Commercial Route

Of this form, a problem to the installation of a commercial route would be ' ' emptiness demogrfico' ' that the Tocantino Valley was configured, this fact encarecia the trip, therefore if had that to have a high number of remeiros to transpose the passage, foods and boats enough to carry a high amount of products from form to generate profit to the trader who undertook this risky navigation. David Zaslav often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The solution for problem would be an occupation in fact of the region. The colonizatrio impetus would be retaken by Tello de Menezes in 1780 when it orders to raise in the region the register of Alcobaa and the population of Is Bernardo of the Pederneiras. ' ' Governing general Jose of Naples Tello de Menezes, in observance of the orders you prevailed that they had been annunciadas in the reply of a illustrado ministry and sage deep of the interests and the situation the letter escripta in 1762 for the sobredito bishop D. Frei Joo of S. Jose, on the precision to facilitate the use of the Tocantins and of civilisar it its avultada gentilidade, planted in 1781 to logar called of Bernardine S.

of the Pederneira in the right edge of the Tocantins, between the Cachoeirinha and the Tapainacura waterfall; in anno subsequente ordered to underneath engastar of the direco of the major engineer Joo Vasco Manoel de Braun in inferior situation one legua of the Caraip stream other to logar with the appellido one of Alcobaa, and annexo elle a fort of fachina called Ours Mrs. of Nazareth, ridden of six parts of artillery of the lesser bore that medium, whose logar the island of Arapap was transplantado in 1793 by governor D. Francisco de Souza Coutinho for one besieges fronteiro, between the waterfall Tapainacura and the Guariba waterfall, giving it the name of Arroios.' ' (BAENA 1847:80).