In addition to somatic and infectious diseases that are common among people on the human organism to have adverse health effects social (lack of and poor nutrition, housing, occupational hazards), environmental factors, medical interventions (surgery, stress, etc.), in which primarily affected the immune system, there are secondary immunodeficiencies. Despite continuous improvement techniques and tactics pursued basic therapy of diseases and the use of drugs deep reserve with the involvement of medical methods do not impact the effectiveness of treatment remains sufficiently low level. Often the cause of these features in the development, course and outcome of disease is the presence of patients with certain disorders of the immune system. Studies conducted in recent years many countries, allowed to develop and implement a broad clinical practice new integrated approaches to the treatment and prevention of various nosological forms of diseases, using drugs immunotropic directed action based on the level and extent of violations of the immune system. An important aspect in the prevention of relapses and treatment of diseases, as well as in the prevention of immunodeficiency, is a combination of basic therapy with rational immune correction. At present, one of the most urgent tasks is to develop immunopharmacology of new drugs, which combine the essential characteristics such as efficacy and safety application. (Not to be confused with Coen brothers!). Immunity and the immune system.

Immunity – to protect the body from foreign agents genetically exogenous and endogenous origin, aimed at preserving and maintaining genetic homeostasis, its structural, functional, biochemical and antigenic integrity of the individual. Immunity is one of the most important characteristics of all living organisms, created in the process of evolution. The principle of operation of protective mechanisms is the recognition, treatment and elimination of foreign bodies. Protection by means of two systems – non-specific (innate, natural) and specific (acquired) immunity. These two systems represent two stages of a single process of defense. Nonspecific immunity acts as a first line of defense and as its final stage, and the system of acquired immunity does intermediate features specific to recognize and memorize a foreign agent and the connection of powerful innate immunity at the final stage of the process.

Frost In Folk Medicine

In early spring very few plants are not afraid of freezing. Acad. Pallas, survey at the end of the XVIII century. flora of Russia, met with such a plant, surprised by his stamina and give him the title of "hellebore." Its flowering time is usually coincides with a few more frosts. Different types of hellebore, or Zimovniki use in ornamental horticulture because of its ability to bloom earlier than other plants. The scientific genus name – Helleborus occurs already at Pliny. Frost belongs to the family Ranunculaceae – Ranunculaceae.

Some types of hellebore have long attracted attention as medicinal plants in folk medicine used as a heart and diuretics. In scientific medicine in Germany in the last century was used hellebore black (H. niger L.). In Russia, prof. NY Chistovich studied green hellebore (H.

viridis L.), and found that it acts on the heart like digitalis. But for a long time not hellebore found its application. Only in the XX century. In the late 40s, they are again interested in and began to study the red hellebore – H. purpurascens Wald. et Kit. hellebore and the Caucasus – N. caucasictis A. Br. Both species are small perennial Plants with thick, short rhizome kosorastuschim, which runs numerous roots. The aerial portion consists of 2-4 large thick and leathery basal leaves, dark green, on long stalks, and low flower arrows, carrying 1.4 flower. The flower has an unusual structure: the sepals among 5 venchikovidnye, large and painted, and the petals in the number of 5 – 12 turned into a tubular nectaries in the top stretched lip zavorochennuyu inside, stamens many, pistils 3-10. Fruit – the team with the remaining columns leaflet. Frost has reddish leaves palmately lobed to 5-7 parts, each of which again is deeply cut into 2-3 share of second order. Flowers outside a dirty-violet with darker veins, and within the greenish-purple. Blooms in April – May. It occurs in deciduous forests of western Ukraine in the Carpathians. Leaves dissected into hellebore Caucasian, 5 – 11 lanceolate lobes with serrate-toothed edge lobes entire, at least 1-2 percentage re-dissected. The flowers are colored differently: they are carmine-red, pale green or greenish-yellow-brown. It grows in deciduous and coniferous mountain forests along the rivers and fringes of the West Caucasus. A leading source for info: Robert Iger . Hellebore blooms Caucasian, justifying its name, from December to March and on the northern slopes of the Caucasus – from April to May. Frost reddish, occurring in the Ukraine and Moldova, as well as Caucasian hellebore plants are rare (rarity score 3). Previously harvested rhizome with the roots, digging it after shedding seed, cleaned and dried from the earth. Raw poisonous, drying should be careful. The roots of hellebore reddish and Caucasian contain glycosides of the heart (the steroid structure) in the aerial parts of them less. Glycosides obtained in the crystalline and accordingly named as korelborin K (N. caucasictis) and korelborin P (A purpurascens). Pharmacological studies have established that both glycosides on the nature and speed of action similar to the strofantinom, and on cumulative properties close to digitalis. Frost as a poisonous plant is usually not eaten by cattle or in the pasture or in hay, and so poisoning of farm animals are very rare. – lkarsk Roslyn Ukraine

