Car Markets in China

The national market of cars continues warm. How thus, if the licensing of national cars in April fell 22.8% in relation to the previous month? It is that March is not a good parameter, for having been historical record of sales in Brazil. However, if cotejado the sales of national and imported cars of April of 2010 with the same month of the previous year, we will prove that it had 18,5% growth. Nothing badly if compared with the Brazilian ecomomia that grows less than 5% to the year. That the market of national cars goes very well, nobody doubts. But, and the market of luxury cars? This has many more reasons to commemorate.

In the April month, it 59.9% grew incredible on April of 2009. Randall Mays, San Antonio TX often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If cotejado to the four first months of 2010 with 2009, the growth was of 41,0%. Moreover, the participation of the mattered ones in the sales in April was of 17,9%, a to be commemorated mark, therefore the historical record occurred in January of this year, when it reached 20.1%. what it is more important: as much the distribution net how much the manufacturers it does not have much of what to complain. Plagiarizing our president Lula, ' ' never before in history this country, one vendeu as many cars and one gained dinheiro&#039 in such a way; '. Analyzing the performance of the sales of automobiles for mark, in the four first months of the year of 2010 versus the same period of 2009, we go to notice that the ones that had more grown had been: Mercedes-Benz (51.3%), Renault (47%) and Nissan (46.3%).

This without speaking is clearly, in the Hyundai champion, that seems not to have limits to grow in the Brazilian market. To only have an idea, in this exactly period, it grew the estonteante mark of 511,6%. It is little or it wants more? It can be said what to desire well, but nobody will be able to deny the merit of the representative of the mark Hyundai in Brazil, Mr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, president of group CAOA, that must be laughing to toa, for this memorable conquest. But, for speaking in success in sales, we cannot leave to cite the Audi, whose global sales of first the four months of the year, had grown 23.7% (360,750 a thousand vendidas units). in April, with sales of 96.700 units, 18.1% grew the same on month of the previous year. The prominences of the Audi had been for the American market where it grew in April 32.9% (9,190 vendidas units) and in China where the growth was of 61,3% (19,606 commercialized units). The conclusion that if arrives, is that if to analyze with caution the Brazilian market of the last years, will be easy to evidence that it is better to speak Portuguese of what Mandarin, Cantons and others nine hundred and as many dialects. China is here! It thinks about this, Managing Evaldo Coast of the Institute of the Concessionaires of Brazil Writer, consultant, lecturer and professor. Author of books: ' ' Alavancando resulted through the management of qualidade' ' , ' ' As To guarantee Three Extra Sales For Dia' ' co-author of the book ' ' Giants of the Vendas' ' Site: Blog: Email:

Comparison System

Data processings dAmaznia. This system supplies to the responsible ones for the Municipal management, grandevariedade of managemental reports that facilitate an efficient one> control of receitae of the public charges. Jeffrey L. Bewkes takes a slightly different approach. The objectives of this research had been directed for answer following problematic: The transference of Technological deProjetos resources of the City department of Manaus originated not the fulfilment of goals daily pay-fixadasno Budgetary System in 2007? As assumption the scientific research comprovouque the SEMPT did not fulfill the goals predetermined in the Budgetary System of 2007devido to have suffered transferences from public resources. For the attendance of the general objective osseguintes specific objectives had been determined: Verification of the Planning of the SistemOramentrio of the exercise of 2007 of the SEMPT; Comparison of the execution oramentriaem relation to the goals predetermined in the Budgetary System of the SEMPT; Identificaodas causes and the consequences of the transferences of budgetary resources dSEMPT; the Proposal of study deepened on planning, execution econtrole of the Budgetary System of the SEMPT. It stops the Public Agencies, the research is justified for estarrelacionada to the disembarrassment of the problems caused for the impact dainformatizao, would be a form to minimize wastefulnesses of recursosfinanceiros and human beings and to catalyze its potentialities, what it would seconstituiria in a so indispensable leverage, how much promising, in a pasespecialmente unbelieving one in the effectiveness and the validity of its institutions. For the SEMPT, it is a way to take care of its customers as a whole, since, not only would give to specialized jobs of computer science the end to demodernizar and to rationalize the inherent processes to the public service, as it would secertificaria of that problems, as the impacts caused for computerization, would not harm the effectiveness of the services.

The university level, the importance of this research is to deservir of instrument of support, knowledge and referencial for futuraspesquisas related to the Public Administration in the Municipal sphere, having comobase in the area of Countable Sciences, the Public Accounting based nLei n. 4.320/64. This article initiates with the Theoretical Recital discorrendosobre the Planning of the Budgetary System, the Execution of the PlanejamentoOramentrio with the Classification of the Public charges and Appropriation bill After that, the Metodolgicos Procedures are presented finally and asconcluses and recommendations. It lowers the complete article to continue reading.

Global Crisis

They say those who know:-this so publicized world financial crisis is due to the lack of regulations. Although the libremercadistas and anarchists are angry, I think that we cannot agree with this conclusion. It’s like when a life partner without having signed papers free union is called. Such freedom no respect a spouse and the other. The paper is right and necessary, but not imprisons them. If a man and a woman living together with Act of marriage and no act, loyalty and fidelity one due to the other. In this regard they are not free.

