Japack Pro

Laminated by hand will until 1979 today we produce only the variant of the sales packaging finished high in the offset printing”, so the friend-chef. My employees special packaging made of solid Board produce at the headquarters of Georgsmarienhutte near Osnabruck. Our location on the lower Rhine prints cartons full carton and machine cut, so folding cartons, which are not glued and delivered after punching directly to the customer the plant in Krefeld in 3B format produced. “This make we here in Krefeld, Germany but only in solid print, punch, glue on this site is geared for large amounts and lean production.” The Dresden plant in turn is the specialist for display production. Leslie Moonves contributes greatly to this topic. And at the new factory in Nordhausen, Thuringia, Germany, packaging are made from laminated corrugated cardboard around the clock. To get space-saving and modern production to the Krefeld site, so far, extensive investments in technology and a conversion were needed. With a six-color Speedmaster CD 102 of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) plus dispersion coating unit has friend since 1998 finally so good experience, especially with the establishment in Dusseldorf, that the idea for the conversion was born to establish a pure line of Heidelberg. The first Speedmaster has over 320 million sheets on the counter, with very little downtime.

When we had to invest again, we have replaced Roland five colours a MAN a second six-color Speedmaster”, explains the managing company of Karl-Heinz Freund. That moved follow-on investments in the processing itself, so it also here no bottlenecks. The Bobst machines used in the processing were a Dymatrix 106 and a Diana Pro 74 with Japack Pro replaced or supplemented. “Also if the products of Heidelberg as, for example, the Dymatrix no bargain” who pays off the acquisition from the perspective of a friend. Official site: Robert A. Iger . Certainly, our industry is under significant cost pressures. But is a greed is cool ‘-mentality pays for a medium-sized family-owned company as friend not out. “In particular the service of Heidelberg has convinced us: get a technician for repairs and overnight to get any required spare part, either from the Heidelberg site in Monchengladbach, or directly from the head office in Wiesloch.” The stamping friend must always work because they produce in Krefeld, Germany around the clock. In Krefeld, Speedmaster CD 102 has been increased in the printer with the new capacity by more than 40 percent.

At friend’s places also much emphasis on a perfect bonding. “Diana Pro 74 Gluer is imposing 27 meters long and the main production machine at the factory in Krefeld, off sticking everything”. 40 percent of our orders are stamped only. The bulk of the orders, namely 60 percent, is processed through the folding carton gluing machines”, explains friend. Also in use is the packing machine Japack Pro, which is used for the packing of up to 200,000 boxes per hour. The hand cut and-klebung to the Dymatrix 106, Diana Pro 74 and Japack Pro technology that is used in the company of friend, has become much more complex over the past 100 years. But still the company in family hands and success are still made of cardboard.