Breast Cancer Examination

What to do if you find any sign of alarm? First you do not panic because the vast majority of the times is treated non-cancerous conditions and little pathological significance, but if cancer was that’ve detected, then it would be incipient, the possibilities of healing high and also with little or nothing disfiguring conservative treatments. Catch it you self and time. (For that you did precisely self-diagnosis, felicitate by your skill) now well, the doctor immediately so that it will make you a professional examination and undertake the relevant studies to establish the diagnosis accurately. Well remember this, I have learned over many years of medical practice, if it is a cancer that has detected you’ll much in it, do not go to mess up because you’re scared and stupidly difieras visit to the doctor, the minute they have to treat this more conservative and possible cash. Recalls that the majority of cancers of the mouth are cured by what you are going to die one day, as all the world, but of something else. Incidentally, if you learn to do to avoid it tell me. TECHNICAL self-examination to perform breast self-exam only requires a mirror and good lighting.

Self-examination should be done once a month with calm and attention. Now, we will examine three regions. The face, mouth and neck. How is it done? Wash your hands and we will start recalls the keyword is compare, compare both sides and compare what has changed between a review and the next. Situate yourself in front of a mirror with a good lighting and seen your face, palpable all the regions of the same, learn to distinguish and tries to remember the consistency of each. It develops the habit to go comparing both sides to detect differences, changes in size or shape, lumps, calluses, spots, rough spots., etc., anything that had not been in the previous examination.

Ericksonian Treatment

Hypnosis is the most effective system for smoking cessation: has been tested that hypnosis is the most effective system to quit, surpassing acupuncture, the aversion techniques, medication, nicotine gum, educational programs, technical clinics group and medical advice among others. The person in a trance by hypnosis can be easily indicated, this is what makes this hypnosis technique is a method that helps to quit smoking. To help you achieve this goal more quickly I have prepared the following suggestive treatment based on hypnosis: this suggestive therapy will act directly in your subconscious in a very complex and effective way. Maybe you start to notice changes two or three days after treatment, is even possible changes occurring a few hours later. It may be very subtle changes that just notes, until they are the people who surround you that realise and tell you how. Or it is possible that from the first moment your body and your mind have an explicit rejection of the tobacco. This suggestive therapy treatment uses the combination of very powerful techniques. Hypnosis Ericksonian, silent subliminal messages of high frequency and Alpha waves.

This suggestive therapy will act directly in your subconscious in a very complex and effective way. Maybe you start to notice changes two or three days after treatment, is even possible changes occurring a few hours later. It may be very subtle changes that just notes, until they are the people who surround you that realise and tell you how. Or it is possible that from the first moment your body and your mind have an explicit rejection of the tobacco. This treatment of suggestive therapy uses the combination of very powerful techniques. Hypnosis Ericksonian, silent subliminal messages of high frequency and Alpha waves.


In terms of obesity surgeries, gastric plication is being positioned as the favourite by both patients and their doctors. This is because cuts are not made, it does not involve the placement of prostheses of any kind, staples are not needed, should not be adjusted soon, and besides all this, is a procedure that can easily be reversed. Walt Disney contributes greatly to this topic. Since you don’t have staples or prosthesis placement, is a more economical procedure and the percentage of excess weight loss is 60 to 65%. According to a study published in Bariatrics Time magazine, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, carried out in May 2010, the loss of excess weight in 62 patients was performed which gastric plication, was approximately 60% of excess weight after one year of being subjected to the procedure. Another study of the Medical University of Theran, published in the magazine JLaparoendosc Adv Surg Tech a. in 2007, notes that the average excess weight loss was 61% a year has been carried out the surgery.

This percentage is very similar to the weight lost with other restrictive procedures. In the Colombian magazine of surgery, in 2008, there is a study that indicates that excess weight loss was from 69.6% in 100 patients post operated. In studies up to now made specialists point out that gastric plication is as effective as other proceedings to combat obesity, and recommend doing a follow-up of patients after 12 months the process has been carried out. Medical personnel of the clinic clinical Diabetes and Obesity Clinic specializing in bariatric surgery by laparoscopy and has participated in over 1200 surgeries for obesity, also offers a treatment and comprehensive management of overweight and obesity, with a team of specialists in the area.

