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At such times is especially important to keep cool. Perhaps the error was not at the level of tactics (planning, production), and at the strategic level company. A key factor in the brand – the heart of the Company's strategy, which invariably follow the selected strategy, have a better chance to stay in the mind of the consumer for a long time. An example immortal strategy can serve as a legendary brand Levi's. Having once bet on the excellent quality 'Clothing proletarians' and today remains true to its inventor. The strategy is supported by tactical methods – in 1886 year, Levi's jeans, there was the famed leather label with two horses, unsuccessfully trying to break the pants. For every global brand today is a product that represents a key factor in brand: comfort, beauty, originality, clarity, reliability, ease and much more. To choose from a number of factors, one that will turn your product into a dream, a specialist task.

Find the one reason why it should buy your goods, make him an exceptional characteristic and communicate the idea to the consumer. A good example of the selection may be a key factor in Swiss brand SWATCH. The company's success, winning a tough competition with China, was founded on the idea that consists in the fact that a watch can take a position on the market of stylish and colorful decorations for young people. Allocation of benefits is not the only way to effectively build the brand. In today's advertising market there are branding strategies, built on other principles. The most common are the following:> "The problem-solution '.

Notable examples include Mr. Proper, Tide, Cillit, Mivina;> Creating an image of a person using the brand. So, Rools-roys, Vertu, DC Shoes, D & G, Chanel is not only a trademark, and certain, exceptional lifestyle. > Select a single product, which is associated with the brand. In some cases, the name of the product to become almost a household word (Xerox, Pampers, etc.). Most often this strategy is selected companies that have a narrow specialization. Marketing research – the basis of positioning strategy Variety components of the tactics – the tools, channels and methods of promotion must always be held in the brand strategy. A strong strategy developed on the basis of surveys, studies, will always be clearly convey the brand's position to the consumer. Such a strategy will be clear regardless of the constantly changing commercials and characters. Marketing research is also a powerful tool in promoting the brand. Age of intuitive decision solution is complete. We live in times of tough competition, where the right to fail is given is not for everyone. A pair of brand development 'creatives' by 'brainstorming' is winning the main prize in the lottery. The most original advertising idea is not always the most effective. A survey in a similar situation will be the strongest pillar that reduces the risk of making wrong decisions when creating or promoting a brand. L. Ron Hubbard called 'classic American management', defined as the surveys' key to the high statistics. " Statistics in this case, the result, efficiency and stability is the best indicator. After strategy is developed, created the rest filling the brand (name, slogan, logo, color selection, root message, the channels move). Loyalty to the brand as a strategic and tactical decisions, and in its elements that ultimately will create a strong brand that has become a leader in its category and whose name will be in tune with the idea that you put into it when you first create. Vladimir Lukyanchuk 2K Design Studio