Mind And Body Health

Certain time I heard the commentary of a woman regarding a youngster which compared it to it with a shrimp. Called it ‘ ‘ man camaro’ ‘ because for it the body of the individual was only used to advantage. As this woman the youngster was endowed with body well, but its mentality was not of the best ones. How much to the analogy with the crustaceans it is because in its preparation generally the head of the animal is rejected and is consumed only the body. In our society it has much time if one is observed numbers each more increasing time of young that frequents clinics of aesthetic and academies in the search of the body that they judge to be perfect. I number to put it of that they frequent theaters, museums and excessively ambient favorable to cultural reinforcement it does not increase in such a way thus. To prepare and to take care of well of the body are important, mainly because it is there the habitat of our mind.

But to exercise our mind also is basic because it is who must govern our body well. Although our education in the current times has a much more commercial characteristic and of ‘ ‘ to help government to win next eleio’ ‘ (BAUMAN, 2009, p 40) we must use to advantage it exactly thus. Therefore it is what we have and we have also the responsibility to perfect such knowledge to become it in our lives better. Curiously the Greeks of century IV a.C in special Scrates taught its knowledge in gymnasia of Atenas where the sports of the time were practised. Where the men exercised its bodies. ‘ ‘ A gymnastics appeared thus of the thought that soon had as many partisans and admirers as of the body ‘ ‘ (JAEGER, 2003, p 523).

We need to show ‘ ‘ men camaro’ ‘ that ‘ ‘ a conscientious education can until changing the physical nature of the man and its qualities, raising to it capacity to a level superior’ ‘ (JAEGER, 2003, p 3). ‘ ‘ rtulo’ ‘ of ‘ ‘ man camaro’ ‘ one high type of man, conscientious and responsible must disappear of our society to come tona of its acts. One that it possesss culture, a good education and mainly to be compromised to the future of the race human being.

True Ego Information

But ordinary people have great amount of information, more subtle material objects. When the true ego is sent into the world of the subconscious, in the astral world, the state with a large amount of information will have on it more shocking impact. The more information, the stronger the shock. Ordinary person faints or gets shock after the death of the sheer volume of information. Basically, this is – delicate matter, but among the fine particles is present and sufficiently many particles of information close to the grave. When the True Ego is immersed in this flow, it experiences a shock.

There are two types of meditation. One type can satisfy the desire, for example, to expand the subconscious. Other – destroys information in the astral world through the practice of penance and the accumulation of merit. If you practice the second type of meditation (which also clears the subconscious mind), your shock will be weak. It can not be. Assume that when you die, you have not had a shock after the death. This will give you a definite advantage.

One advantage is that you'll be able to perceive the events as they are. The second advantage is that you will be able to bring along the knowledge gained in this life, in the next life. For example, you have learned the importance of light, meditative experience, visions. This information will be very useful in the world after death. Possessing this knowledge, you do not make mistakes in the process of reincarnation.

Feminine Participation

Feminine participation in the Market of Work in Moambique the World-wide Context When in day 08 of March of 1857 laborers of a fabric plant of New Iorque, better conditions of work had made a great strike demanding, such as, reduction in the daily load of 16 for 10 hours and treatment condigno inside of the work environment, the 130 tecels that they had died carbonized in this plant, never could imagine that pioneers of a world movement would become around that would make possible the other women to accede to the masculine spaces long ago considered, compelling to a reconfiguration of the traditional papers that for thousand of years she had characterized males and females ofthe species human being. The new social division of the work have-of, of among others factors, to have been influenced for the industrial revolution that had its origin in England in middle of century XVIII and was become enlarged for the world from century XIX.

During this period agriculture was surpassed yielding space to the industrial development, favored for the technological development. Above all, the industrial revolution brought obtains a new economic system, the capitalism, inaugurating a new relation between the capital and the work. In century XIX and at the beginning of century XX, the countries that if they industrialized demanded intense man power, absorbing in its rows children and women who had the advantage of to be man power not specialized and therefore cheap or almost enslaved. Has consensus then, of that it was in the seio of the industrial revolution and the capitalism that appeared gnese for the emancipation or liberalization of the women when removing them of the domesticidade space and inseriz them in the public space, in the laboring context. It is clearly that this is an illation that must all be made with the care therefore, for the socialist feminists, even so the capitalism has removed the women of the public sphere, did not liberalize them therefore the women had continued to play in these great industries the same traditional roles in days of 12 and 14 hours weekly, in terrible conditions of work and gaining one tero of the wages exactly when they exerted the same work that the men.