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Apprenticeships are usually dual created in Germany there are nearly 350 officially recognised training occupations. Most training courses are dual. As a trainee (student), you attended a vocational school and also learns in a company. Later studies request – many school leavers opt for vocational training, which has to do with the desired subject and collect already practical experiences in the field. It submits an application for an apprenticeship training – application, content, duration of training, should about two weeks later after wondering whether the application has been received at the company and missing any documents.

It is ideal when you personally speak out. Then, you indicated the company that you really want the apprenticeship. This is a first advantage! The trainee salary will vary depending on the industry and area. The average is it monthly about 600 for the first year of apprenticeship and evolved with each additional year of training. Training takes two to three and a half years.

As Apprentice with graduation, you can shorten the duration of training if the grades at the vocational school are good and the training company agrees to. At the end of a dual education program, the respective Chamber of industry and commerce or Chamber of skilled crafts reviewed the achievements of the apprentice. Note: It has a training place or is late, then you can apply quickly still, even if the training year already started, because: while the probationary training courses are free, as company or trainee cancel the training contract. some applicants have received several commitments and decided late to a training course. Other training courses are once again in the free allocation. Some companies provide also additional training places. What should be considered at the conclusion of a training contract? The training must be agreement in writing prior to training. The contract is from the future trainee and, if is not yet of legal age – parents signed. Read carefully before signing! Is something unclear, you should immediately ask. The contract must include information for the duration of the training, pay and working hours. Company and trainee get one copy. Further questions and answers to the training start: information/training/training start is bildungsdoc educational exchange and guidance for students, trainees, graduates, students, parents and adults. Find all here is simple and fast unbiased information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented to many education at home and abroad. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be. There are neutral information, hints and tips for trips abroad, school, study, vocational training, job search and training. Contact: bildungsdoc AP: Horst beef Theodor Friedrich WEG 4 01279 Dresden E-Mail: Internet:

North RhineWestphalia

EPS summer camp 2008 opens its doors during the summer holidays of the North Rhine-Westphalia. Of certified continuing education providers eps event & project solutions GmbH offers a training with IHK certificate to the tour guide or an animator for the first time. Specially students from 16 years of age, school-leavers or transnational up to 25 years old are invited to participate in the two-week compact course. Focus of the eps summer camp 2008 is to experience the professional orientation for the choice of the training course and to secure themselves an advantage over other applicants”, as Wolfgang Muller, Managing Director of the DPS. In countless cases so far participants and participants with a certificate of the Chamber of commerce were trained and then with great partners in long-term employment relationships. Many young people who have fun and interested in a job in tourism, gave us the idea with the eps summer camp 2008 “, says Marc Giffhorn, line tourism and event. The urgency and the need for themselves also to qualify outside the school on the later professional life is huge! “.” Therefore, it is possible to participate already participants from 16 years in this measure.

“With the motto learning with fun” are not only theoretical training content such as fundamentals of animation and travel management, communication, legal principles and complaint management is done, but all areas in practice are rehearsed and performed. Of course we will actively implement also sports games and all with their faces must keep made by the facepainting,”Viktoria Stenske, speaker says animation and entertainment. As a trained dancer she is studying professional choreography, and Club dances. With numerous cooperation partners have gone on board for the eps summer camp 2008 including the training company of the IHK Rhein-Sieg Bonn Bad Godesberg Stadtmarketing e.V. “, u.v.m. The eps summer camp 2008 will take place three times each in Bonn and Bad Godesberg and lasts two weeks. The cost per participant on 249,00 plus entry fee for the Chamber of Commerce certificate course. For more information on the Internet at or by phone 0 22 24 – 9 01 14 11 Marc Giffhorn

First BOWTECH Dusseldorf

Muscle relaxation in stress conditions: therapy with Bowtech developed by the Australian Tom Bowen, finds the technique smooth muscle relaxation in the German-speaking countries more and more users. Veronika Humer of 30.04 03.05.2009 in Dusseldorf offers the first course for future Bowen practitioner. The Bowen technique is a series of gentle, precise handles, which in certain areas and in a specific order were made. Hear other arguments on the topic with Paul Ostling. The energy flow is stimulated by the Bowen technique, enabling the body’s own healing powers. The technology is non-invasive and can be done through the clothing.

Targeted breaks between the handles give the body time to react to any movement or handle result and its benefits. The Bowen technique is ideally suited to support well-being, health, and the optimal flow of all bodily functions and it is relaxing. In the basic course, participants learn quickly with the technology to work, so that they can be practically applied after completion of the course. Bowtech is suitable as an extension of the product portfolio beosnders for suitable for physiotherapists, nurses, massage therapists, newcomers are welcome too! Information on building and secondary teaching modules receive participants during the period. SEMINAR date BOWTECH module 1 and 2 date: 30.04 03.05.2009 place: natural healing Center 1, Carl square 18, 40213 Dusseldorf information material received at: Leif communication, telephone 0211 949495 if you have further questions can it with the instructor contact: Veronika Humer phone: 0043 664 8130309 E-mail: registration please contact: Austrian Bowenverein Sechter mountain 79 / 2 phone 0043 7233 80549 fax 0043 7233 80577 A – 4101 Feldkirchen email: Internet: office hours: 8 – 10 pm Thomas Leif

Global-jazz-academy: Study

The newly developed jazz piano course now with the global jazz academy (gja). The all-round carefree programme for all jazz enthusiasts keys freaks and those who want to be there. The piano course deals with the two tasks a pianist in a band, solo and accompanying. In doing so for the solo first well-sounding left hand voicings designed and for the accompaniment is a wide variety of voicings and monitoring techniques. The lecturers of the Sara”will adjust them according to your personal game situation. for example: Game in the combo, in duo, trio, with or without bass. Provided in-depth theoretical knowledge of jazz, in the courses of jazz are be taught advanced basic and jazz. This knowledge be jazz piano in the course”Piano specifically implemented.

With appropriate knowledge, you can of course also directly in jazz piano”enter. As in all classes of the global jazz academy the musical aspects dealt with not dry in theory be transferred in musical practice. To do this, serve the Playalongs with compositions of different jazz styles, which simulate the band situations in all their variations. Part 1 of the course of jazz piano”is next to the pianist – all to recommend other musicians who play the piano as a secondary instrument. Part 2 covers the possibilities of jazz piano at a professional level.