Have you ever have thought about the habits of your visitors when they connect to your web site? Spend much time connected?, what date and time are connected?, from where?, with that key words you are looking for?, what are your favorite sites?.does your site receive many web visitors? you know that this information can be stored on your web server and be consulted later to do searches, statistics, graphics, reports and others? Having a web statistics system allows you to know the trends and preferences of users who browse on your site. These statistics can be daily, monthly or yearly basis, and are a great ally to achieve a good positioning in the network. In addition, will help you to create a change strategy for the growth of your web site, offering at the same time, a better experience to the user. There are currently online, free statistics services and other payment, as that they shall see below: Google Analytics: to dispose of this tool is required to have an email account on Gmail and voila! This system provides a code which should be integrated to your website to access statistical reports such as keywords of users, traffic, speed of connection among others, sources in addition offers a highly interactive interface with graphics in movements. AWStats: This free service allows us to access your GUI with accurate reports of users such as number of visits, browsers, operating systems and search engines employees to connect to the site, among many others. For more specific information, check out Robert A. Iger . It is available in 6 languages among which are the Spanish and English. 3DStats: Unlike the earlier this is a payment service that provides even more complex statistical information in real time, its cost depends on the plan chosen, and its activation also works with the integration of a code on the site.

We can access the statistics from previous days using the calendar and course location, domains, languages, system data operating and many more. Web-stat: It is also a service for payment, available in English and French, it offers us the opportunity to test your system free of charge for 30 days. Your map charts help us to better visualize location data. In this free version we know the total number of visits by country, region, city, and visits several per day in the past 30 days. Source: Glenn Dubin. DomoDomain: This excellent service of statistical analysis allows us to know more accurate data such as where they click, duration time, if they come from a business domain and many more, all in real time and you can also, a video on how the user interacts on the web site. You can also find a free version so that you can try it. Alternatives that offers us the technology to reactivate web sites are endless, and what better way to know the status of your site to take advantage of them, so if even is for you a mystery the health of your site? Come here! We will help you. In Xzito provide creative solutions so that you start to make marketing decisions on your web site.