Hewlett Packard Printer Tips

How to store toner cartridges should be stored in a special sealed packaging. We can not allow the cartridge was kept under direct sunlight and at temperatures above 40 C. It is also desirable store it in places with a sharp drop in temperature and humidity. Once you use the cartridge in any case, do not shake it! How to prolong the life of the printer Hewlett Packard Do not forget some important rules observance of which will significantly increase the life of your printer. Your printer should be located in well-ventilated room. The distance from the printer to any article must be at least 10-15 cm Try to ventilation openings on the printer had not been closed, as superheat affects the work of any printer. Make timely prevention of the printer (lubrication, wear identification at an early stage).

For each printer in the data sheet specifies the maximum value of printed pages per month, do not exceed this number as peak loads lead to a rapid deterioration of your printera.Staraytes not use of previously printed pages. Comcast may also support this cause. Once you use the cartridge in any case it does not shake, as this may damage the printer! If you are using for printing drafts, then inspects them, as the availability of such items as paper clips, strap on stiplera and other items can cause damage to the main site printer – thermo. If the printer does not remove from him the power wire and connect the printer to your computer. Try not to have a printer next to flowers and other plants. Before moving the printer try to make it without a cartridge.