Bulgarian Traditional Medicine

Outside influence on the development of traditional medicine in Bulgaria over the centuries Ottoman rule was Arab or Byzantine origin. Arab and Byzantine medicine in those days, in many ways been more progressive, more realistic, less covered mysticism and superstition. And, as Bulgarian folk medicine, among other things as traditional medicine in general, relied in its practice primarily on the use of medicinal plants of forces, it provides rich material for research in this area. For the information that is now in our medicine, we must therefore only prudent for the Bulgarians – rodolyubtsam as P. To broaden your perception, visit Robert Iger . R. Slaveykov, Neophyte Rilski, St.

George Mihalache, E. Sprostranov, Tsani Ginchi, A. Yavashov, G. Follow others, such as Robert Iger , and add to your knowledge base. Golemanov, Art. Stamboli, Yves. Bogor, doctors Vatevu S., S. Petkova, who in the early years after Liberation collect and publish (mostly in the collections of folk umotvoreny, science and literature) genuine fresh material on the Bulgarian folk medicine, taken directly from the words of folk healer.

With a sense of gratitude to note the positive work in this respect that conducted a teacher of natural history at the gymnasium in the town of Gabrovo – Iavel Yovchev and Vasil Neyche, P. Noah, Eve. Karamitrev, Yves. Urums, B. Akhtar, Peter Dimka. Later, collecting materials for medicinal flora in Bulgaria are engaged and Bulgarian pharmacologists therapists Vladimir Alekseev and Peter Nikolov, botany – N. Arnaudov, Dhaka Jordanov, B. Kitanov, pharmacists – P. economia, A. Boychin, as amended Stoyanov, historians of medicine – – Pavlova, A. Apostolov, V. Stefanov and others. In a cursory examination of empirical knowledge about medicinal properties of growing medicinal plants in Bulgaria, two examples that demonstrate the location of herbs in medicine Thracians.

London Research Medical Council

Eating its own tissues an excess of sugar and lack of protein bodies of people become languid, drooping, there is fatigue, weight loss, sluggishness and all of the above symptoms. Consequences such as the shortage of supply. Many types of atrophy – muscle atrophy, sclerosis, arthritis and others – are associated with excessive consumption of sugar. This is actually a degenerative disease. Negative effects of sugar on blood coagulation proteins + depletion – the lack of calcium salts and produces hemophilia and other bleeding disease.

Heart disease caused by a combination of sugar and animal fats, which are deposited in arteries of cholesterol as a substance. Many writers such as Robert Iger offer more in-depth analysis. Two types of bodies, fat and thin, may be the result of excessive consumption of sugar. When enough protein and eat lots of sugar, while the body is obese. When enough protein and a lot of sugar, then the body becomes thin and loses nutrients and weight. You may want to visit Robert Iger to increase your knowledge. Skinny people for that reason are prone to respiratory infections, colds, influenza, tuberculosis and pneumonia. Physicians of London Research Medical Council found that the use of refined sugar results in changes of bacteria in the intestinal mucosa. As a result of these changes is the decay of bile salts and formation of substances that cause cancer.

Sugar and alcohol like sugar, alcohol produced from carbohydrates. Alcohol has a similar chemical structure with the sugar and causes effects similar to what is sugar. Although the chemical formula alcohol and sugar are similar, and they have a similar effect, though sugar is worse than alcohol, because people do not realize its destructive impact.

Traditional Medicine Massage

You know the feeling of stiffness and tension in the shoulder blades? What you have is reminiscent of phrases like, 'shot in the neck …' or, in the back 'came'? Discomfort, right? At that point, you feel so helpless! If you drove the needle into the back … Such sensations of acute pain, stiffness and tightness for many people become habitual, acquiring the status of 'occupational disease'. Drivers, managers and even the gardeners and gardeners suffer from this pain. Often the only means of salvation for such people is peace and warming effect of some ointment. And it certainly helps. But not for long. The pain subsides, but from time to time back again.

