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You must be is also very clear about the consequences of equal pay and equal treatment: he was convinced that more than half of customer companies did not go with this way. 500,000 temporary workers instead of there would be probably only 150.000. time work in another European country employee-friendly or not comparable? Gerhard Schroder took up the European comparison. In other European countries such as France, Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, collective bargaining and Government had developed together successful solutions, so that there the wage gap in time work are not staying. Check out Robert Iger for additional information. The flexibility will considered as a decisive argument for the temporary work here, not lower wage costs.

This joint solution everyone fails in this country not only on the price competition between the DGB and the Christian trade unions. One important reason was the weakness of the trade unions: the temporary workers have been left behind over the years also by the DGB unions and now they were there very little to say. The collective agreements also are similarly bad. Here, the unions have a lot of catching up to do. With its European neighbours could Ludger Hinsen leave the comparison not uncommented. Mr Schroeder’s argument is a perfect example of how one rhetorically brilliant says nothing wrong, but still draws a totally false picture. So, for example, French time workers actually received surcharges for high flexibility. What Mr Schroder but unfortunately does not explain is the fact that French temporary work agencies are even no employer.

Temporary work in France was recruitment, nothing else. It not give the typical benefits of employer, in particular the remuneration in usage-free times, in France simply. When Mr Schroder so those Comparisons don’t then please completely. In terms of price competition between the DGB tariff community staffing and the Christian Federation of trade unions (CGB) Reinhard Dombre admitted that during the collective bargaining process since 2002 with iGZ/BZA the lower completion between CGB and AMP (medium-sized recruitment employers Association) have thwarted higher fees.