Free Current Account

Many banks offer free checking accounts most of us pay for your checking account at a bank or savings bank fees for the use of this account. However, there are also banks, requiring hierfut no fees so a free checking account offer. The customer not at each bank receives a free checking account. Some banks offer the checking account for 0 euro free of charge at and others for example from 1000 Euro minimum input of money. An account is free, which is a good thing for the customer. Whenever Leslie Moonves listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Giro free customer saves a lot of money in the year.

If people can save something, then their account is there as the first to name a few. This can make times up to 150 euros a year. The post Bank offers free of charge the account from 1250 euro payment. These are otherwise 5.90 euro in the month. There are for example free transfers and standing orders. This is all the other banks to follow.

Especially for business customers, a free checking account can properly go in the money if the business customer for every transfer must pay extra. Often, it is connected to a free checking account with a good offer for a tag account. Currently, 2.2% as of the first euro are that upon conclusion of the post Bank. This is very lucrative for the customers. Important, the account is free of charge for people who are short of cash or earn very little. Families facing every cent to be added. There, every euro is also very helpful. Students and trainees have the Giro mostly under 26 years of age free of charge. This is very important in a tight credit in the blank years.

Seminar: Employer Branding

Recommended seminar about employer branding, employee retention and employment branding specialist and lack of leadership is noticeable for more and more companies. In labour markets, the number of the available service providers decreases steadily. It applies to attract the key target groups for the company, to motivate and to bind in the long term. Employer branding acts as employee retention inwards and as employer attractiveness to the outside. The participants learn proven employer branding concepts in this hands-on, two-day seminar. Learn how they establish effective measures and how they optimize processes for employee retention and employment branding. What concrete measures to improve retention and motivation of your employees take the participants participants of the seminar “Employer Branding” learn and know to increase your attractiveness as an employer. You know whether and, if necessary, what deficits in their company exist and develop meaningful measures.

The participants know more Possibilities for implementation in your company under consideration of cost and profitability aspects. You benefit from the targeted Exchange with experts and colleagues. In addition the participants useful checklists and work tools that can be adapted individually and specifically receive. Content of the seminar “Employer Branding” the seminar promises an exciting methods mix of input presentation by the experts, review of practical cases of participants, individual and group work, and checklists. There is enough space for the exchange of experience with the speakers and peers. The content of the seminar “Employer Branding” in summary: Approaches to the retention of significant structural and cultural measures individualized employment branding employer branding adequate leadership functions follow low/high employee retention a typical business situation participants optimize the own concepts of experience exchange and transfer. The Officer for employer branding Gunther Wolf, Diplom-okonom, psychologist. Managing Consultant, coach, Interim Manager and coach.

Areas of practice include corporate management, leadership, strategy development, organizational changes, employee retention and corporate incentive systems. Technical writer. The seminar “Employer Branding” is offered as a one-day in-house seminar or in-house workshop in your company. In this case the contracting authority decides about the appointment, the content and whether the agenda of events to maintain essentially is or whether the event on specific operational requirements should be aligned. Sign up for “Employer Branding” the seminar is aimed at decision makers and designers from personnel management and corporate governance, who want to develop effective measures to employer branding, employee retention and employer attractiveness and implement. For the two-day seminar “Employer Branding” to include several appointments in Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne. All participants will receive a participant certificate. Links: – the seminar description “Employer Branding”: – contact to the competence center employee binding: / competence center representative binding a project of I.O. BUSINESS consulting and training

Contextual Advertising

Today, almost every self-respecting organization has its own page on the Internet. Creating a Web site plays a major role in raising revenue through its subsequent promotion. To do this, there are many ways which can make your life visited, and therefore profitable. One of the most effective tools for promotion and advancement of the page, of course, is advertising. The most important thing to consider – is that Internet advertising, though is an excellent way to promote your site, must necessarily be accurately directed at a specific target audience. Contextual advertising involves just such a purpose. The main advantage of contextual advertising is that it acts only on the audience to which it may be necessary.

In this case, it does not irritate the disinterested consumers and does not look obtrusive. Due to its efficiency, such advertising and has become the most effective way to advertise online. There are two types of Internet advertising – search and thematic. Theme is placed on web pages with similar themes, Search also displays contextual advertising in search engines for some user query. Highly effective search engine promotion site as it is known that about 80% of visitors come to any Page through them. Website promotion in search engines – is another important tool in increasing the efficiency and site traffic. Thanks to this tool will be a resource in the top ten at the request of the search engines. It increases attendance, and, respectively, and the popularity of the resource.