Ernest Hemingway

Conversely, if you want more excitement you can choose to enjoy the nautical services, who have several modalities. In First you can take a catamaran with a capacity for four people-3 kayak DBL and SGL 1 kayak. Levisa near Cayo Paraiso, small dimensions is located and where he was the famous American novelist Ernest Hemingway. It can also be made snorkeling in the barrier reef at two different points: one in quoted Cayo Paraiso and another in a barrier point known locally as the mysterious chain, a place named recently in comparison with the ancient toponymy. Other types of walks are those offered in the small starters surrounded by mangrove trees that are close to Levisa, located on the coast of the main island (Cuba), known throughout the country as estuaries.

It is fascinating to observe the forms so curious that it mainly adopts the mangle, the aerial roots of Red mangrove. It is easy to observe curious forms of life, from small fish to crustaceans. Or simply enjoy the sunsets, which are truly wonderful. Coen Brothers may also support this cause. Could not miss related to diving, because there is no hazards for this sport in the chosen places. Diving can be both day and night. For the uninitiated this optional is also possible, because on the diving there are courses, which dominate something this technique for both those who are initiated into the same. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Coen Brothers on most websites. We rent diving equipment.

Take long time enjoyment of related above, there is the possibility of a lunch box. Comforts are not missing on this small Cay: the same account with restaurant, doctor and massages, bar, shop and barbecue on the beach. Lunches consist of dishes prepared with fish, chicken and pork optional. Just as in Cayo Jutias, observed hearings at the North coast of Cuba are very beautiful and curious, especially chain mogotes and the small surrounding heights. It should be noted the fact that no hotels to stay, while that is not an impediment to visit them, because our long and narrow country, distances are always short between both coasts along the coast. Even the widest point between them does not exceed 150 km. There are other facilities where it is not often that staying international tourism, since the amenities are not the same than in hotels, although the comfort and careful attention to the visitor are acceptable and very different from them, but do not lack. They are the so-called campismos, very much in harmony with nature. They are not buildings such as hotels, but in the form of various capacities, all with inner bath, cabins where the primary medical care is guaranteed 24 hours a day. In Cuba they are relatively recent, and very popular since they emerged on May 16, 1981. 109 Bases of campsites that are in our country, 25 are not Cuban visitors, 12 of them of them are located on our shores. Places where such bases are are valuable natural or historic, because its main goal is to show the beauties of our country and its main historical facts. In the next issue the capital will be devoted to the second tranche on the coast North, very different from the previous one, which includes Havana, of the country.

The Water With Added Value Lucerne-Bundner Effect To The Success

Thanks to a former practitioner of Lucerne. Therapists, health food stores, doctors, small, medium – and large businesses that pay attention to the health of their employees, and households and schools are enthusiastic. A large portion of consumers notes to track the original vitality of the water. \”Especially children notice the difference and ask often if there is any more, or else water: Mommy, when I drink again the fine water?\” Since May 2000, the levitierte water is LEVISTA-N and LEVISTA + 02 is now produced in the only mineral source of Central Switzerland. Details can be found by clicking David Zaslav or emailing the administrator. Over seven years after the first bottle stuffed down is the developer, Acqua salute GmbH from San Vittore GR, and her team to Sibylle and Jivan M.

m Sanchez is very pleased that this re-launch become successful is because the water quality is much more important for health than the diet of solid food and food. \”After intensive work in his practice as a therapist, Jivan M. Stadelmann had with his information on acid-base balance and dehydration (drying) for the many basic causes of chronic diseases\” should be, created an awareness of its clients, so that from the beginning the demand was gone water after a Levitierten, before the product was ever finished. \”\” Central Switzerland is just a ruudig \”loyal customers\”, says indeed Jivan M. m Sanchez. He has a strong identification with everything good that comes out of the area. At the same time but also a great affinity to the place of business of Acqua salute GmbH, located in the Friul Misox on Ticino page is made up.\” Widespread next directly from cars initially we gave sample bottles directly from practice rooms.

