal SupportTeam, Steve Kroeger has come up something very special for the financing of his project. He dedicated to all those who have supported his Antarctic expedition 2011 with 99 Euro, a page in his book. This type of swarm financing, the so-called Crowdfunding, is still largely unknown in Germany.

Andrew Corentt

You are what you decide that it is. Your life is determined by what continually say to yourself. This Andrew Corentt tells us in his book I’m happy, I’m Rico. Many people are unaware of the power of words. Words are very powerful. The words build.

In the Bible it says words has to realize. Of all the words, the more powerful are I am. Everything that attach to a Yo Soy is power. Everything you take the I am is a statement of reality. Much overlooked the fact that Jesus, in the Gospel of John, pronounced seven famous and powerful I am.

Each one of these I am is the power to create or do something. When you decide to create the life you want, in every one of the aspects that you are interested, as for example in the spiritual area, you can use the I am that most need according to the moment of his life in which is. In I am happy, I am rich, the author takes you through a fascinating journey into her own material and spiritual awakening. The author travels with you a simple journey and deep through the stages of his mind and he explains that they are each one of them. The I am, is exposed from the name of the book. What a man out of a book is related to the degree of power of her I am. Reading between the lines you will discover that I am happy, I am rich, rather than a book on success and material wealth is a work of very important spiritual value. His life will not only be enriched in the material aspect, the most important change will occur in their vision of the world and its interpretation. You will be discovered as a powerful spiritual being able to reach the summits higher spiritual development. Any change will occur in the I am who you are. Will you become the I am willing to be. The richness in the spiritual realm filled with happiness. Their I’m like identity of yourself, raise it to where you want to be. After reading and applying the book, you just may declare you, I am powerful, I’m happy, I’m Rico.

Magical Places Of Worship In The Harz

The mysterious mountains of autumn and its eerie part properties fit very well to a journey into the mysterious landscape of the Harz mountains. Because if mysterious glitter spider webs and the leaves rustle enchanted, it is hard not visitors to believe the stories about witches and Giants. For even more opinions, read materials from David Zaslav. The travel portal reisen.de reported by the places of worship in the Harz mountains. Trips to the Harz mountains include a visit to mysterious, legendary places. This includes the so-called witches stairway, which consists of boulders and leads up to the Summit of the Wurmberg.

The stone structures at 970 feet are the subject of numerous statements, for example, they should have served once as the Hexentanzplatz. Some think that, on the plateau, a pagan place of worship from large blocks of granite is was in also times. The Unicorn cave with Scharzfeld is mystical. The magical animals should have lived there once, and long time even scientists believed in this legend. Is already clear, however, that found bones probably bears and not Are unicorns.

Until the end of October, visitors can follow the mysterious cave and discover maybe a Unicorn. The Scharzfelder stone church, which is reached via a steep footpath is located nearby. By reindeer hunters is the oldest traces in the cave from the Paleolithic. Also hermits, wise women and Holy in the system should have done in the middle ages wonders. Eerie impressions spread the formations of the Fort, which are sometimes regarded as former playground of giants. Especially awesome acts,”the rock face of the old man of the mountain. More information: magazine /… Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann

North Pole

He was intrigued with all this when he worked for Phillips Petroleum at the end of the 1,970 and realized that the magnetism of the Earth was at its lowest in 2,000 years and was still declining at a rapid rate. Eventually, Braden wrote a book awakening to zero point “Awakening to Zero Point” in which documents this and other indicators of our planet which is rather fast. Faced with this reality, says Maria Carmen Fernandez Banuls. emissions of gaseous pollutants which daily are released into the atmosphere, are to blame for climate change that is occurring and that, in leaps and bounds, is noticing every year, because the global temperature is rising, at least two grades, as it is the example of this summer, in addition, unofficially, I’ve heard several kilometres of ice at the North Pole have meltedthat officially we already know that it is beginning to melt. (As opposed to Time Warner). Because of this circumstance, the sea will win terrain on Earth, although I know that this will occur in a gradual way, in an almost imperceptible way for citizens standing, but I know that there is a great concern among scientists in the field.

