Monument Kuchma

This morning at the Square of Glory appeared monument former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma. Though not quite a monument, but only the layout. But it is not so important. The interesting thing is that he appeared before the elections. pr? Absolutely! When than free. Well could not the same journalists do not go for such a momentous event as a monument to the former president. And the fact that it was the layout – is a different matter.

Press releases flying in many media. Thus, and pushing the block "Kuchma. It is very significant that the attitude to Leonid Kuchma himself above the block has nothing to do. Yes, they profess to idealize ideology and his policies. But he, Mr.

Kuchma gave no consent to use his name. And the monument is hardly seen, and even more so, it coordinated the construction. Roman emperor with curly hair and head of Leonid Kuchma – is so memorable for the former president? The idea of block "Kuchma" – very interesting. It is only logical that 3% of the population of Ukraine are satisfied with the policy of ex-president. Therefore pozaigryvat them quite naturally. And the fact that Leonid Kuchma did not give consent is not taken into account. He's retired from politics. Yes, and how not cool, not every policy of erecting a monument, let alone a sign hanging from the bottom of the sacramental words: "Danilych, sorry!"