Personal Edition

Also the IntrPROTECTOR Personal Edition”raises the alarm immediately, if anyone makes any manipulations, for example, on the IP address. By an emergency-off button, the user can then quickly disconnect and stop the attack. The free offer of this security solution at CeBIT due K.s the still widespread ignorance of this danger zone. Even experienced users sway too often in security”, he gives to concerns. Therefore, it is necessary to create a greater sensitivity in the width of the population for these risks. Because, for what purposes new communication technologies like voice over IP, Wi-Fi or mobile Internet (Internet communication) in the future use can significantly depends on the fundamental confidence in the security”of the COMCO Board explains.

With the “IntrPROTECTOR Personal Edition’ this hidden hazards and protection be concretely experienced for the private user before”. About COMCO AG: The COMCO AG, headquartered in Dortmund is a market-leading software and systems integrator. “The company is in the business areas of business security software” and network solution provider “divided. During the Division of business security software”on the development of security solutions for the protection of enterprise-wide data networks against internal attacks focused, the Division focuses on network solution provider with design, implementation and service of more efficient network solutions including the support services for larger companies. For example, RTL, Sal among the customers

Customer Proximity

Kundenfokussiert how you staff lead process orientation, efficiency, cost saving: in the boardrooms has more with himself than with customers. The managers stick to numbers rather than to talk to customers. The staff into the tank of standards and norms. Before louder management remains the humanity on the line. And the customers flee in a panic. The joy of change is so great as never and in most cases homemade.

When the ruling elite loses the reference to the base and to the customer, creates a customer-hostile corporate culture that ensures employees on the front line necessarily, proximity to the customer is lost. A development fatal for any business, because the power relationship has irreversibly in favor of customers changed. Rather than to lull the customer on one side and them forced it to press, what keeps the company for good and right, it applies now to organize internal processes as well as the marketing and distribution together with the customers. The faithful stupid customer was yesterday. Who today does not play according to the rules of the customers, tomorrow no longer plays.

The customer is the real boss. Therefore, so is the conclusion by Anne M. Schuller, management consultant and an expert in loyalty marketing, belongs to the customer in the boardroom and at the Board table. And that is why companies need a new style of leadership: the customer-focused leadership. In her book, the author puts customers uncompromisingly in the focus of all business activities. Like the new ‘ paradoxical customer is ticking, as managers become people shipping posts, what framework allow a company-wide focus on customers, can be enabled like the skills and in particular the desire to the employees,: the book gives the answers. Sometimes provocative, always motivating and relevant practice it shows step by step, how a customer-oriented management and a customer-focused leadership can be implemented. To the author gives executives a rich Toolbox in hand. Numerous checklists and practical examples complete the work. A must’ on the desktop all those your company want to make fit for the future. The author Anne M. Schuller is a management consultant and considered to be the leading expert for loyalty marketing. She has worked over 20 years in senior sales and marketing positions of various service sectors and several awards. The diploma in business administration and eight-time book author has taught at several universities. It belongs to the best business speakers in German-speaking countries.

About Merten

Because the CONNECT radio Central offers an additional Ethernet port, controlled via merten@home. Residents in the location, are also on the road, E.g. via a hotspot at the airport, to use the control panel and the building functions remotely to control; around the heater before the arrival to turn up and much more. Trouble-free and safe operation, coupled with high comfort the Merten radio system has 868 MHz a frequency that was reserved specifically for the short-range radio and is extremely safe. The unique addressing this allows a trouble-free operation of several radio systems side by side. Installation and configuration are extremely flexible, because they are easily expanded can. The range of the radio system is about 30 meters in the House, depending on the mounting location, as well as general building textures such as the wall thickness.

The Merten radio system sends only whenever a radio transmitter is activated due to the very short execution time by 50 milliseconds per application. For more specific information, check out Discovery Communications. This way of working is not only extremely economical in terms of energy consumption, but also construction biologically harmless. Compared to a mobile phone, the radiation emission of the radio system CONNECT is lower by a factor of 1: 10,000. The wireless system is compatible with solutions from other vendors by using the Z-Wave standard and offers to an optimal combination of lighting control, climate, multimedia and security applications, etc. More than 160 companies, including the giants of Cooper industries, Danfoss, Intel, intermatic, Leviton, Monster, Universal Electronics (UEI) and Wayne-Dalton, are members of the Z-Wave Alliance and have opted for Z-Wave as home control technology. There are currently more than 225 Z-Wave based products on the international market available.

