Energy Saving Regulation Changes

The most important changes of the energy saving Ordinance 2014 In November 2013 the new energy saving regulation was adopted. Get all the facts and insights with mayo clinic, another great source of information. She expected from may 2014 into force. The new regulations concern mainly new buildings. But also old buildings are affected. You may wish to learn more. If so, SIGTech is the place to go. Here you will find the most important innovations at a glance. Higher energy requirements for new buildings from January 2016, the allowed value for the overall efficiency (year primary energy requirement) of a new building by 25% will be reduced.

From 2021, very standards apply to new buildings. The exact values will be announced until 2018. In old buildings, oil and gas boilers, which were built before 1985, must be replaced. There are also exceptions. This Exchange obligation does not apply to single – and two-family homes, which themselves are used. Insulation in the roof area of the highest inhabited and heated floor must be upwards and insulated.

The owner has either the ability to insulate the ceiling or attic. Also, the dams of the roof is possible. Here, too, there is an exception for up 2002 owner-occupied real estate. Obligation for the energy performance certificate in the real estate, the most important parameters in the energy performance certificate must be mentioned. Already, the energy performance certificate must be presented prior to the first visit to the real estate. Immediately after conclusion of the purchase contract, the energy performance certificate to the purchaser must be passed. So, with these new regulations, more emphasis is placed on the energy performance certificate. Who is planning a home in the near future, would be well advised to for example with an energy-efficient wooden prefabricated house.

Karcher Industrial

The industrial climber of the GSAR mbH have demonstrated their competence in the field of industry climbing in numerous Spezialprojkten. In part of their cultural sponsorship programme, FA. Karcher cleans globally significant monuments and buildings. Since 2005, the company specializes in the industrial climbing GSAR mbH is a reliable partner objects in higher altitudes and extreme access from Besigheim. Above is the slogan of Besigheim company where we are”describes the philosophy and the technique of the company.

In 2008 it was decided Karcher at the FA for a project in Japan. The Matsudagawa dam should get a mural. For the implementation of this project has been compared to the cost of multiple access techniques and the logistical effort. The setup of the dam came to a cost-benefit comparison not in question. The use of cranes and aerial work platforms presented no alternative to the industrial climbers GSAR. mbH. Another big advantage of rope access techniques, was the view of the any artwork.

A framework would have affected the insight on the development of the mural. The entire creation of the artwork could be observed by the rope technique. The cherry blossom motif was designed by the Cologne-based artist Klaus Dauven. The patina of the surface of the concrete was removed partially with the help of high pressure cleaners, and there were bright areas. The uncleaned areas remained dark. Thus was born a black and white paintings. A very similar project also developed in collaboration with the artist Klaus Dauven on the Oleftalsperre in the Eifel. Here there were no cherry blossoms, but animal motifs were painted in large size on the dam. More special projects with the Karcher company conducted by the industrial climbers of the GSAR mbH in Germany, United States and the Netherlands. In the United States, the Mount Rushmore monument was cleaned with high pressure cleaners. The 18-meter and 60-metre wide monument with the likeness of the former American President Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington was completely cleaned of 5 members of GSAR mbH in just one month. And the 100 meter high Euromast tower was cleaned of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Without the aid, such projects would be too expensive and therefore not feasible the rope techniques and the use of highly qualified industrial climber of. In addition, proved the FA. Karcher through the use of alternative access techniques and the associated solution of the existing problems, their innovative approach in planning and implementing such projects.

Greenline Technology Gmb

Mixes such as such as multi ridge of Greenline Technology GmbH have proven here mineral hybrid concrete in practice for many years, because they largely correspond to conventional materials in the handling and processing the user not confronted with operations unfamiliar for it. Describes a manufacturer, importer or retailer a product after processing does not clearly and comprehensively, but applying only the advantages of the material, then the user usually not served here. In addition the user when choosing a fast setting repair mortar for floor repair should always bear in mind also here: a manufacturer or provider has a proprietary application technique or it processes the products themselves, then practical experiences have been considered regularly not only in the development of a product, but he can also helpful are the user to the page. Because don’t forget: the average engineer and craftsman is for concrete and floor repairs – chemist nor construction specialist and technical problems or questions can always occur. And so the old adage “from practice for practice…” also applies to fast-setting repair mortar for floor repair. Objective of the operation is a ground repair, which quickly traversable and rapidly usable decorated the areas repair as possible does not affect operations. The former damage is not quickly traversable floor repair and fully usable quickly, is prevented from the logistics – a result that is not acceptable.

Thus, the binding off repair mortar for floor repair quickly become imperative. The average operating technicians or artisans is usually not a building contractor and can judge the suitability of material in relation to the constructional requirements insofar difficult. Still, the operational and structural conditions are so different that they here caution when selecting material to advise according to the structure of existing land use and ambient temperature and humidity. An extensive stock of different repair mortar for specific applications can not entertain but mostly the operating technique.

Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH Protection

GLASTEC Rosenheim offered its partners on the construction fair a glass system flush with the frame or wall connection. Boom in construction industry does comply experienced a boom that could stop the next 10 to 15 years the construction industry for nearly two years, one believes the forecasts of the ifo Institute for economic research e.V. Therefore, it is little wonder, then, that nearly 2,000 exhibitors from 40 countries on more than 150,000 square meters area in 17 halls 2011 presented their product innovations on the building. All”, which are nationally and internationally on the planning, manufacturing and design of construction projects, used the time to learn in detail about the most important news. Planline on Bau2011 thousands admired for the Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH, which is known for its special solutions in the area of multifunctional glass systems (integrated internal solar shading Visual and thermal protection, laser protection X-ray protection glass, and certified fire protection glazing), was the construction of 2011 an excellent way the new flush dry construction window from the Planline product family with different request characteristics to present. So, the product group Planline was presented with blinds between the panes (Planline ISO-shadow), without privacy (Planline N) as fire protection window Planline EI30. In a question-answer forum Gannett Co was the first to reply. At our partner companies, we would like to thank warmly for the support at the fair and the opportunity for the presentation of the product for an international audience. -Herholz distribution GmbH & co.

KG: Planline ISO-shadow flush mounted in wooden door – Hormann KG: Planline ISO-shadow flush mounted in drywall – Neuform door factory Hans Glock GmbH & co. KG: Planline fire EI30-ISO-shadow flush mounted inHolz-door window wall element-SCHOTT AG: mobile exhibit: Planline N drywall system frame – steel door Buchele GmbH: Planline N model parallelogram and Planline N flush mounted in steel door GLASTEC’s employees were able to get by the successful Make trade fair presentations of partner companies. Numerous discussions on the spot was pleasantly surprised by the interest of the exhibition visitors and so resulted in promising new contacts. Architects, builders, contractors and craftsmen came to the compromised conclusion: Planline is a perfectly thought-out, holistic concept of glass and combines design, functionality and efficiency with each other at the highest level.