Ying Technique

Before using any equipment, either, whether, say, a gas or electric, car, air compressor, iron, motoplug, notebook, instrument, telephone (mobile or landline or payphone, even) or other technology, it is useful to read the instructions. In addition, the instruction should oznakomlivatsya right near the device, using, working personally with the technique. Prosizhivanie in class – this class is satisfactory, but still need to touch things that are being studied. This recommendation has limited bearing on the compressor. For example, buy compressor – a strong step. In turn, must then learn how to use This technique, not to have to make premature compressor repair. And to use such a way that it did not bring any harm to anyone who works with him, nor located around people, not destroying located around environment, as well as not breaking the technique.

Not all the annotations are simple. And it's pretty sad. Imagine, if you take the book, but there complicated scientific language. His friendship with such a book is likely to be short-lived. If the statement complex, in that case may have to ask people who know or understand the technology independently or with instruction in practice. Last is best done with the measures of caution.

By this technique, necessary during construction and repair facilities as compressors, there are also instructions. It is noteworthy that they are quite simple. In some instructions slightly affected by the maintenance of the compressors. Regulations safe operation of a fairly important and surprisingly reasonable, because it is security and they are not composed without any reason. Maybe they have some data to the company withdrew from the responsibility for case if something happens. But you know what the rules are rational when they uzuchaesh. If not follow instructions, the possibility that it will be necessary to repair the compressor, compressor or service increases, which result, it is likely to idle in the work due to lack of necessary equipment and financial losses to the company or in construction.

Criteria Requirements

The argument – a number of related are judgments that are expressed in order to convince the reader (listener) fidelity (true) thesis in terms of the positions. Judgement – a phrase or sentence which makes sense to ask: true or false? Case – Rationale for that conclusion is true or absolutely with any degree of probability. As the arguments used by the facts, references to authorities, obviously true judgments (laws, axioms, etc.), proof (direct, indirect, "contradiction", "method of exclusion"), etc. The list, which will result in the transfer of ideas, help you determine which of them need a special argument. Sources.

Theme essay tells you where to look for the right material. Usually use the library, Internet resources, dictionaries, reference books. The revision means the text editing with a focus on quality and efficiency. The text is composed of four main components: clarity of thought, intelligibility, literacy and accuracy. The idea – it's written content. It must be clearly and articulate ideas that you want to express, otherwise you will not be able to bring these ideas and information to others. Intelligibility – the accessibility of text for comprehension. The easiest way to achieve it can, using the logical and consistent way carefully chosen words, phrases and paragraphs interrelated, disclosure of the issue.

Literacy reflects adherence to grammar and spelling. If in doubt about something, look in the book, Manage in a dictionary or style guide to read or give written by a man whose style of writing you like. Correctness – a style of writing. Style to define the genre, structure, work objectives, which poses a writer, reader, to whom he appeals. Rating Essay Evaluation Criteria Essays can be transformed, depending on their particular form, with the general requirements for quality essays are judged on the following criteria: Criteria Requirements for student maximum number of points and Knowledge understanding of theoretical material. – Defines the concepts addressed clearly and completely, giving relevant examples – the concepts used strictly fit the theme – the independence of the job. 2 points and Analysis evaluation of information – correctly applies the categories of analysis – skillfully uses the techniques of comparison and synthesis for analyzing the relationship of the concepts and phenomena – can explain the alternative views on the matter under consideration and to reach a balanced conclusion – the range used by the information space (a student uses a large number of different sources of information) – rightly interprets text information with using graphs and charts – provides a personal assessment issue; 4 points Building judgments – the clarity and sharpness of presentation – structuring logic of evidence – argued, accompanied by a competent argument – are different points of view and their personal evaluation. – The general form of presentation of the results and their interpretation of the genre corresponds to the problem of a scientific article. 3 points of the design – the work meets the basic requirements for the design and use of quotations; – compliance with the lexical, idiomatic, grammatical, and stylistic norms of the Russian literary language – how the text in full compliance with the rules of Russian spelling and punctuation – compliance with formal requirements. Based on materials from HSE