Territory Real Estate

It would seem – which is easier: to buy a newspaper ad, pick up the phone and start vending options. But it is only at first glance. To pass without incident the first stage of any transaction – information-gathering and market research, requires a certain skill and specific knowledge. And then you can lose not only a lot of time and money. Low – a thousand dollars. To avoid this, let me give some advice.

Most people selection of options starting with self proring advertising publications. True, most often it ends up that the person knows: that he needs professional advice. Do not forget that in the secondary market "work" so-called news agencies. They often give their phone numbers in advertisements. Disrepute already won in the rental market, and now spud the secondary market. Click Robert Iger to learn more. Scheme of work they have, in principle, not changes.

Before we show the specific options they offer to make a certain amount of money for giving information about apartments for sale. Then send yourself a client to watch this version. As it is paradoxically sounds – people are not always clearly represent yourself your own situation. How are you going to buy houses – to pay at once their own money or take a mortgage loan? Are you interested in alternative deal – you sell your apartment and buy something in return? Or selling something in a different region in the future plan to buy an apartment in the capital? People are chosen on their own variants, you must understand that it is they want, because sometimes it turns out that from the variety of flats is this man, it was in his situation did not fit. For example, the buyer has the money, but the timeframe within which it must acquire real estate, is running out. He thinks he has found the perfect alternative: suitable area, the category of houses, apartment. But it turns out that the apartment complex sold for an alternative, to wait. Buyer ready immediately pay the rent, but are not ready for the sellers. Another situation: if a person buys a house with a mortgage loan, you should take into account all the conditions of the bank at which the transaction will be allowed. Our advice: Just after as for ourselves all the parameters of the future apartment is ring up and find suitable options. Talking with vendors, alternativschikami (those selling home, buying another), it is necessary to understand how real alternative. Too often, people selling an apartment, want to buy a home closer to their relatives on a specific street in a particular house. Selection of these options can permanently delay or even derail the deal.