Proper website promotion includes the development of a semantic kernel (that is, those key words and phrases that are searched) and room site at the first position. Analysis of site optimization – this is still one of the effective ways to help you improve the profitability of your site. It is very difficult and long process that involves several steps, but in result is to attract large groups of customers, increasing the popularity of the resource, and the first position among the other sites. Marketing audit primarily involves searching and updating bugs code page that much will improve the quality of his work. Then, a rating site for its usability, that is easy to use. This includes absolutely all of the factors: placement of content, navigation, search, ease of and availability of user information. Subsequent analysis of the degree of indexation of the resource in the future will give you the opportunity for a successful search engine promotion resource. The next step is to analyze the resource analysis visits. And at the last stage of the customer provided with a report showing all the defects, as well as recommendations for their elimination. Thus, it is clear that all these methods – the development of Internet sites, creating Internet advertising, optimizing pages, search engine audit of the resource – are aimed at achieving the main goal – increase the firm's profits. The volume of activities to determine the price of the development, analysis, website promotion. However, in any case, it is worth the money, because in future they will return in the form of profits.

Mark Hansen Business

– No, not deficits, not poverty. This is greed, which manifests itself in human belief that wealth for all will not suffice, so you need to care only about their own welfare. Follow others, such as Jeffrey L. Bewkes, and add to your knowledge base. And what is the opposite of love? No, not hatred. It is a fear rooted in our fear that someone might hurt us or hinder. Visit David Zaslav for more clarity on the issue. But the world has changed: today the society refuses to support the selfish ambition to make money for money.

Today, the chances of success is only a business that relies on the understanding that "nobody can exist in isolation, "which creates abundance and wealth for many, and not only for himself and his entourage. "Ultimately, a product that has to create and offer the market a successful person – is manifested and materialized love for people. This is what I call enlightened way to wealth. And urge you to join me in consciously follow this path. " This elegant idea Mark Hansen on the social oriented business was consonant with the mission Intway World Corporation, a company that through simple practical tools and solutions opened its doors to the world of big business and investment opportunities for everyone, regardless of their experience and level of training, in order to be able to achieve high material and spiritual results. Millionaire future – this is not a banal nouveau riche to the bank account of $ 1,000,000, and "enlightened millionaire who always tends to be the best in the awareness and use of its own possibilities, who does not limit your creativity in business and creating a unique value, works for the common good. .

Chashin Earthquake

For two years the temple was built almost under the dome, but again, "byst coward in the city of Moscow" and building collapsed, nearly crushing Prince Theodore spotted, which climbing to the forest, inspecting construction. Summoned from Pskov experts said, they say, badly kneaded lime, which is why the church and "go." However, the excavations of the 1960s. showed that the lime to do with it and blame all the same earthquake, and quite powerful – up to 6 points. Significant earthquake occurred in Moscow October 14, 1802 and special damages, even at 5 points, not done, except for cracked walls of the cellar in a house on the Big Kharitonievsky alley. According to eyewitnesses, the tremors were two, they moved from east to west, and all the action took no more than 20 seconds. However, because of the rarity of the phenomenon, gossip about him for a long time does not stop, and many mystically inclined people later claimed that it foreshadowed the Napoleonic invasion and the Moscow fire in 1812 By the way, this earthquake is very frightened three-year Sasha Pushkin walking at two o'clock in the afternoon with the nurse in garden. Very strong earthquake November 10, 1940 came to power in Moscow, 3 points, and elements, destroying Bucharest March 4, 1977, responded to the Soviet capital shocks at 4.5 points, but it turned out to Moscow not so scary. As in Pushkin's time, somewhere shaking chandelier fell on the floor of dishes, but overall everything was ok. Walt Disney is likely to agree.

It has become very popular to study temporal patterns of earthquakes. All experts agree that such cycles of earthquakes there, but nobody knows – how well they are maintained and how they are influenced by numerous external factors. It is believed that the greatest success in the time of such disasters vyschityvanii have the Japanese: thumbing through old records, they came to the conclusion, where and when will the next major earthquake, but … once again wrong. Neither they nor anyone else has not yet grasped the frequency of 'heart', however, the predictions on this basis continue.