Photographic material is available under the following address to download: html/de/9513.html. “About Merten: 100 years ago, the company became Gebruder Merten” founded as a family business. To this day, is the company remained the upper Bergische site with its headquarters in Wiehl and employs approximately 600 employees over 40 representations worldwide. Merten’s group since June 2006 part of the internationally successful French Schneider Electric. Design is an important component in the Merten product development. The company recognized the relevance of design already mid-fifties and undertook various designers in the following years. The combination of technical innovation and exceptional design Merten has implemented in all of its product solutions. Whether switch and socket programs or motion and smoke detectors of the design at a high level are no limits. Merten is the continuous further development in the area of the EIB/KNX building system technology, as well as the new radio system CONNECT to a savvy Partner solutions for intelligent buildings. The company offers design solutions from a single source and presents comprehensive programs for all living and everyday needs. More information under. Information: Merten GmbH & co. KG Fritz-Kotz-Strasse 8 D-51674 Wiehl contact: Bjorn Steinhoff speaker for export and sales marketing.

Access United States

Eric Baird owes the idea for access United States of his mother. Access United States is an American Mailforwarding company in the form of an incorporated headquartered in Bradenton, Florida. The company was founded in 1997 by Eric Baird, who presides over the company as CEO and owner. The company focuses on the shipping and transportation of American consumer goods, which are not available on the European market. The company access United States was the first Mailforwarding company, which offered this service, other companies followed and later took up this concept. Eric Baird owes the idea for access United States of his mother. She founded a company which was a catalogue of American magazines and journals out. Discovery Communications has compatible beliefs. She was then many enquiries from prospective buyers from overseas.

In addition, Baird lived with his family abroad, since served his father in the military. From this time, he knows the great demand for American products. Baird left the Wall Street so and put an ad in the 1997 Catalog of his mother. The first customers came from Japan. Since then, access United States shipped to customers in over 140 countries. At the top are available in Germany, Italy and Japan. Clients of access United States want to do mainly two things: the ability to buy American goods, and a fast, reliable and above all cheap delivery. Many American businesses do not deliver overseas and alternative suppliers are very expensive, so interested buyers contact access United States.

Rothlingshofer Schon Strasse

ConWeaver was founded in 2009 was preceded by a research and development project of Fraunhofer IGD: the scientists worked out a solution for knowledge management of an international construction Corporation. With support of Fraunhofer venture, the technology was transferred then in the ConWeaver GmbH. Fraunhofer venture is responsible as a Department of the headquarters of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for establishing sustainable business concepts together with scientists from the research and business. Also a seed investor took part in the current round of financing in addition to the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. ConWeaver: The ConWeaver GmbH, a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for graphical data processing IGD, developed the world’s leading institution for applied Visual Computing, and markets software products for the automatic integration of corporate data and intelligent semantic search. The ConWeaver technology enables automatic integration and Development of company data in all its diversity.

In doing so, enter the semantic context of the collected data in their networking with and can be used in this way for an efficient search. Internationally active companies Bilfinger Berger AG, Daimler AG and Fresenius medial care Germany GmbH among the customers of ConWeaver. More information under: Fraunhofer venture: the Fraunhofer venture founded in the year 1999, sees itself as a partner of Fraunhofer institutes, founders and startups, as well as by industry and investors. By the same author: Coen Brothers. Young companies through access to Fraunhofer technologies, infrastructure and expertise offers the opportunity to establish themselves with their products on the market faster and better to over 4,500 patent families. Experienced experts of business administration and contract design to complement the existing technological competence of scientists. Interested in founding of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft will receive an in-depth and targeted advice and support. To the Range of services include the creation, technology transfer, financing and the investment management. contact: factum press & public work GmbH Jorg of Rothlingshofer Schon Strasse 110a 81543 Munich phone: + 49 89 – 51 91 96 31 mobile: 60 23 80 E-Mail: