Technical University

A cooperation of the continuing Ecducation Center of Vienna University of technology with Frequentis AG annual demand worldwide for technologies that support the management of safety-critical operations. Control Center solutions”(special solutions for control centres) provide the answer for these rising technical demands. There show a number of common properties in all security-critical operations. Therefore, different industries use similar technologies. Control Center solutions can be found in various areas, such as: air traffic management to meet shipping and railway (transport and security management), public safety (PSAPs, answer / coordination of police, fire, ambulance and rescue service) due to the dynamics in these areas, when it comes, the requirements for mobility and safety is an essential feature of control center solutions continuous innovation. Drivers are also research programmes, such as the multi-billion dollar project and innovation Security research programs of the European Union. Read additional details here: Leslie Moonves.

It has the SESAR programme aims to develop a uniform, standardized air traffic control system based on digital communication technology. So will be the airspace capacity tripled, halved the cost of air traffic management and the security to the 10-fold increase. SESAR will initiate a paradigm shift that, which will lead to considerable technical and organisational changes. That will affect staff in the first place and have the systems in the control centres, to enable an efficient and reliable use of security-related resources. Follow others, such as Jeffrey L. Bewkes, and add to your knowledge base. The operators in control centers (such as air traffic control, emergency services or the coast guard) must respond quickly and effectively in safety-critical situations. They are powerful systems that support them in their work, improve depending on the situational awareness, planning & decision making, and communication processes. Therefore belong to each of the control centers solutions, regardless of Domain, tactical situation reports, planning and management tools as well as highly available voice – and data transmission between distributed systems. The Summer School, offered by the continuing education centre of the Technical University of Vienna in cooperation with Frequentis AG reflects the extraordinary and growing importance of control centres.