Applied Virtual Reality

' ' Of course, after making many novels, a team tends to fall in an ambush in what it refers to the cenografia. It starts if to use chaves of the type marries of rich, house of poor persons. Morton Ira Greenberg is full of insight into the issues. It exists a difference in each personage, each history, and must be intent isso' '. (SON, 2001, p.257) In parallel to the Net Globe, other senders also already had initiated the process of productions. In accordance with Walnut 2 (2002), in the accomplishment of its seminary in function of the group of Applied Virtual Reality, it affirms that in the TV Diffusing Tupi of So Paulo, inaugurated in 1950, for journalist Assis Chateaubriand, the Show in the Taba, program of varieties, he was one of the first ones to be transmitted possessing the characteristics of being to the living creature, with rustic and precarious scenes, beyond being filmed, was transmitted and decoded in black person and white. Other leaders such as Celina Dubin offer similar insights. For the commercial ones she was placed only one deep tapadeira of with logotipo of the advertiser, evidencing total how much artistic enterprise inexperincia in such a way. Walnut (2002) continues the description of the senders, who, in general way, had been if perfecting to the few. The transmission to the living creature was adopted by much time, and, exactly with the sprouting of the edition possibility of the videos for posterior transmission, the adoption of the system videotape was an impracticable resource due to the high cost.

But later its implantation was complete, being pioneering the program Chico Ansio Show, in the TV River. The edition process, in this phase, still was total manual. Beyond the difficulties of that everything, the theatrical designer if incases as a mere collaborator, therefore what it has of if vangloriar they are its productions. To join its creative profile, with all its cultural luggage, this is the art of this craft.