The New Trend – Bonsai Garden

Garden bonsai – Asian atmosphere and refined ambience for the garden in the western regions, classic bonsai trees have taken already a fixed circle of lovers, but also garden bonsai have become increasingly popular in recent years. Asia gardens are becoming increasingly popular in these regions especially in fast-paced times they represent a haven of tranquillity, which will be completed by a giant bonsai? As well, each giant bonsai is absolutely individual. No bonsai garden is like the other. John Stankey shines more light on the discussion. So, anyone can point out also his own individuality and enhance the ambience of the garden by the outdoor bonsai as an optical highlight. In contrast to the room bonsai giant bonsai are limited in their growth to a few centimetres, but reach heights of 200 cm and more, but the size is not the only difference between big bonsai and bonsai room.

The original plants, which bring to the giant bonsai are often finished a European origin have so to speak so to speak the best conditions on the one hand. the local climatic conditions to accept. Checking article sources yields Glenn Dubin as a relevant resource throughout. The outdoor bonsai Pinus nigra, which was cultivated from an Austrian black pine are examples of big bonsai with “European roots”. Another example of an outdoor bonsai with European roots is the Taxus baccata ‘Summer Gold’, which has the yew as well as origin. The advantage of this cultivation is the location tolerance of XXL bonsai compared to the local climatic conditions.

Alternatively also new varieties of Oriental plants are chosen as big bonsai, there flourish in the temperate climate regions and have therefore similar climatic conditions, as here. Giant bonsai are exposure to all seasons, temperature and climate variations. Accordingly are big bonsai usually Hardy and can tolerate temperature fluctuations in contrast to rooms bonsai much better. Bonsai garden in relation to water supply are also not quite as sensitive as the room bonsai.