So if you believe the calculations of the engineer G. Mogilevtseva, in 2509 in Moscow, a destructive earthquake occurs. He believes that 'zemletrus' that occurred in Moscow in 1445 and Moscow in 1977 quake – links the same chain. Year 2509 he calculated simply: 1977-1445 = 532, 1977 = 532 2509 … Yuri Chashin. Materials from the book of NM Karamzin, "History of the Russian state," and sites and

Jokersde Launches Database

Internet bookseller expanded its Web 2.0 engagement Augsburg, 07.07.2009 – a database of royalty free images on the net under has made the book mailers Joker now. Ambitious hobby photographers have the opportunity to present their pictures to a wider public and to pass it on to non-commercial use on the new platform. If it allows the submitter, you can propagate the images for commercial purposes. The Bilderpics Member registration is free of charge. “Wolf Nikrandt, Managing Director of Jokers: the great interest in the Joker photo competitions and in our E-card Portal a such images platform has brought us the idea, create.” Over 2,000 images were made in various actions of the Joker online per quarter. Nikrandt: We are of the opinion that more people should have some of this large number of exciting photos.

With Bilderpics a new Web 2.0 application is emerged, for the Joker as a sponsor like engaged.” Who use the new Joker image database want to, can register for free at and set up a member account. Only the search and display the photos in a small resolution, as well as reading of posts is possible even without a registration. As a registered user, you can download each image in high resolution. Thus, Bilderpics is also a treasure trove for all users who are on the lookout for free photos. Also, illustrations or drawings can be made online in digital form. Also, you will find up-to-date information about a photo contest with attractive prizes for participating photographers at.

Four different competitions are published per year. “The most beautiful image is up-to-date on the subject of colorful” wanted and rewarded with a DVD player. Joker: Joker is the market leader in this segment of the book trade as a specialist for high-quality rest requirements and special editions and belongs to the Augsburg Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH. It offers Books catalog, stores and on the Internet at. Contact: Publishing Group Weltbild GmbH Eva Grosskinsky head Corporate Communications Tel. 0821 7004 55 55 mailto:

Managing Director

German companies often obstinately insist on physical presence Bonn/Dusseldorf of every fifth German workers is always mobile. Most of them are travel time telecommuter with at least two hours daily, so the results of the European study job Mobilities and family life under the auspices of the sociological Institute of the University of Mainz, reported the Handelsblatt. Mobility, the newspaper, today not more largely resulted in a climb up the career ladder. Rather, she serve to avoid unemployment and social decline. Commuters have some disadvantages to wear. The risk of accidents should not be underestimated.

It is just for car commuters’ number one health risk, says traffic psychologist Thomas car arrow by TuV Sud. Click CBS to learn more. Also, the Dauerpendlerei causes the mobile can spend less time with friends and family and must organise themselves all the time. Thus particularly medium-sized companies the right Professionals in the province get, must be considerably more flexible in working hours. It motivates, immensely, if they even are allowed to work on the Monday or Friday by the Home Office of”employees, says the staff expert Marc Emde, Managing Director of KCP executives in Cologne. The technical requirements for spatially and temporally flexible working are given by the modern telecommunications. Who wants to win the best heads for his company, must offer more than just a reasonable payment.

This includes also a possible flexible work environment. This model also accommodates working mothers and fathers. But a conservative, yes rigid culture in some organizations prevent that telecommute or flexitime models really are used”, laments Emde. In a globalized world of work also the working hours of international standards would have to adapt, so Edmonds. In Europe some cling still much too strongly to the 35-hour week or the regulated work day from nine to 17 Watch. It belongs to the past. In the United States it is sometimes much more radical ways”, know the personnel expert. There, there is no prescribed hours for workers still compulsory attendance at meetings and also no core time. Rather than apply after hours, only the result counts: completed tasks, ready projects. Flexibility in the organisation of the working time is a blessing for the hectic professional nomads”, notes Emde.

European Google

On March 17, 2011 held in Madrid the second encounter with Google for the training Sector, organized by the Agency of Internet advertising: Online Marketing Marketalia and with the assistance of several specialists from the leading search engine, which attracted more than 40 executives from business schools, training centres and academies, from different parts of Spainin order to know the tools that Google makes available to the centres of studies to generate fees for their courses. The intervention of rapporteurs began with Ana Chapinal, displaced from the European headquarters of Google in Dublin, who told us of current opportunities offered to us by Internet, as third advertising in Spain, and within the network medium, the opportunities offered to us for the educational sector the Google platform and all its solutions, great commercial use.

