TEA LOUNGE – Trendy And Very Different

Roomers concepts – there it is again: a nice idea for demanding hotels HIGH TEA in the afternoon and TEA to GO and TEA with champagne, TEA for two, and tea for meeting… nothing is tea – oretisch and it didn’t “traditional old english”. As we look into the world and identify trends that we’re here probably won’t want to miss in Germany? Tea elegant and refreshingly served in charming lounge and atmosphere as many a foyer viewers would wonder how nice the internal and external guests with each other to communicate and feel comfortable. THE TEA LOUNGE in the lobby brings liveliness that we so desire. This is pure inspiration and the modern hotel is still open for new ways.

Belongs to a well-thought-out TEA LOUNGE concept: can the way completely to reposition the beautiful drink, an extraordinary Interior, demanding high-quality tea supplier, a few nice luxuries, an event plan and people who put something. This is also life style. Let yourself be inspired. ROOMERS CONSULT Brigitte Bruenjes