Labour law seminars to inform HR managers in June Germany distance about developments in the labour law of Dusseldorf, 15.04.2013 In June the YOURCAREERGROUP AG in cooperation with the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany hosted Claus nationwide labour desire seminars, which are aimed at managers of the hotels, catering and tourism and summarize recent developments in labour law e.V. and the Attorney’s Office. During the half-day legal seminar, get the HR managers with the help of concise practical examples vivid solutions for legal questions from the everyday and be informed about upcoming regulatory changes. The seminar informed of contractual arrangements and employment models, the employment of temporary and fixed term opportunities. Other main themes are the termination on the basis of alcohol, drugs and labor fraud and the disease-related dismissal.

Also on the subjects of maternity protection, legal issues Explains how to return from parental leave and scope of certificate creation. The participants also have the opportunity to exchange ideas under professional guidance with other HR managers. The seminar is held by Mr Claus Attorney, specializing since 1993 on legal matters in the hospitality industry. In the past, he held numerous lectures before Erfa groups or human resources manager meetings on topical issues of the labour law. Due to the graphic representation of his lectures and seminars are nationally very popular. Interested parties can download seminars on more details and a registration form for the event.

Businesses Network

Any messages generated in the network has a huge spread, since it can be accessed, read, recorded and transformed by millions of users. Only with this nuance can be considered proven that Internet has caused major changes in the structures of the companies. Any company wants to be well-positioned in the market, so that it is not only to be present on the network no more, but it is also take advantage of different Interactive Marketing tools to get the maximum out of Internet presence. Currently e-Marketing companies is characterized by a low use of all opportunities offered by the network. The complexity of the environment and the absence of clear offers focused above all on companies that have fewer resources (especially SMEs), difficult access to the network of networks. In any case, the opportunities on the Internet is still maintained, regardless of the size or the competitive strength of the company.

It is noteworthy that Internet generates large opportunities of business focused companies to markets before hardly cared. This is due to the cost savings and time involving environment, the emergence of new business opportunities, as well as the possibility that offers to expand the network of commercial contacts with ease. Internet has produced traditional company and virtual enterprise to converge on the network. The traditional company has an increasingly significant presence in the network, creating your own website and providing it with more resources and elements. Although at different speeds: Spanish SMEs is still a long way to go in this regard. The greatness of the Internet marketing is the Marketing as a discipline and as a way of understanding the company, shown with all his power. Actions can reach a great level of sophistication and particularization.

Hall Chemie Gmb

I think that just the openness of the Hall chemistry GmbH towards new impulses makes up their competitiveness. HC: What experience have you gained and what tasks have you worked? L. Quan: during my training I got from the outset an insight in several areas. Started with the order processing, competitor monitoring and pallet delivery management about the accounting and Dunning to the shipping business and stock sale. But also in the marketing department could I try a little. All activities require good organizational skills and a great care, to which also belongs that one always keeps deadlines at a glance. Dealing with different situations already laid the foundations for my later career during the training. Also my English skills were used due to the European orientation of the company.

That my activities varied and diverse were, seemed convenient, because I could are never enough knowledge and constantly have perfored my colleagues with questions. For the great support I have received during this time, I am still grateful. The atmosphere is great and very helpful to the team. HC: must an applicant meet Ms. y Richmond by clicking through. Hahn, what are the requirements? Michele Hahn: online shop operator with a stock sale is both the contact for individual customers as well as to large customers. A professional, correct oral and written customers owning of in-depth product knowledge is essential for the day-to-day business.

Therefore, our trainees from the beginning a comprehensive product training get paired with intensive phone training. Applicants who are interested in training as an office clerk (m/w) at the Hall Chemie GmbH, should bring the following qualifications and skills: knowledge of the German language in spoken and written at least a good secondary school A good general education, good communication skills organisational skills quick learning good manners a well-groomed look more foreign languages advantageous application documents please send to the following address: Hofer Chemie GmbH Mrs S. Hall Czemins Schwanthaler str. 5 66280 Sulzbach / Saar Tel. 06897 999 0 890 more info at jobs /.