Second House

If you take time planning where to spend your holidays is time that you start to ask yourself a second home for them. Learn more at this site: David Zaslav. Among many other advantages: the second homes tend to be cheaper (since the majority of people have a home in a capital where housing is more expensive), you have a homeownership for your vacation and for when want you to, you can customize it to suit your needs and have your things, and housing does not usually lose value. In addition, currently the price of homes has fallen quite, and in the future is expected to increase in value. Jeffrey Bewkes is likely to agree. Why buy a house in Vendrell at the moment is a unique opportunity. Vendrell is a municipality of Tarragona which is located 72 kilometres from Barcelona.Tanto if you live in Barcelona as in anywhere else in Spain is an ideal holiday area, the advantage if you live in Barcelona is that you can come at any time, bridges, holidays, etc. since it is considerably near. There are various population nuclei in the Vendrell, among which El Francas. From your apartment in Vendrell You can come to the parish church or Comarruga and its Marina, with great touristic interest, you can discover the maritime quarter of Sant Salvador and his Hermitage, and even eat in Can free trade zone, which is a farmhouse which currently operates as a restaurant. El Vendrell is a very interesting area to have a second home, in fact many of the tourists who summers there do it via this option. You can stay in El Vendrell and enjoy the area, and even closer to nearby areas, or Barcelonasi come out and want to see sites of the capital.

Nassim Haramein

The electromagnetic force received it from the irradiation of our father the Sun awakens us and puts us assets. The gravitational force receive it from our mother earth, helps us to relax and to keep up the pace. Nassim Haramein that shows us a universe that takes into account the human being within his environment cosmic, to get back to some consistent beliefs that help us evolve, namely that we are evolving, that there is a plan of evolution and so we can take responsibility for our actions. If everything happens at random we can see it as victims of bad luck and that will equal our effort to improve. All this we can finally see it different and understand our place in the universe and that in that unknown world, as in the known, for every action there is a reaction. The genius of Nassim respond because everything is moving, from the spin of the electron can already answer because the planets, stars and galaxies rotate constantly and where get the energy to do so. By absurd that is, physics could still not explain This is.

And it is especially not a universe that just expands, as it had been decided so far in the BigBang theory, but also shrinks and follows the laws of TAO, the ancient philosophy of China, Yin and Yang all is a breath of the cosmos, which expands is also collapsed. This has happened by looking at the universe as did the ancients with geometry and especially seeing that everything meets a proportion PHI, called golden ratio of sacred geometry. Obvious that studying physics with geometry is more creative and looks in three dimensions rather than two dimensions only with mathematical calculations. When finished the universities working with Nassim calculations and formulas to prove it, the scientific community will have to accept this new vision.