Entice Entice and excite a man can a woman, which caused at least its minimum interest. If you are not convinced, visit Time Warner. When a man is totally against seduction, no “magic tricks” will not work. A woman can increase hovering in the air, love the mood and entice a man to whom she likes, but he is shy or thinking. In this case, women’s secrets and seduction techniques will be effective, because the temptation and seduction – this is a game and Theatre for two. Women are always worried about the subtleties of seduction of men. Temptation (synonym – seduction) – that tempts, entices, attracts. Women’s nature tends to attract, seduce, conquer, fall in love with a man.

Recall the secrets of seduction and feminine seduction. To seduce a man in the exterior of a woman must be a hint of passion: For a romantic date, use lip gloss. In the arts Flirting and seduction play an important role is played by the eyes – “shoot ‘eyes (on the nose, in the direction on it). Look closely into the eyes of man, then instantly look away and again, but sullenly send shy-piercing glance at the man. With the help of makeup do focus on the eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows. This gives the eyes expressiveness and plays a crucial role in seduction.

If you want to seduce man, before you take a romantic rendezvous aromatic bath that will set you on flirting and seduction. Men like women in natural, therefore, hair spray, use sparingly. Touching your hair and kisses the person should leave only pleasant feelings and a desire to awaken. Do not lay heaped up – they will paralyze you in the process of seduction. To seduce a man using his breathing. Synchronize your breathing with his men, adjust under his rhythm. Seducing a man, turn on the imagination, gently touching and stroking it. Men smell attracts women’s skin. So do not overdo it with perfume and perfume. Men love women in dresses. Exposing the most spectacular area, it is better to concentrate on anything one: decollete, shoulders, waist, hips, legs … You will have an opportunity demonstrate the beauty and charm of his female figures.

Medicinal Plants

PLANTS, GENERALLY IN THE TREATMENT OF RAS calendula (marigold) Calendula officinalis LJ. Even G. Madaus considered medicinal plant marigolds, promotes healing of wounds. Marigold is recommended and used in the form of an ointment. Use colored baskets and aboveground plant parts. Orally recommended to drink four glasses of wine broth plants per day.

At the same time we must lubricate the wound infusion of colored baskets (1:10) in olive oil. Calendula is also used for wounds and bruises in avoid scarring. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Discovery Communications. St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum L.). The wound is particularly difficult to heal, well the oil of St. John's wort, which smeared the wound 1-2 times a day. Central Institute of Pharmacy in the Soviet Union proposed to treat St.

John's wort oil, wounds, assuming the results are very good. From St. John's wort are antibacterial Novoimaninum, causing good results in the treatment of abscesses, phlegmon, infected wounds, etc. Peppermint (Mentha piperita L.). Experimentally proved that peppermint oil is rich in compounds that possess high antibacterial activity, they consider the indication for local use in the treatment of his wounds – grease 1-2 times a day. Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia L.). The experiments showed that the ether extract of this plant has a bactericidal effect. In Norway, the mountain ash is widely used in the form of slurry in the treatment of wounds. White birch (Betula alba L.). In the former USSR positive results in the treatment of wounds, changes in bedsores, erosive lesions of alcoholic extract of birch (1:5) at 90 alcohol.