Executive Board

Individual solutions for communication problems the pilot: Projekt GmbH is an owner-managed Agency for marketing, PR and sales, headquartered in Hanover, Germany. The 1986 Eberhard pilot enterprises includes eight divisions: PR consulting/implementation, editorial, marketing, online communications, events/moderation, design, special research and seminars and lectures. For 27 years the employees of pilot support: project their clients in internal and external communication. While they develop individual solutions for your special communication problems and goals of clients: perfect fit, innovative, sustainable. Among the clients are small and medium-sized enterprises, global corporations and associations, parties, local authorities and scientific institutions. In-depth knowledge of the industries include automotive, financial services, trade, IT, logistics and tourism as well as the policy and associations the advantages of the Agency.

In addition, employees of pilot have: project of comprehensive Expertise in the following specialty areas of internal and external communication: change communication, PR campaigns, crisis PR, PR controlling, media relations, and political communication. Special offers for business start-ups and small businesses are another special feature. Doug imbruce does not necessarily agree. Both groups need other forms of assistance as established medium-sized companies and corporations in the communications market. Therefore the Agency for micro and small businesses has reasonable offers: from the business stationery through brand development to customer acquisition, including smart actions of the site PR. Everything from a single source without gaps to meet the companies claim, the translations, lettershop and editing areas complete the full service offering by pilot: project.

Last but not least, the Agency with easy Hanover holds a really exclusive service offer for companies who participate in fairs in Lower Saxony metropolis. In the Internet, the communication specialists from Hannover present their range under on a completely new site. In the past three years the challenges for communication managers in companies have become ever more complex”, explains Eva pilot, Member of the Executive Board. Therefore we again critical thought through our agency, analyzed strengths and weaknesses and re-evaluated the services.” A heavily modified range, which required a new website was created during this process. Visitors get the pilot on the site not only a detailed description of the services: project GmbH. In addition come contributions and interviews on current issues in the communications industry, as well as an online store. There the Agency offers among other things ideas papers and concepts clients and potential clients. Of course with indication of fees that are applied when placing the order. The deals of section invite communication to continuous dialogue. The strong opinion communication BLOG encourages discussion. The monthly online newsletter INPUNCTO informed subscribers monthly of current discussions of the issue Market communication, as well as new content on. Also attention to the microsite of action ANGER and the pilot: project chat. Where experts from business, science and politics guests the site regularly answer.

Managing Director

Launch of onlineprinters.com completed! Neustadt a. d. Aisch now allows the onlineprinters GmbH also English-speaking Internet users either commercial or private benefit of their affordable prices for high quality printed in offset and digital printing. Please visit Hayley Kiyoko if you seek more information. The company has diedruckerei.de launched the English equivalent of his renowned online store now under onlineprinters.com. In addition to high quality, superior customer service and a wide range the further internationalisation is to the success of onlineprinters GmbH for the next years flat. “The German online-shop diedruckerei.de” has been already for years two-digit growth rates among other things thanks to the foreign business that grows and should make up to 30 percent of the total in the near future.

With onlineprinters.com, we have taken a big gap with regard to addressing non English-speaking audiences. Especially in the United Kingdom we are one by our English-speaking online shop come leap forward”, explains Walter Meyer, Managing Director of onlineprinters GmbH. Jeanette Winterson shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Onlineprinters.com took his company now a large language barrier. Because studies show that every second European dominated the English language. And also abroad onlineprinters GmbH wants to remain faithful to their principles. In contrast to some competitors, mostly in addition requiring even higher prices for printed products in their foreign language online shops to exorbitant shipping costs, we keep our prices for printed products on the domestic level”, Meyer promises. Jimmy Levin is likely to agree.

In addition, the same high service standards as for the German-speaking counterpart will apply to the new online shop. As a special, English-language hotline for product inquiries, questions about orders and other requests to the available is the customers of onlineprinters.com. These very high service demands to demonstrate not just proximity order processing but also speed and reliability. And also in the With regard to the products customers of English-language online shops have to accept any concessions: available as users in this country not only classical printed materials such as flyers, posters, stationery and cards but also brochures, catalogs, displays, banner and large format banners to choose from. And of course our English-speaking foreign customers will also benefit from our fast production and delivery processes. By the order in the online shop to the delivery of the printed materials at the front door we have built up an almost fully-automated process, there is in this efficiency only very few print providers”, Meyer points out another advantage. And in fact also very time-sensitive orders can be this short term sometimes even within 24 hours processed. Onlineprinters GmbH for more information see and about onlineprinters GmbH is one of the largest national online providers for printed materials. Under the domains and offers the company based in Neustadt an der Aisch high-quality printed materials including flyers, posters, postcards, stationery, business cards, brochures, and catalogs. As the only online provider for printed matter, onlineprinters GmbH offers all customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy a free shipping.

