Relaunch Of The Portal Website Of The Trade Magazine With SixCMS

New portal appearance simplified ad process and offers significantly improved user comfort Stuttgart, October 22, 2010 – readers with a relaunch of the online version of the trade magazine based on SixCMS enterprise content management system and advertisers through a variety of additional functions in a completely redesigned boot market. Users in the boots research on was still faster than so far lead to the target to a central concern in the redesign of the Portal: contemporary features such as full text search, image and list views, and of my trade personalized users area ‘ provide valuable support. Click John Stankey to learn more. Current offers are displayed by default at the top in the list. The revised presentation of boat trade was reduced in addition to the essentials: boats ‘ and all round to the boot ‘. In addition, the ad management for the boating market has been optimized.

In particular many boot sales by private are thus still become easier. John Stankey contains valuable tech resources. Is the trade magazine for his part of the magazine for several years on SixCMS. Since it was obvious, to use the solution platform for a simplification of the entire advertising process”, explains Sonke Sprink, project manager at the boat trade magazine. Our users have now many new ways to customize ads independently and to extend. That this good plays, we noticed already an increasing number of ads. For the future we have planned so more selling options, to edit some more detail printed ads or update stored customer information online.” The Enterprise Content Mangement System of six open systems GmbH is among the technical foundation for the establishment of a comprehensive user management: individual users have the ability to create ads individually to change and extend if necessary.

So, for example, anyone with a few clicks can a boat display immediately after the expiry of the four-week Online presence independently renew or release for the print edition of trade magazine. You can add up to 10 photos to the Internet ad for an individual character. Also the personalized user area is based on the flexible rights system of SixCMS: boat buyers have thus access to additional free features such as Notepad or the ability to save searches directly in your own user account. In addition to the subdivision in the classical categories classics, motor, sailing or dinghy the user can now access a number of sophisticated search options: A full-text search for exact search terms lead directly to the request object. Through a practical slide a wider search results can be refined very flexibly: based on important features of the boat as price, length, year or budget is by setting the slider immediately those offers filtered, which are the ideal ideas in the next. New integrated was also an interactive help, the answers to the clearly brings together key issues around the use of the portal.


The Earth is big enough for all. Who taxed the work of people, recharge a curse himself. In the distant future, maybe in a few months a few percent to the sales tax is sufficient Power amplifier of goods and services and a complete freedom from other taxes and duties of any nature. Many experts in Germany worry to a paradigm shift for years. 3 and 4, this is documented and documented. If already the still valid currency law in 1933 alone within a few years led to an economic miracle, without creating a defence industry, then there should be 2010 way also in the year, to stop the value of those that empty suck the entire ZivilGesellschaft 5 with the aid of the compounding and disclose to the bankruptcy. There is no single reason to maintain this perverted form of exploitation and to defend with the war of words and weapons.

Sources: 1 fairtrade materials/kriterien.html 2 3 4 5 company description writer acts as Hans Kolpak since 1999 on the Internet around social and political issues in the German speaking countries Public to obtain. Since 2008, he writes for customers presstexts and distributes them via Fachdienstleister on the Internet. Where is the Internet presence of its customer focus, which WINS extra attention by the press releases and brings more customers the company of the principal. At the moment, this comparatively inexpensive measure is still a successful means to achieve a leading position in the search results for a website in the search engines.

Mydays Gmb

We offer the opportunity to give away a whole world of experience, with the right taste guaranteed will meet through the large selection with the magic box. David Zaslav will not settle for partial explanations. “In addition to safe pouring our experience gifts have a further great advantage over material gifts: the anticipation is already included”, as Kian Mehrnusch, head of product management at mydays GmbH. In addition to the magic boxes, MYDAYS brings the magic card on the market. The gift card to the value of either 25,-or 50,-euro is available in the connected German travel agencies. The recipient can choose yourself their wish experience as also at the magic box in the TuV certified online shop of MYDAYS. Small and handy the magic card in credit card format is always a gift for Christmas or simply as a small surprise at the next party.

Whether goose bumps, cries of joy or the famous butterflies in the stomach offers the selection at MYDAYS also through joint Experiences added value both the donor and the recipient. MYDAYS. Give you magical moments. Mydays GmbH is the expert for your gift-giving. On you will find more than 850 different experiences for all gift occasions. MYDAYS stands for a high-quality, safe and customer-oriented online gift service with specially tested experience products.

The company headquartered in Munich was in 2003 by Fabrice Schmidt and Thomas Sohn founded. Currently, the mydays GmbH employs about 80 people. MYDAYS experience gifts are sold via the online shop, in the trade, as well as in over 3,000 connected travel agencies. 2005 MYDAYS was awarded South as the first online experience negotiator with the s@fer-shopping-Zertifikat of TuV, which stands for proven quality, security and transparency in online shopping. 2008 MYDAYS expanded successfully in the European countries (Spain, Italy, France, Austria and Netherlands). the launch in the Switzerland followed in 2010. More information under:

Murano Glass – Godfather Of Pandora Jewelry

Since centuries Murano charms have been handmade Pandora has today a great success with their charms for bracelets and necklaces in glass, but this concept is not completely original now also. For centuries is on Murano charms made of Murano glass handmade was the godfather of Pandora jewelry! The tradition of glass blowing has been practiced since the 9th century on Murano. Historically, Murano glass Murano was a source of pride, and this status to protect the trade of Murano to get glass, adopted and several old laws. For example, glass could not be imported to Murano. Murano glass is world renowned for its impeccable quality and his craft. David Zaslav recognizes the significance of this. Jewelry from Murano glass allows the women to tell their individual stories through jewelry.

Every woman has a collection of meaningful moments that define them. And with jewellery, women can free these moments, and make the moments memorable. For example charms made of Murano glass in many colors and varieties women allows the jewelry exactly as they want to put together individually and personally. This is exactly what is promised by Pandora, but the idea is not completely new. Unlike Pandora, which make their jewelry in Thailand to Murano come jewelry from Murano, an island with a history and tradition in the manufacture of glass jewellery. The question remains then, want to have women jewelry from Thailand, the originality and individuality promises, or jewelry from Murano glass, which can actually tell a story is exclusive and unique? More information on Murano and Lampwork jewellery is available at or. Are many possible combinations of Murano Glascharms for necklaces and bracelets, there to see.