Global Party

Stars rock out for climate protection New York / London/Hamburg. There should be a worldwide protest against climate change, but it was above all a global party. Learn more about this topic with the insights from CBS. At over 24-hour Live Earth “concert Marathon of Sydney via Hamburg and London to New York were more than 150 pop stars such as Madonna, Genesis, Shakira, Yusuf Islam, and the police in the service of climate protection. But political views of the stars to hundreds of thousands of fans in the stadiums and the organizers remained scarce audience estimated two billion televisions and computers, there was hardly transparent and little thoughtful. Al Gore was responsible for the ecological message. The former Vice President had called the project. He called on the people to save energy and to engage with their national Government for a reduction of climate-damaging greenhouse gases.

But there was also criticism of the concert series, because even thousands tons of CO, were produced. At least a spark of malice and cynicism are already inevitable, when is someone not only verbally to the ALZA world Savior, but also still is, something to do, that its noble objectives of reality could be. It can live 8 “inciting Bob Geldof, Bono, Gronemeyer and co. nearly as many songs sing, that it would fill CD boxes. Some objections of Al Gore’s Live Earth “-project, which is to galvanize the world of self preservation in terms of climate protection, are not to be: the choice of sponsors from the automotive industry for example, is certainly insensitive.” The artists of the gigantic pop spectacle have transported hardly content in 27.5 hours.

You can add up also effectively pollution inevitably caused such a Mammutveranstaltung. And measure, that the ozone hole now still no has become slightly smaller. Last but not least is the issue of climate protection but long since anyone aware, raged many Live Earth “-opponents.” At least here the criticism jumps too short: most Europeans are actually from the poor Parolchen over the Screens flew, they have drawn little insight. Whether this also applies to all residents of the United States, South America, China or Africa? He there quite yet enough white spots on the world map of environmentalism, an inspirational spark can do well which is still so small, simple and entertaining.