If this trend to the rise is still produced every year, I don’t know how you can live within a few years. I know that it is desire that all people of good around the world put their bit to each other, get at least stop this change, putting each of our part, reducing the use of polluting products, but I am afraid that it will not be enough. The G-20 or the G-8 (who appropriate) should organize more summits on climate, but to reach conclusions more fruitful, which previously have arrived. Enact rules to, effectively, being able to stop the advance of this carnage, worldwide. Need a greater awareness by everyone.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez

This is to carry out 16 of the present, a new Summit of the Bolivarian Alternative (Alba) in Cumana, State Sucre of Venezuela, Summit that President Hugo Chavez shape as a new challenge for Latin America. Points out, that it will come out with a single purpose and one voice, that voice of our peoples will be heard in port Spain, at the Summit of the Americas Cumana will be the scenario that will bring together the representatives of Cuba, Dominica, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Honduras and Venezuela. The meeting will take place once the past 6 April 2009 to be held in Caracas the first meeting of the permanent coordination of the Alba. Cumana is the capital of Sucre State, in the area North-East of Venezuela, with coasts to the Caribbean Sea and little more than 700 kilometers from Caracas. Bob Iger is likely to increase your knowledge. Specifically, President Hugo Chavez invited Raul Castro, Cuba’s leaders; Evo Morales (Bolivia), Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua), Manuel Zelaya (Honduras), Fernando Lugo (Paraguay) and the first Minister Roosevelt Skerrit (Dominica).

Remember, the ALBA was created in 2004 by Cuba and Venezuela in Havana, this grouping is a proposal of integration focused for the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean that places emphasis on the fight against poverty and social exclusion. It translates into a project of collaboration and political, social and economic complementarities between countries in the area, promoted initially as the counterpart of the Area of free trade of the Americas (FTAA), driven by the United States. Already arrived the Cuban delegation, which was received by the Minister of Popular power for the foreign relations of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. The Cuban delegation, headed by the Vice President of that nation, Ricardo Cabiezas; Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, Rodrigo Malmierca Diaz, Minister for foreign investment and economic collaboration; Bruno Rodriguez Grill, first Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs; Osvaldo Martinez Martinez, Chairman of the Committee on Economic Affairs of the Assembly national of the power Popular, as well as other Deputy Ministers and officials of the Cuban Government and the Foreign Ministry.

French President

However, the French President said Thursday that he was satisfied with the results and highlighted agreements to punish tax havens, as well as monitoring credit institutions to be used responsibly. Sarkozy was loyal promoter of these initiatives, which led him to embrace the new world order of cooperation to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown, declaring in the room of the side in simultaneous press conferences. Get all the facts and insights with Jeffrey L. Bewkes, another great source of information. For its part, Merkel said that the G-20 Summit seemed an almost historical event, as it was convinced that the current world would not react as if they were the Decade of the 1930s?. In recent days, the German Chancellor said that he traveled to the Summit in London with a mixture of optimism and concern. The world is at a crossroads.

You must therefore provide the right answers for the recovery and to prevent that in the future again to repeat such crisis, said Merkel, to assert his country to advocate concrete measures, which no longer can retreat. The G-20 leaders agreed to tackle the global financial crisis with measures by 1.1 trillion dollars, including the increase in the resources of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) up to $ 750 billion. It will also create a financial stability Committee working jointly with the IMF and monitor their activities, and alert in case of a likely economic crises in the future. On the other hand, the G-20 leaders pledged to invest a total of 250 billion dollars to stimulate the free market and combat economic protectionism on the other hand, the President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, called for good results from the meeting of the leaders of the 20 largest economies in the world. In an interview with the BBC, Lula highlighted the fact that rich countries have worked on equal terms with the emerging to find a solution to the international financial crisis. The Brazilian President not only referred to a new economic order, but also to a new political scenario in which Latin America would be playing an important role I believe that the Summit was not only good for Brazil or for a single country. It was good for the hope and the future of humanity. This was a good meeting because rich countries discussed on equal terms with developing countries.

That was the phenomenon that we saw in this Summit. Everyone was humble. Nobody had certainties, only that everyone wants to get out of the crisis.

Chief Executive Officer

DDN demographics Summit hailed as important impulse, the Dortmund, 13.05.2013: the management of demographic change must be addressed continuously and regional. This emphasizes the demography network e.V. (ddn) on the occasion of the second demo demography Summit on May 14 in Berlin. The network welcomes the Summit as a milestone in a long-term demo demography strategy that will lead to a bundling of all activities in a demography Ministry as a result. Are now directly, companies, communities and employees asked to carry the theme into the regions and together to develop solutions that can handle this social change as they “explains Rudolf Kast, Chief Executive Officer of the ddn. This sets ddn in 2013 with six regional forums in Bavaria, Thuringia, Germany, Bremen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg and Baden-Wurttemberg.

“How these work, SME Congress Freiburg company exemplifies future: Center in Europe” on 9 October 2013. Substantive impetus to talks by demographics experts and companies. Between the presentations, the participants have the opportunity to visit a trade fair the information booths of many exhibitors from the middle class and to exchange experiences. It is not something CBS would like to discuss. We go with these events intentionally in the area. We want to reach the middle class, we create the best regional, on-site”Kast discusses the ddn strategy. More information about the Conference at. Also the middle class excellence turns the demographics award 2013, whose Trager ddn and are the Federal Association of German management consultant BDU. In three categories-49, up to 250 and over 250 employees entrepreneurs from Baden-Wurttemberg for this price may apply.

