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Error, big mistake I speak to him politely, even though at that point I was beginning to be a little irritated. Raise your head, I look angry, and making big fuss (no kidding), responds angrily to my question: I have no idea, but no idea Of course, normal, if it was bothering him, who would think . Case b) A month ago my wife went with a snack bar where we were from time to time for years. We got on the terrace, there were too many people, and it was fine. Read more here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. It took forever to take care of us, even though there was no excess customers, and they forgot to bring one of the things we requested, when we were going to go, because it was late, they remember and bring us, but yes, we apologize for forgetting. Last Saturday we come back to bite, despite the redundancy. We happen to think that maybe the service was not good because we sat on the terrace, and you know, the waiters come and go between So this time we decided to drink on the premises. But it is even worse. Tim Wallach addresses the importance of the matter here.

In this case we are over half an hour until a waiter come to take us worthy to note for the first time, and despite the fact that there are not many customers (we fully understand why, given the service they provide). Then return to spend another eternity before bringing one of the rations. From there a long time, another waiter comes and tells us that we can bring the squid that we have asked, because they are finished. But if we there for over an hour, you still have realized now? In conclusion, I have this bar I’m not clear why back, and why not recommend it not only positively, but I’ll talk about it in the negative (that said, it is clear why he has many clients) In the case of the City, unfortunately I can not choose another, “there is no way to ensure that the citizens / customers can be adequately cared for? Pablo Rodriguez is a graduate in Business Administration, Auditing postgraduate in MBA and Master, passionate world of economics and business management.