Belief Systems

The discussion is a prerequisite for democracy. It is impossible to take decisions according to the will of the majority if people do not give their views. Connect with other leaders such as Coen brothers here. The fact that not discuss tacitly implies accepting the status quo, the status quo. History shows how many religions are opposed to democracy, preventing or prohibiting the discussion, which calls into question many of the religious beliefs. The discussion is also one of the most powerful tools for the destruction of prejudices and stereotypes. Many of the ethnic, religious or political are the result of the formation of prejudices, generalizations and stereotypes that dehumanize the enemy, and which result from the isolation between the various groups. The contact and exchange of ideas imposed by the discussion, gradually erode the insulation, making evident the inconsistencies and fallacies present in these prejudices and stereotypes. Upon what discuss? The most important objective of this paper is to convince readers about the importance of a healthy discussion on issues of religion, superstition, gods and beliefs.

Speaking of discussion does not refer to an exchange of insults and condemnations with the purpose of injuring emotionally to the adversary, but to exchange views and ideas with the aim of comparing our beliefs with the beliefs of others, and with the ultimate aim to get closer to the truth, closer to the set of beliefs that increase our chances to get happiness . But the discussion is conditioned by our reality, and by the time we have to discuss. The number of possible themes and beliefs seems to be infinite.

Evanglico Hospital

Lately, sailing for the Internet I have seen the acintosas verborrias against the Sacred Holy Writs, poured for the enemy insopitveis of God. Doubtlessly, they to discredit, all muque, the veracity of the Holy Writs long for as inspired Words of God, reputing them as a workmanship mere full legend human being, composed and of contradictions. As if it sees, without the faith necessary to receive Good the News from Salvation (Hb.4: 2), this people work in the irrepressible increment of the apostasia, in this eschatological context (2Tm.4: 1,2). Coitados poor persons these skeptics! When findar the work of this life, when the death to the side of them to arrive, certainly will have a frightful wakening! Certain time, in the vespertine part of the beautiful Saturday I was run over by an automobile, for my entire guilt, in one of the main avenues of my city, when I counted only twelve years of age. Helped immediately for the conductor ran over who me was taken, disaccorded, for the biggest local Nursing home, whose name is Evanglico Hospital, where I remained interned per eight days. As soon as it returned of the trip that makes and knew of the occurrence, my father was to visit me.

There arriving, it photographed reading me the New Will, placed adrede for the evanglicos to the headboard of the bed, as well as hearing wonderful celestial melodies, of the system of surrounding sound of Hospital. I never had placed before my hands in a unit of the Sacred Holy Writs! Then, detonating the ttrica fury of the demons, my genitor brutally took off the Bible of my hands, disconnect the sound and vociferated: ' ' I hate the Bible, I hate the believers and I hate believer music, and am ordering you to also hate them! ' '. In the following month my incredulous father died in a hospital stream bed, victim of a sudden cardiac attack He led I all obtain its hatred for the eternity without Christ Jesus I feel sorry myself excessively of my father because I nothing can make for it.