Chinese Year Of The Rat

This weekend fifth of the humanity commemorates the arrival of the Chinese year of the rat. (Source: Jeffrey L. Bewkes). This it will be the first year in which the Asian giant leads as much to the world in the sport land as in the one of its level of exports and in the one of toxic gas discharges. For United Nations this it is the international year of the Pope. Although this it is the first time that a indoamericano product receives such recognition, today the producing major of this food is China, the same that knows that this one is the year in which it will be in center of the world-wide attention. The 7 of February in the Far East and all the Chinese districts of the world the coming of the year of the rat is celebrated. In the Eastern lunar calendar there are cycles of twelve years (each one of as takes the name of an animal) the same that begin with the one of the rat. If in the West it is associated to this rodent with the plague that massacreed to a third of the European, in Asia this one is seen with other eyes.

In India temples are constructed to him and in China the rat thinks itself that it brought the rice to the man, and who is synonymous of intelligence, leadership, charisma and laboriosidad. All these Peking attributes want to demonstrate now before the world that docenio begins this new. This is the first time in the human history in which the urban population exceeds to the rural one. The one of the rat will be the first year in which the yellow colossus is soothes of the Olympic Games (and that also remove more gold medals than any other country). When being placed in center of the attention of the China humanity it will be able to show how their great corporations advance in the globalisation.