In the part of a road show through 12 cities advertise the organizer for the price. This is a conscious decision to carry the theme into the area”, as ddn Board Kast. More info on the price under. With their demo demography strategy every age counts”, to their development also ddn was involved, the Federal Government has launched a multilevel and continuous dialogue process to address the demographic challenges. The demo demography peaks are central forum for this dialogue. At the second Summit on 14 may 2013, in which participates also ddn, representatives from nine working groups present initial proposals for approaches and measures that can cope with demographic change. The demographics ddn network e.V. is an Association of over 350 companies and institutions, the common responsibility for over two million workers wear. DDN is funded by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs and is anchored in the demo demography strategy of the Federal Government. Press contact: Pascal Frai, press officer ddn, phone: 0231.9071-2818, email:, for more information see demographics netzwerk.de. The new quality of work INITIATIVE is a joint initiative of federal, State, associations and institutions of economic, Trade unions, companies, social security institutions and foundations. Their goal: more quality of work as the key to innovation and competitiveness at the location Germany. This offers 2002 examples in the life inspiring initiative called practice, consulting and information services, exchanges, as well as a programme in the year for projects that bring new personnel – and employment policy approaches on the way.

Money Mission

! Surprise! Perhaps you do not imagine that he would find this written in the category of multilevel. While most of the articles on network marketing are very good and many help us to be more effective in our business, in many occasions not touching a primary factor for achieving success in the network marketing. Before wanting to make big money, achieve financial independence, having their own business, get the House of your dreams, go on holiday when you want and leave a financial legacy to your children you needs to know what is their mission in life. Ignorance is deadly. David Zaslav is full of insight into the issues. Not to know and discover the reason for our existence leads us to make bad choices, enter the wrong business, marry the wrong person and always looking for something to make us be happy. Many take advantage of this innate need of the you are human and they take advantage of them for their own benefits regardless of the spiritual, emotional and family well-being of people. This has been one of the problems of the so many people fails marketing networks. The reason why they enter the business opportunity is controlled by making lots of money; regardless of knowing what your mission in life.

The danger this presents is that we see the dignity of every human being and begin to see only as potential sources of income. The only way to correct this evil is rediscovering which is our mission in life and align our values and procedures in accordance with this mission. Here I present some important concepts in the discovery of its mission: its mission is always related to a person or a group of people if you should have success in network marketing needs to be more interested in people than for the money. Your mission will make it possible that you resist the difficulties that faced in life the reason why the majority of people not persevere in what starts is because they have not defined which is his mission. People such as Time Warner would likely agree.

Business Software

The demand for business software from the cloud also known as software as a service (SaS) continues on. The SaS boom in 2012 myfactory Switzerland can look back even 2013 on a strong increase in customer numbers. The customer number again nearly doubled. Parallel to this increased sales by more than 50 percent. In fact, the Swiss SaS provider from St. Gallen scored significantly more revenue per Kundenabo than last year. David Lauchenauer, CEO of myfactory Switzerland, justified this, put increasingly larger SMEs on business software from the cloud: the need for explanation, what is SaS and how it works, is significantly decreased. A few years ago, this was a big issue.

Today, the customers are interested in functional aspects, release capacity, investment protection, as well as expansion and customization of the software. Since cloud solutions like myfactory easily can compete with the traditional on-premise solutions, SaS increasingly also for larger SMEs with complex requirements is a real alternative. Swiss SaS customers expect more than just a modern product. Availability, security, support, training and access to local resources in consulting and software development have made now a complex, but highly interesting business from the former outlets thought SaS.” Because not only the number of customers, but also their claims have risen, the emphasis in myfactory Switzerland 2014 deliberately on the expansion of the project resources, and customer service. myfactory software Switzerland AG is an independent information technology company and myfactory Swiss distributor of the ERP solution.

The company was founded in 2008 and today employs 20 staff. In addition to the company’s headquarters in St. myfactory Switzerland in Hunzenschwil AG has Gall a branch with its own training centre. myfactory Switzerland offers comprehensive services such as consulting, software development, implementation, training, and customer service. The ERP solution myfactory.BusinessWorld is aligned to the business processes in small and medium-sized enterprises. Today Europe already more than 3 using ‘ 800 production, trading and service companies over 20’000 users the Web-based ERP solution myfactory. myfactory is a real cloud solution completely and without any additional installation on the Internet.