Lobbying Against E-cigarette

As financial interests of the tobacco industry and the pharmaceutical companies denounce the E-cigarette cigarette is smoking cessation without sacrificing the convenience of smoking itself. Despite achievements like this, not noticeably decreases the number of smokers in Germany. Still a quarter of the population smokes about. Passionate smoking stop often, for consumption in adolescents increases again. Expressions such as smoking damages health”or smoking endangers the lives of your children” have shown little effect. Approximately 135,000 people die each year from the effects of smoking effects of smoking in the Federal Republic of Germany. Around the world, there are even 5.4 million deaths a year. In other words, it dies every 6 seconds a person due to tobacco use.

Overall, it is assumed that 8 per cent of the current world population is dying through smoking. Also, the life expectancy of smokers on average 6 is 7 years among those of non-smokers. A concept, what these numbers effectively reduce might, is the E-cigarette. But there will be great prejudices in Germany this product. How does the E-cigarette the electronic cigarette is a device that sets liquid or even E-liquid is vaporized called and the user can inhale it through an electrical process an evaporation process in motion.

Basically, the consistency is similar to the “smoke” a cigarette, but no combustion takes place during this process. The E-cigarette was developed in China, originally found more and more inroads into Western European countries but in recent years. (Wikipedia: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-Liquid#Verbrauchsstoff_.28Liquid.29) Why the E-cigarette is difficult get a great concept for tobacco and pharmaceutical companies can be a nuisance for consumers. The sales of cigarettes would evolve naturally negative, should prevail in the end the E-cigarette. And also the pharmacy business would suffer. Many sell for good money Funds for smoking cessation. The E-cigarette combines the need for the cigarette in the hand with an effective smoking cessation and is therefore a serious threat for both areas. How to damage the image of the E-cigarette? Once blank study results are presented completely twisted. Absorbed by the media and constantly hyped on the E-cigarette suddenly pose a deadly risk. More recently, it was demonstrated that the E-cigarette is far less harmful than the original product. However, only of the pollutants in the electronic version the speech. That the real cigarette has a higher dose and more pollutants, will be concealed. Journalists better sell the items, if the E-cigarette is harmful. The tobacco and pharmaceutical companies forward, the Government as well. Finally properly earned on tobacco revenue. atter. Also a case in which a pharmaceutical company has donated 2.8 million dollars to an anti-smoking organization is significant. The feature it was, that this organisation actively going against the E-cigarette. The truth about the E-cigarette end pollutants are also included in the electronic cigarette. These represent but not so great health risk, such as the original cigarettes. Still can be that there is still no long-term studies on the use of the E-cigarette and can be pointed out. The experience of users are however positive. The product to smoking cessation, works without having to give up the real luxury of smoking. This through the efforts of tobacco and pharmaceutical companies, however, to proceed only supports is in principle.