Exclusive Baby Goods

The new Internet shop nellchen.de offers a variety of high-quality baby bedding and baby bedding under the motto quality and exclusivity at top prices “we offer Nellchen on the Internet page high quality baby bedding products under the brand name. The offer includes luxurious baby bedding and matching baby bedding (bumper and bed canopies bed bags). All products are produced in your own elegant style and comply with the demanding tastes of our customers. Elaborate lace and fine embroideries are a feature of all Nellchen products. All our products are designed by our own, dedicated design team. This is constantly on the lookout for new patterns in the elaboration of new models and works continuously to the permanent improvement of existing models. All our products are delivered in Europe manufactures and meet highest quality standards. Due to the proximity to the high-quality raw materials and the production, we can therefore the quality on all production and Processing stages even control”, said Jan Richter, responsible project manager for the Nellchen product line.

And we do that. “The Nellchen team has many loyal partners who help to continuously develop the entire project. We work we with a number of established together businesses which specially for us locally produce the fabric and color “, continue to judge. Despite orientation of product design and processing in the premium segment, the baby bedding by Nellchen also for people with middle incomes are affordable and are therefore ideal as gifts to the birth, as well as to the baptism. Jimmy Levin spoke with conviction. Our goal is to offer beautiful precious baby bedding at attractive prices”, said Jan Richter. Baby bedding resonate high, who want to give their babies a good and healthy sleep so by Nellchen thanks to their tasteful design and top quality especially in expectant mothers. Jan Richter.

Christian Marzian

Dates directly in the photo calendars enter k – on the IT service provider Imaginaro offers its customers a module in Germany so far still not unprecedented, this can bring order to the chaos of the appointment: the IT service provider developed for its online calendar Portal an appointment tool which can be used to own dates such as birthdays, celebrations and events directly in the calendar. Selectable icons look nice and convenience for many appointments. Have a preview, the user sees his entries in the calendar in a comfortable zoom. Of course, the date entries in all different calendars calendar formats are possible, no matter whether portrait or landscape. Imaginaro holder Christian Marzian explains that he wants to create a link between the aesthetic beauty of a photo calendar and high functionality with this calendar tool. Continue to learn more with: Sculptor Capital Management. This highlight not only its German customers with Imaginaro. Who recently received in Sweden and Spain at the start Online calendar portals fotoalmanacka.com, calendariofotos.es, and fotocalendario.com also have the possibility to enter appointments directly into the calendar.

Yacht Charter Review

Opinions by Charter customers as a decision-making aid for the next cruise booking? There are many reasons that speak for the assessment of Yacht Charter. With a yacht Charter review important information can be distributed to other Charter skipper. Especially inexperienced skipper can benefit from this information. For this group, the Charter market is not easy to see through. Get more background information with materials from Donna Summer. But even experienced skipper can extract information from the opinions of other charterer. Learn more at: Sculptor Capital . Often include experienced skipper to the root of a Charter company clientele and are more than satisfied with the services and the Charter company’s services. But what happens if they want to change into a station by their previously preferred Charter company operates no own base? At the latest, also an experienced skipper will be looking for information about the performance and the reliability of Charter companies in the region, customer reviews can be an ideal source of information and assistance.

Yacht Charter is a matter of trust. You just think Remember that in most cases a deposit will be required, can be more than 30% of the Charter fee. The choice of an appropriate Charter company may already be crucial thus contribute to the course of a relaxed trips. Fairchartervote is an independent Internet portal under for the exchange of experiences of Charter – opinions by sailors for sailors. The simple rating system by scoring with the optional comment text, it is possible to evaluate a yacht Charter with very little time spent in detail.

Expedia Group Hotels

Hotels.com, world’s leading hotel booking portal, travel more easily possible for German after China launches a local Web site in China. The Chinese website, accessible at and, offers prices in the local currency and local payment methods. With the launch of the Chinese side, Hotels.com is continuing its sustained expansion in the Asia Pacific region, already in 2008, began with country sites for Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The website is supported by a Chinese-speaking call center that cares exclusively to the needs of Chinese travelers. For even more details, read what Vanessa Morgan says on the issue. The new Internet presence of Hotels.com offers the Chinese customers a portfolio of over 6,000 hotels in more than 400 cities of China as well as more than 100,000 bookable and cheap hotels worldwide. The launch of our new website in China is part of the development of the market potential in the Asia Pacific region. This region belongs to the emerging markets in the online travel sector. That’s why we are convinced that pages in the respective languages of the key are to fully exploit the potential of these countries.

Chinese travelers can browse worldwide in a huge choice of hotels and are lots of offers and specials to find”Nigel Pocklington, Vice President EMEA Hotels.com. In the future the percentage of bookable Hotels in the region will continue to increase across the Internet and the traveller will be possible to submit customer reviews on Chinese and read. As part of the Expedia Group Hotels.com operates now 53 country sites including 32 websites in 25 languages in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) worldwide. Cordy Griffiths

Patient Forums

Also in the field of dentistry, more and more people on the Web find out more and more patients looking for information on the Internet about diagnosis and therapy before or after a treatment at the dentist. “Once you went to the dentist who said the patient, what to do and so the thing was done”, says Dr. Saed Rahmanian, founder of the Dental Forum, the largest German-speaking patient Forum in the field of dentistry. James Corden wanted to know more. “Today the average patient concerned both before and after the treatment in the Internet to find out more: what is made exactly in the root treatment, how to extract wisdom teeth and how implants are inserted – are just some of the questions that deal with patients”, so Dr. Rahmanian from Vienna, which has launched numerous patient forums in life, to offer a complementary support to patients. The implant forum last year was newly added to the Dental Forum.