The term free union, is therefore used by ignorance or pretext. So revered free market can not be such. Then it must be asked: does free of what or who?. Let’s see. If by fear or bad milk investors withdraw their money from companies, jobs disappear, low consumption, and emerging countries as Mexico stop selling their goods and suffer the flight of capital, then, say free-market is attempting to fool listeners.

And I think that there had been very successful in this. Until now. When a marriage (with documents or without them) there are breaking or flight of one of the spouses, someone is going to get hurt. And although there are two, there are always more people injured. Analogously, in the atmosphere of the market, that basically is the exchange of goods and services to live, when you remove or weaken one of the important parts, then the rest suffer. There is talk that the bankers and other companies invested money taken money from investors, society and Government in an irresponsible manner causing a weakening of the capacity to pay of these companies (bankruptcy!), which in turn caused investors distrust and withdraw their precious money in the capital markets. For this reason we have seen daily spectacle of the fall of the United States and the world stock exchanges.

Chile HidroAysen

Despite the stealth with which Daniel Fernandez has taken the first three weeks of the Executive Vice-Presidency of HidroAysen, in replacement of the former manager general Hernan Salazar, his figure more of any misgiving generates between critical organizations to these projects. even among those with him were related during his stint as executive director of Television Nacional de Chile. One of them is the journalist Juan Cristobal Guarello, who in an interview in the latest edition of La Nacion Sunday described as desertor the flamboyant Executive of society composed by Endesa and Colbun. Have I chopped some escapee who worked on National Television. There is one that was HidroAysen to contaminate Chile is one who wears whiskers and create very elegant professional words, were to be consulted about his State of mind before his departure from the television signals. His words were precisely expressed a few days that Daniel Fernandez came to the Aysen Region to learn in terrain the project which today leads, in addition to meeting with officials of HidroAysen wagered in the area and trade organizations.

Some of the towns to visit (on a trip that would begin on Monday but that because of weather conditions was postponed until today Tuesday) are Cochrane and Coyhaique. And although by statements emanating from the company may think that the Executive is likely to succeed in the task, move forward with the dams on the Baker and Pascua rivers, the Government has given lights that is not available to substantiate any irregularities committed during the last administration, in the light of allegations of the organizations of the Defence Council of the Patagonia (CDP) criticisms of these initiatives. If there were irregularities during the coalition Government, we will investigate them and we will punish them. Here there is no chance, no national or foreign employer who can get a project of this magnitude at the margin of the law. Others who may share this opinion include Joel and Ethan Coen. In this Government has not taken any decision with regard to HidroAysen said in early May the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter, during an interview in the zero tolerance program. This expressions are added to the series of inserts that campaign Patagonia without dams has published in recent weeks pointing to the shortcomings of the study of environmental impact of HidroAysen, committed illegalities and manifest lobby that State officials were in favor of energy projects during the Government of Michelle Bachelet. This is in parallel to the international campaign that in recent days has achieved the Commission for environmental cooperation of Canada (CCAC) venue a complaint against the Chilean State for noncompliance during the processing of the Treaty environment Chilean Argentine HidroAysen, in addition to enter a complaint against Enel and Endesa by the same initiative before the Permanent Tribunal of the peoples which recently met in Madrid. Added to this is the tour to the Aysen Bishop Luis Infanti, next to the international coordinator of the CDP and President of ecosystems Juan Pablo Orrego and the journalist Carlos Garrido aysenino, developed by Europe a fortnight ago questioning the power European tour that had an exposicion-denuncia as a high point before the Enel Board of shareholders. Then, by very stealthy that it has been recently initiated management Fernandez, these have not been calm weeks for HidroAysen.

Private Providence

But the usineiros had invoiced high with the loans of the federal government. Money of the people loaned for millionaire who never will go to pay. – It accurately has a rain of processes in the Courts if dragging per decades because the insuring ones already they present deficit has years. They are denying the payment of the insurances and the Courts are supporting pra to postpone the generalized quebradeira. The insuring ones are descapitalizadas and it does not have forecast of improvements.- This without entering in the details of that the Insuring Europeans had suspended renova! otodos the insurances of the next situated property to the sea and that the Diarinho Periodical published that during a Evanglico Congress in the South Bar in Cambori Health-resort in the end of 2008 some building they had trembled because it had much people in the beach. the beach was weighed excessively. Of pra to trust? It counts another one that this I find that it did not glue. What such to make an analysis to see if the sea could have adentrado in the subsoil of some cities of the Brazilian coast and in some time to swallow these cities for some cenrtenas of meters under of the water, provoking a gigantic wave that would sweep the south coast of Brazil? – Well, I do not forget, I am not saying this.

Perhaps if Nostradamus prophet was this way, said this in its centrias, messrias or dirias.2- Nationalization of the Private Providences: – The Federal Government intends to increase for 480 Reals the minimum wage in March. Where it turns the money? – A trigger in the INSS will be created, that is, as it increases the minimum wage will also increase the benefits of who earns more than this value ties the ceiling and goes to lack money. Of where it will come what it lacks? It does not need to be I guess nor Nostradamus to discover, right? – The support to the government comes exactly of who does not have headings of Private Providence and a nationalization would leave only one small parcel of the unsatisfied population.- With the money of this nationalization the balances of the government would increase, would have more benefits for the 80 percent apiam that it and the popularity of the government would go up more than for astronomical 90 percent.