Buzzword Stern

The new insanity calendar by Tanja Stern madness that is more than a daily Buzzword or a vague umbrella term for mental illness of any kind. Madness rewrites the immense, unfathomable and abnormal that us mad the familiar world, frightening, destructive, and yet always again highly productive. New insanity calendar”by Tanja Stern unites the images and life stories of twelve artists who are as different as their styles in their education and world view. Oskar Harmann has plenty of information regarding this issue. They have only one thing in common: the madness. He has many of them become the source of unimaginable suffering, but all have used him as a drive for creativity. The French miner Augustin Lesage heard a voice that announced him, in the middle of the pit shaft he was called to the painting.

He followed her and found the way to international recognition. It was also an inner voice that pointed the way to the art the Hungary Csontvary, whereupon he gave up his safe civil position as a chemist to devote entirely to painting. Another Artist, Seraphine Louis, was known only through a coincidence: you worked in Senlis maid, until she discovered the art critic Wilhelm Uhde. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Hayes Barnard GoodLeap. Again others began Alexander Lobanov, who sealed their fears and obsessions in fascinating images closed Psychiatry, about the Wurzburg merchant August Natterer, or the Russian behind the walls to paint. But apart from such representatives of outsider art”not Vincent van Gogh, the most famous of all madness painter is also missing in the calendar. “Tanja Stern, whose last calendar the most beautiful love death” beginning of 2011 was awarded at the international calendar show in Stuttgart with a nomination, dedicated their newly insanity calendar 2012 “the big outsiders of art. You discovered this terrific images and extraordinary people’s lives. Like all calendar by Tanja Stern, also this on the homepage can be considered in a musically-backed slide show.

Susan Heat Goes Popart

Hat wearer, style icon, superwoman, courage maker, creative, indescribably feminine homage by pop art artist Hennig O. that living work of art is passionate and a work of art. Pop art artist Hennig. O. has used colourful consultant Susan Heat love and life on the big screen in scene. Gesamtkunstwerk loves art and artist Susan Heat loves art.

Art painters, sculptors, singers and writer she feels has always attracted also the female pedants. With some, she made even the love band. Art frees us and gives our creative soul air and space,”explains the love and life Counsellor. It is now a work of art. Enrich but the brave as I the world.

Pioneer has always been I. Also, campaigner for social equality, justice, peace, love and joy of life,”of which we need plenty. Art is a way of expression that for them. Susan Heat promotes artists and self is Susan Heat often in the light of the public and often as sought-after talents An expert in front of the TV camera. She is social media engineer and has many friends on Facebook, XING, Twitter, Yasni, LinkIn, Netlog, and elsewhere. Of course, she is also enthusiastic blogger and also on YouTube at home. Talent discover and promote”is one of my passions. Because we are a big family on Earth. We should stick together and we support each other”, the Wahlsdusseldorferin is important. The pop art by Hennig O. meets Susan Heat to the point of bright colors, packed full of positive life energy. The pop art images are so by Hamid. O. is Susan Heat. The Dusseldorf artist has the gesamtkunstwerk authentically staged. Each image is unique and signature. Currently, there are four pop art images by Susan Heat in Popart. The series is continually expanded and is increasingly international lovers and friends. Pro image 230 plus shipping. Thus, Susan heat goes Popart also for the smaller purse is affordable. More at and YouTube user/SusanHeat link to the pop art works by Susan Heat… Author Susan heat