Managing Director

There are special rules for trainees. So, the individual items such as working hours, breaks, overtime etc. must be kept pages employer. Companies that violate these rules can be reprimanded by the competent chambers – Chamber of Commerce or Chamber of industry and trade – and get further information, as are the special schemes for apprentices. In some cases, it is more, even not uncommon that the Chambers pay an unannounced vocational training company and look at the relationships between the trainees and the trainer and Managing Director.

But the individual trainees have their rules. They are obliged to attend part-time or vocational school. Exceptions are for example only if the student is ill or the company cannot do without on a day the trainee (if for example inventory). Prohibits the operation of to visit the school, however, no longer so this is the trainees a case for the competent Chamber again. Usually the individual trainee – mostly in the 2nd year of training – must take a midterm. This intermediate has no influence on the notes and to transmit only the current state of knowledge of the trainee the trainee and the training company.

There are special books and educational materials, which make it easier for the trainee to learn for the exam. This is also there for the decisive final exam. This consists of the practical and the oral part in the majority of cases the written. Trainees who have too few points to pass the exam, have in the muck cases the ability to repeat up to three times. The trainee is however not obligated to take the exam for his previous training company for example if the trainee has received already a commitment of another company and this agrees, if the trainee his Training completed there successfully. Training companies, however, are obliged to employ the trainees during this time still. No matter in what profession I gasp a trainee after graduating, it is always important to finish the training and to obtain a (reasonably) good degree. At the present time, it is to have the A and O, a school and a training!