Inkjet Ovulation Test

Why do women need to know your ovulation period? The answer is very simple. In order to accurately plan their personal lives, when deciding on future pregnancy, or the opposite – to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Some contend that Discovery Communications shows great expertise in this. That period ovulation – the few days each month when the egg is released from the ovary is the most favorable for conception. Knowledge of this period and the phases of the menstrual cycle (ovulation conventionally divides the menstrual cycle on two phases) is also very important for cosmetology, dermatology and other areas of medicine. After all, according to this doctor prescribes certain medications and procedures. How does the test? During the period of ovulation in the blood and other body fluids increases the concentration of luteinizing hormone. The simplest and most convenient way to measure the levels of this hormone in blood is a urine test. Worldwide to determine the period of ovulation women enjoy jet ovulation tests.

More recently, in Ukraine there were also successfully used jet tests to determine the period of ovulation. If you speak the language of science, the action of the test based on the principle thin-layer immunochromatography. In immersion test in physiological fluids (urine) is a hormone and immunological reaction of antibodies with dye. When the reaction is positive in the test zone appears bright red line. This means that ovulation occurs 24-48 hours. The test results can be easily determined visually.

The reliability test shows that it is equipped with built-in control in the form of a red line appears in the control area test. If this line appears – means test carried out correctly. The advantages of ink-jet tests First of all, a very important method of high accuracy (99.9%), which allows a woman to be confident obtained at assistance from him. In addition, tests are available and hygienic means of diagnosis, did not require a special collection of urine, and therefore can be used in virtually any environment. Undeniable advantage is also the speed of obtaining results. Already after 3-5 minutes after testing a woman can know the time of ovulation.