Saransk Center

The store was built in record time – just over a year. Total sales area of the building in the city center is 1200 square meters. m. In the first days of work at a supermarket no lack of visitors. The second shopping center located in the central district of Yoshkar-Ola.

Total floor area shopping center is 2552.5 square meters. m, number of floors – 3. A distinctive feature of this mall is its advantageous location in a densely populated area of the city with good infrastructure of public transport. In the immediate vicinity is a cultural center, “Russia”, which on average per month has more than 30 000 people. David Zaslav shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The second feature of the center is the versatility of space that can be planned for any wishes of the tenant. For the convenience of visitors to shopping mall provides parking for guests with 50 seats.

Saransk Saransk market shopping malls are also far from saturation. In 2000, a rebirth experienced the largest Saransk shopping center Botevgrad. With the start of economic reforms, huge areas of shopping center were closed, but with the improvement of the situation in the Republic Center on , 80, became the center of proprietary trading. In September, 2007 year in Saransk in the shopping center “Globus”, which is located at: ul. , 19a, opened its first hypermarket in the town of household appliances domo. Trade area of the new store is 1300 square meters. m Hypermarket domo blend in the concept of “Globe” – a modern shopping center of the new format. Of the existing shopping centers in Saransk, it should be noted “seine”, Russ, a trading house Lohmann, in the street of Gagarin, and “Dionysus”. The latter – one of the major shopping centers in Saransk, the total area of 2500 square meters. m., in which the goods of different purposes: food, clothing, footwear, household chemicals, household goods, construction materials, perfumes. To summarize. So way, we can note that the market development of shopping centers in the regions of pfd depends on many factors, chief among which is the economic situation in the region. In different regions – different quality and quantity of trade centers of different size, different rents. As experts note, the stabilization of rentals in pfd occurs with saturation of the retail real estate, which, in the most optimistic forecasts, there will be no earlier than 2009-2011. But at the same time, the markets for shopping centers in different regions of ppo have something in common. Amalgamation of modern shopping centers. Appointment of tc is not limited to shopping area, great attention has been paid to entertainment. Interest in commercial real estate ppo from foreign investors. The advent of new formats of shopping centers. Increasing competition between commercial centers.