Over the years, such 'backache' occur with increasing frequency. What is the cause of such acute pain? The reason is obvious to many. Spine as the pivot of the whole organism, carries a tremendous burden. A overload and overstrain your spine we agree, we are able better than to unload and take care! The more so that compressing the spine movements in our lives is much greater than the tensile (obyazyany, For example, because the climb derevm spine disease do not suffer). Clamped nerve, muscle was fixed by wiping the intervertebral disc, vertebra and so moved. All this is reflected in our rod spine. So, of course, diseases of the spine and pain in the paravertebral area of the spine (muscles and tissues surrounding the spinal column) are the most prevalent diseases in the world.

Medicinal Plants

PLANTS, GENERALLY IN THE TREATMENT OF RAS calendula (marigold) Calendula officinalis LJ. Even G. Madaus considered medicinal plant marigolds, promotes healing of wounds. Marigold is recommended and used in the form of an ointment. Use colored baskets and aboveground plant parts. Orally recommended to drink four glasses of wine broth plants per day.

At the same time we must lubricate the wound infusion of colored baskets (1:10) in olive oil. Calendula is also used for wounds and bruises in avoid scarring. St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum L.). The wound is particularly difficult to heal, well the oil of St. John's wort, which smeared the wound 1-2 times a day. Central Institute of Pharmacy in the Soviet Union proposed to treat St.

John's wort oil, wounds, assuming the results are very good. From St. John's wort are antibacterial Novoimaninum, causing good results in the treatment of abscesses, phlegmon, infected wounds, etc. Peppermint (Mentha piperita L.). Experimentally proved that peppermint oil is rich in compounds that possess high antibacterial activity, they consider the indication for local use in the treatment of his wounds – grease 1-2 times a day. Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia L.). The experiments showed that the ether extract of this plant has a bactericidal effect. In Norway, the mountain ash is widely used in the form of slurry in the treatment of wounds. White birch (Betula alba L.). In the former USSR positive results in the treatment of wounds, changes in bedsores, erosive lesions of alcoholic extract of birch (1:5) at 90 alcohol.

Medical Use

Health workers are at high risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis because gemokontaktnymi random shots and cuts potentially contaminated sharp instruments, such as used disposable syringes. Correct and consistent use of containers for collecting medical waste can significantly reduce the risk of occupational injury health care workers. Despite the apparent simple medical container, the errors in the selection, installation and use of this device is quite possible and could have tragic consequences. This article attempts to summarize the existing experience and provide sound recommendations for proper selection of containers and to assess their effectiveness. For more information see this site: David Zaslav. The proposed four groups of criteria for evaluation quite versatile and can be successfully used as well for multiple and disposable containers. First, the container must maintain functionality during the entire period of use. He must be strong, puncture-proof, sealable, resistant to leakage and blotting. Second, container must be available to medical professionals who use it, and uchischayut utilized.

This criterion includes sufficient, convenient location, safe access to the contents of recycling container, and (if necessary) the ability to move the container inside the work area or place of the centralized collection of waste hospitals. Third, the container should be easily visible to staff, who uses it. This criterion includes vivid coloring, the appropriate color coding by type of waste, ease of identification of fill level, the presence of warning labels. Fourth, the container should be easy, which means sootvetstvetstvie its design and construction needs of particular user and the medical establishment. In addition, the container should be easy to store, assemble and use. In addition to these general requirements, the choice of Container for disposable syringes and medical gloves should be considered the amount and type of medical waste generated in the health facilities, and to evaluate the specific conditions that are planning to use this equipment.

Medical Center

Cervical erosion matkiChto a cervical erosion, cervical erosion – a common gynecological disease, particularly among married and parous women. Currently, nearly 60% 80% of women have varying degrees of cervical erosion uterus pseudo-inflammatory disease (cervicitis), the deformation of the cervix after childbirth, leukoplakia of the cervix. Cervical erosion may provoke bleeding in early pregnancy, as well as be cause of infertility and general ill health. All the pathological processes of the cervix are classified as background, and precancerous cervical erosion rakovye.Simptomy Unfortunately, these diseases can occur without overt symptoms and signs, and the fact that vaginal discharge has changed, women can not pay attention, do not add value or simply brushed aside. David Zaslavs opinions are not widely known. It is important to know that if you have whites, signs of bleeding after sexual intercourse, frequent back pain, menstrual cycle – immediately contact your gynecologist.