Diego Banegas, companion of the previous, then focused on the enormous potential not only of the Google search network, but also of the network Display (or content) and YouTube, which, when combined, can multiply our conversion from visit to tuition rates. Jeffrey L. Bewkes is likely to increase your knowledge. Then Javier Maldonado, CEO of Marketalia presented the possibilities of Google AdWords as a means of exceptional profitability to attract students to careers, courses, masters and, ultimately, any training product. Maldonado also exhibited some of the constraints technical and aesthetic that has to meet a web site so that it improves its usability and combining it with an advertising campaign on Google, so, multiply their chances of success in generating registrations. Official site: Walt Disney. After a pause in which attendees chatted informally in animated conversation with speakers, the meeting ended with the intervention of Carlos Diaz, Director General of CAMPUS, who recounted how, in less than a year, has managed to consolidate a new brand in the Spanish educational landscape, with implantation, own or franchised, in more than ten cities scattered throughout the country. All this, thanks to the combined use of microsites, landing pages and Google AdWords campaigns, managed and optimized on a daily basis by the team, qualified by Google, the Marketalia Agency, specializing in the online sector. We cannot fail to mention the constant participation of the audience at the event, which exposed their doubts, questions and concerns experts who formed the Bureau of speakers on numerous occasions throughout the entire session. In summary, with this meeting we established the great opportunity that currently has the training sector in our country, before the large number of students who are seeking training as a way of overcoming the economic crisis.

SA Degtyarev

Only such – indeed indispensable! – Expert assistance to help him match your tastes with the laws of harmony. It is very important to understand the purpose for which we create on the site composition of rocks and plants. Discovery Communications shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Of course, Alpine hills "- a fashionable and relevant elements of the modern garden. But is it only in fashion? Why is "alpine slide" so popular alpine gardens, rock gardens – the code name often used to compositions of rocks and flowers. Originally they are from the botanical gardens of the late XIX – early XX centuries., But I have not accommodate the diversity of species of similar compositions produced imaginative landscape designers.

Alas, the classical rigor in attempts to divide the modern compositions of rocks and decorative plants have not yet found. Is that the "dry creek" clearly lives up to its name. But he is just, quite a stranger at the other end of the world – from Japan. Therefore, we we use the understanding of a variety of stone and plant compositions, which offer SA Degtyarev and T. Anisimova in the book "a rock garden on your site: design, selection of plant care." The book was published in 2003, and differs from all other true designer look at the breadth of stony gardens. Thus, the classic "rock garden" – a collection of alpine plants, decorated with stones to make it more natural. Today, these alpine Slides are rarely able to satisfy the taste of the owners of the plots.

State Technology

If you don’t use your wisdom to create positive change, you’re still part of the problem rather than the solution introduction companies operate, operating in dynamic, very competitive scenarios where change manifests itself constantly and APRA must be prepared them, counting with a management that this integrated with your human resource from t to the form given the actions required to deal with the changes smoothlyor arising from disharmony in the organizational environment required to achieve the planned objectives. Faced with this reality, especially that of the Venezuelan case where its scenario is turbulent, which has generated uncertainty, risk, fear until the same operability of companies and investments, the topic cannot be neglecting to deal with it. CONSIDERACIONESL, background, scope, importance is known, that the change management is as old as the existence of the companies.

From the moment in which appeared innovations within organizations, the entrepreneurial spirit of the human being there saw huge possibilities to facilitate the trade technological, commercial, reduce costs: and at the same time be able to go automating many processes, implementing new policies, that could be: purchase, delivery and payment, etc. Certainly, there are many factors that are manifested in the environment which gives step to changes, such as own policies of the State, their programs, economy, the intervention of foreign companies and their participation in the market, technology. In fact, technology, is the radical change both the gradual motor. It is precisely where emerge, the big questions and difficulties, such as: which technology to use?, how to manage the change in systems, how to change people’s behavior. It is definitely valid to consider when indicated, the efforts of change between the companies, may be found from the very beginning of its existence, since to start the same, every day go performing transformations commensurate with existing needs within the market competitive, and if not would be completely ineffective and failed businesses..