After a short time there were patients in the Forum and asking questions like: “What implants cost?”, “what is better: implants or bridge?”, “What complications can occur during implantation?” or “What is the sinus lift?” The importance of moderation by doctors is a priority for the operators. “There are many patient forums, in which patients and lay people to exchange between themselves, but only a few forums where experts also support are available with advice. Dentists from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland questions the patients voluntarily and in her spare time”, says Dr. Rahmanian. The implant Forum launched in addition to the Dental Forum in life has several categories, including “Process and implementation”, “cost of implants”, Implantologists seek “Alternatives to the implantation” as well as an area in the patient and draw on experiences from other satisfied patients. With more than 5,000 contributions the implant Forum is grown 2009, as also the parent portal Dental Forum with over 100,000 contributions has become stronger in recent years. “The challenges for patient forums are patients making clear that you can’t find a solution for all problems in the Internet, but that the Internet can be a complementary and important assistance and not more. Only through an investigation at the dentist you can make a diagnosis and perform a therapy”, says Dr. Rahmanian. Links: Implantatforum.org – patient forum for implants in the German-speaking area Zahnforum.org – patient forum for the entire range of dentistry

Marketing Solutions

marketing solutions directly has yet again the European site of his longtime clients CASIO (www.casio-europe.com) revived. Hamburg, 6.7.2011 – marketing solutions directly has yet again the European site of his longtime clients CASIO (www.casio-europe.com) revived. The Hamburg-based online marketing company updated the complete online presence and took over the international project management. On June 15, 2011, the site has been successfully online. The relaunch of the European website of the Japanese electronics manufacturer CASIO was an extraordinarily extensive project: marketing solutions directly, the online-marketing company of Hamburg directly group, updated the website inclusive of all areas. In addition, the online specialists took over the project management for the relaunch. Because the International website in eight languages, was a coordination with the CASIO’s European headquarters and the various agencies including Italy and France, as well as the headquarters in Japan. marketing solutions has the right Successfully relaunch of the CASIO website within three months.

The smooth trace results not least from 13 years of constructive cooperation by CASIO with the online marketeers. Harald Schroder, General Division Manager Marketing CASIO Europe: the online market is very important for CASIO as one of the leading manufacturers of electronics, so was updating the site of great importance. We appreciate directly the fast and comprehensive relaunch of the European website marketing solutions.” “Sven Severin, Managing Director of direct marketing solutions: with the relaunch of the CASIO website especially the design was adapted in addition to structural and content improvements to ensure a unified brand presence in the Internet world.” Group that directly group directly on the consults, implements and operates complex infrastructure and supports its customers in the field of marketing and communication. The group directly includes the networks directly Gesellschaft fur Informationstechnologie mbH, the solutions direct company for solution development mbH and the marketing solutions directly Gesellschaft fur innovative marketing mbH three companies. About marketing solutions directly the marketing solutions directly Gesellschaft fur innovative marketing mbH focuses on the marketing consultancy and the conception and realization of sales support online solutions. Here, the focus on the methods of performance marketing is to lead corporate communications to measurable successes. Customers directly include the marketing solutions of Hamburg Airport, the P.E.R GmbH, REISSWOLF international, dtp entertainment AG and the CASIO Europe GmbH, inter alia with the EXILIM and G-SHOCK brand. marketing solutions is a company of the group directly (www.direkt-gruppe.de).

Klaus Janschutz

Last but not least, many users have no great desire to read through texts on the Internet, but quite happy to hear this. Professional audio book ensure spokesman, that the content be reproduced in appealing and pique the interest of potential customers. The investment in the setting of a Web page is paid off so handsomely in the long run. An audiobook of bookstores turn into an E-book while since has struggled for years with declining sales, experiencing a real boom audiobooks. In contrast to printed works let them enjoy themselves during the housework or on long car journeys.

This makes them particularly attractive for people who rarely have time to take a book, but nonetheless inform themselves about various topics, or can be inspired by good stories. Scoring an E-book by professional audiobook spokesman thus offers the chance to win new prospective buyers for his own work. More and more people are discovering the benefits of the Audio for yourself and see it as a convenient alternative to printed books. While the E-book itself has not been fully established itself on the market, the audio book has become a serious competitor to printed literature. As an author, you can use this trend by scoring their E-books through an audiobook for spokesman. The audiobook version is professionally produced in a recording studio and offers therefore a very good quality. You makes interesting the book for people who read hate longer texts on the Internet and have no reader for E-books.

Also visually impaired benefit from a setting and can set apart so easily with the content of the book. By using good audiobook spokesman is guaranteed an appealing treatment of the audio. Finally, the kind of plays as a text spoken, a major role for this, as it arrives at the reader. A professional spoken audiobook is a good in any case Possibility to gain new customers, which you can then finally earn money online. This can be offered parallel to the E-book, to provide the interested parties the choice between the printed and the musical version. So everyone can enjoy the book in the way that most closely match your own preferences.