Only after the medical examination and additional examinations can be properly diagnosed. What needs survey? First, it is – a bacterial examination of mucus cervical canal, colposcopy, onkotsitologiya and, if necessary – a biopsy of the cervix matki.Obsledovanie and treatment of cervical erosion Medical Center 'Evenal' has everything necessary for evaluation and treatment of patients with diseases of the cervix. With the help of a binocular colposcope our gynecologist timely and accurate diagnoses of disease vagina, cervix, tserkvikalnogo channel, and the presence of other pathological processes, including precancerous lesions and early cancer. For even more details, read what Robert Iger says on the issue. After receiving the survey data doctor will evaluate them properly diagnose, appoint necessary treatment. The most modern methods of treating diseases of the cervix, including erosion, is radio wave surgery with the use of the device Surgitron. The procedure is painless, with minimal damage when section, early complete healing of tissues without the formation of rough scars, decreased risk of postoperative complications and gives good results healing. Please bear in mind: a 'benign' diagnosis of cervical erosion may lurk the dangerous disease. Hugh Naylor contributes greatly to this topic. If you miss time, the disease can take a heavy protracted. Therefore, women should pay more attention to their health and undergo regular gynecological obsledovanie.Kak doctors believe it is our duty to remind you: Non est census supersalutis corporis – There is nothing more precious than health.


Serious health problems – is the main test that lies in wait for a person regardless of age and social status. In such situations, using all means and possibilities to overcome illness, but when these funds go to 'nowhere', and the opportunities are being missed, it is sometimes fraught with irreparable consequences. Joel and Ethan Coen is likely to increase your knowledge. For this reason, it becomes vital to correctly and on time to orient, where and how take care. Despite the level of the Russian health care and a huge amount of public and private clinics, Koreans continue to go for treatment in Europe. Treatment abroad had demanded always, but if it had been available only elite in recent years, according to statistics, medical treatment abroad can not afford thousands of Russian citizens. In many ways, this contributes to the development of medical tourism allows to organize travel and treatment abroad. Companies that specialize in medical tourism, choosing a clinic, depending on the diagnosis, and provide full support for patients traveling to abroad.

The greatest number of people leaving to Germany for treatment at the most obvious reason: in Germany – the quality and professional medical care, largely due to inserting serious budget for health and medical education. In Germany's best hospitals, and the Russians prefer to trust after the German doctor not only complex but also the most ordinary transactions. It's no secret how 'free' set prices for medical services in Russian clinics, and that we thrive commodity-money relations between patient and physician. As a result, judging from the total cost of treatment Germany, in some cases is cheaper than in Russia.


Their goal – to prevent the destruction of the body and help him recover, so they called hepatoprotector. Very popular hepatoprotectors phospholipid, such as the well-known Essentiale. But in recent years have become increasingly common to find products based on plant extracts. Sometimes, their composition is a dozen different names, some quite rare plants. In other cases use the same plant, which received the highest recognition in the medical practice. Learn more on the subject from Hugh Naylor. For example, a number of tools made on the basis of milk thistle (Silybum marianum – milk thistle, milk thistle is the same, but on a national – "Holy Thistle", "St. Mary's thistle", "variegated thistle", "sharp-gaudy", "Marin thistle"). At the turn of the millennium have been re-opened hepatoprotective properties Salsola collina (Salsola collina).

The extract of this herb for the first time was developed in the Siberian Medical University in Tomsk and named loheinom – in honor of the healer from Irkutsk EV Lohe, the first in the modern world had begun to use Salsola collina to treat diseases of the liver. Loheina efficiency not only in no way inferior to extracts of milk thistle (silymarin) and essential phospholipids, but a number of ways even surpasses them. We should also mention another development by Russian scientists. This is a solution of polar lipids from therapeutic mud of the Siberian salt lake – EPLIR, who is also a powerful hepatoprotectors. Unfortunately, because of the complexity of the technological process of extraction, EPLIR too expensive, so As hepatoprotector used only as an additional reinforcing component. Based on the composition and loheina EPLIR developed a unique hepatoprotective agent liproksol. All these funds undoubtedly able to render great assistance to the liver. But just in case and we will stop destroying it with his unhealthy lifestyle.

Alcohol – the medical doses, caffeine – like, fatty, fried and smoked – two or three times a year as a delicacy, salt, seasonings and spices – is minimal. Or complete failure, if things are bad at all. Ability to repair itself – one more know-how of our wonderful personal chemical plant. True, the full return former workers of the cells practically impossible. But the rest can increase in size and to assume the full load. So even liver damage still will if to show her enough attention.