Patient Forums

Also in the field of dentistry, more and more people on the Web find out more and more patients looking for information on the Internet about diagnosis and therapy before or after a treatment at the dentist. “Once you went to the dentist who said the patient, what to do and so the thing was done”, says Dr. Saed Rahmanian, founder of the Dental Forum, the largest German-speaking patient Forum in the field of dentistry. James Corden wanted to know more. “Today the average patient concerned both before and after the treatment in the Internet to find out more: what is made exactly in the root treatment, how to extract wisdom teeth and how implants are inserted – are just some of the questions that deal with patients”, so Dr. Rahmanian from Vienna, which has launched numerous patient forums in life, to offer a complementary support to patients. The implant forum last year was newly added to the Dental Forum.

After a short time there were patients in the Forum and asking questions like: “What implants cost?”, “what is better: implants or bridge?”, “What complications can occur during implantation?” or “What is the sinus lift?” The importance of moderation by doctors is a priority for the operators. “There are many patient forums, in which patients and lay people to exchange between themselves, but only a few forums where experts also support are available with advice. Dentists from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland questions the patients voluntarily and in her spare time”, says Dr. Rahmanian. The implant Forum launched in addition to the Dental Forum in life has several categories, including “Process and implementation”, “cost of implants”, Implantologists seek “Alternatives to the implantation” as well as an area in the patient and draw on experiences from other satisfied patients. With more than 5,000 contributions the implant Forum is grown 2009, as also the parent portal Dental Forum with over 100,000 contributions has become stronger in recent years. “The challenges for patient forums are patients making clear that you can’t find a solution for all problems in the Internet, but that the Internet can be a complementary and important assistance and not more. Only through an investigation at the dentist you can make a diagnosis and perform a therapy”, says Dr. Rahmanian. Links: – patient forum for implants in the German-speaking area – patient forum for the entire range of dentistry