Welding – this is perhaps leading the way in our time processing of metals. With the help of welding can achieve great connection quality at the expense of appearing in the material, especially the strong intermolecular bonds. Go to CBS for more information. Now welding found the most diverse applications – it is used in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, manufacture of machinery and construction of buildings. This applies particularly to apparatus for plasma welding, such as the microplasma. Welding on the market equipment at this time there is a wide variety of welding machines, which use different technological principles of welding. Tell a little more about each of them. And among the devices for Argon arc welding TIG DC would like to mention the machine triton 220.

This is a welding inverter DC TIG and stick electrode. With cooling module (gas and water), a decentralized network cable with two meter at 16 amps and a grounded plug. In this case the device is very light and can be used as a portable. Allocated much power, that would be extremely useful for professional use. In the category of devices for manual arc welding model stands pico 162. It uses a contact ignition of the arc welding with coated electrodes and TIG. It is used when mounting space is durable and reliable metal case, but easy, reliable and easy to carry. Has the ability to afterburner arc, the so-called hot-start, and the device Antistick.