Smart Home

Comfort, beauty, safety, economy – are the main criteria by which most of us is guided by organizing your home. With the advent of intelligent systems, it became clear that these indicators house, they equipped, can come close to our dreams. In this article we will talk about such a significant aspect of today as savings. Some contend that Edmund V. Ludwig shows great expertise in this. That the 'Smart home' saves, many seem to fancy. We all know that the system Home Automation – It's expensive, the views of many intelligent housing condemns the owner of the endless huge costs. But how 'smart house' saves, few people know. Meanwhile 'Smart home' significantly reduces operating costs and electricity. This is especially noticeable when it comes to a cottage or a large apartment.

Tariffs for gas and electricity prices are rising all the time, and intelligent systems help to avoid unnecessary overpayments. For example, statistics show that the system of 'smart house' can reduce the cost of energy by 8-12%, lighting control and power supply reduces power consumption by 3-5%, by automating traffic control and monitoring operation of the automated building costs 3.5 times less expensive compared to normal. Absence of a reasonable approach to the use of energy lead to the fact that they are becoming more expensive. Smart House is good because it just offers this sensible approach. In particular it concerns the control of lighting. The system embeds presence detectors, the signal from where in the room, leaving blank, say, five minutes, the light will be dimmed or turned off.