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Posted by admin at September 27, 2015

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It is also interesting to see the contributions that technology and globalization have generated. and how this can give way to ethical behavior from fracturing, Asia as shown by Jesus Mendoza Henry Pacheco, information technology and communication technologies (ICTs) are invading all aspects of human existence and are posing serious challenges to social values that were considered settled. True, the technologies of computing, Internet and World Wide Web has created global opportunities that were not previously available either for individuals or for organizations. But it is also true that new ethical issues have arisen because changes are affecting human relationships, social institutions and basic moral principles that are expected to have validity in different societies and cultures. The new society based on information technology and computing should become a tool for social integration, to form a cohesive and inclusive society. Should aim to reduce inequalities and ensure general access to information and services. There is no doubt that this company has enormous potential and will offer many opportunities to be identified and for which it is essential form. Its development can not be just an expansion of information infrastructure and communication. Must be an informed and participatory society that transcends the notion techno-centric to acquire a human dimension in which shared knowledge is the basis of social cohesion.

The world is subject to almost constant change resulted in new technologies. Many of these changes can be considered positive. And, no doubt, some have been and will be in the future. Others have been losers over the process. This has led to raise a lot of dichotomies associated with these processes. So those mentioned and those not, the information rich and information poor, old and young, the developed and developing, online and offline, users and developers, computer literate and computer illiterate, the local and global.

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