European Google

On March 17, 2011 held in Madrid the second encounter with Google for the training Sector, organized by the Agency of Internet advertising: Online Marketing Marketalia and with the assistance of several specialists from the leading search engine, which attracted more than 40 executives from business schools, training centres and academies, from different parts of Spainin order to know the tools that Google makes available to the centres of studies to generate fees for their courses. The intervention of rapporteurs began with Ana Chapinal, displaced from the European headquarters of Google in Dublin, who told us of current opportunities offered to us by Internet, as third advertising in Spain, and within the network medium, the opportunities offered to us for the educational sector the Google platform and all its solutions, great commercial use.

Diego Banegas, companion of the previous, then focused on the enormous potential not only of the Google search network, but also of the network Display (or content) and YouTube, which, when combined, can multiply our conversion from visit to tuition rates. Jeffrey L. Bewkes is likely to increase your knowledge. Then Javier Maldonado, CEO of Marketalia presented the possibilities of Google AdWords as a means of exceptional profitability to attract students to careers, courses, masters and, ultimately, any training product. Maldonado also exhibited some of the constraints technical and aesthetic that has to meet a web site so that it improves its usability and combining it with an advertising campaign on Google, so, multiply their chances of success in generating registrations. Official site: Walt Disney. After a pause in which attendees chatted informally in animated conversation with speakers, the meeting ended with the intervention of Carlos Diaz, Director General of CAMPUS, who recounted how, in less than a year, has managed to consolidate a new brand in the Spanish educational landscape, with implantation, own or franchised, in more than ten cities scattered throughout the country. All this, thanks to the combined use of microsites, landing pages and Google AdWords campaigns, managed and optimized on a daily basis by the team, qualified by Google, the Marketalia Agency, specializing in the online sector. We cannot fail to mention the constant participation of the audience at the event, which exposed their doubts, questions and concerns experts who formed the Bureau of speakers on numerous occasions throughout the entire session. In summary, with this meeting we established the great opportunity that currently has the training sector in our country, before the large number of students who are seeking training as a way of overcoming the economic crisis.