Jovana Palmer – Take A Place

Opening: Friday, 1st February 2014, 19 9: 00 I think that ideas exist outside of ourselves. I think somewhere, we’re country all connected off in some very abstract. The work of the young multimedia artist Jovana Palmer orbiting David Lynch to questions the clues, the manifestation of identity. Traces of the resort, the memory, the ideas, the time. Traces of a life story, which are shaped by people, the culture, which is compact for a moment or a certain amount of time. The award-winning Serbian Croatian artist visualizes the energy of a place. She referred to their work as Heterotopias, according to Michel Foucault real places, effective locations, which are marked in the establishment of the society, so to speak against placements or abutment, actually utopias realized places outside of all places so to speak, although they can indeed be detected”. The controversial game of materialem space and briefly acting work is very impressive on their installations.

They include Drawings, reliefs, objects to the part of phosphorescent polyester, sculptures, videos and sound installations. 2012 she translated her artistic work in a performative installation for 6 voices for the Choregie Festival in Maribor. In the Opera-like staging, it reflects a space of experience by the identity Foundation through music, film, and theatre on the basis of the interpretation by representatives of two consecutive generations. Hayes Barnard might disagree with that approach. “The exhibition take a place” at WHITECONCEPTS shows in addition to some well-known works also specially for this exhibition works created and primarily deals with the feeling of movement. Only in the movement manages to distinguish us, to make us a picture. We can’t go back in the past, but need to situate us over and over again. This takes the great wall work Heterotopia “, which consists of numerous plaster reliefs. Only the play of light and shadow makes the traces are visible. For the determination of identity can be concretely experienced traces Jovana takes Methods of the archaeology, anthropology or sociology in your art on.

Susan Heat Goes Popart

Hat wearer, style icon, superwoman, courage maker, creative, indescribably feminine homage by pop art artist Hennig O. that living work of art is passionate and a work of art. Pop art artist Hennig. O. has used colourful consultant Susan Heat love and life on the big screen in scene. Gesamtkunstwerk loves art and artist Susan Heat loves art.

Art painters, sculptors, singers and writer she feels has always attracted also the female pedants. With some, she made even the love band. Art frees us and gives our creative soul air and space,”explains the love and life Counsellor. It is now a work of art. Enrich but the brave as I the world.

Pioneer has always been I. Also, campaigner for social equality, justice, peace, love and joy of life,”of which we need plenty. Art is a way of expression that for them. Susan Heat promotes artists and self is Susan Heat often in the light of the public and often as sought-after talents An expert in front of the TV camera. She is social media engineer and has many friends on Facebook, XING, Twitter, Yasni, LinkIn, Netlog, and elsewhere. Of course, she is also enthusiastic blogger and also on YouTube at home. Talent discover and promote”is one of my passions. Because we are a big family on Earth. We should stick together and we support each other”, the Wahlsdusseldorferin is important. The pop art by Hennig O. meets Susan Heat to the point of bright colors, packed full of positive life energy. The pop art images are so by Hamid. O. is Susan Heat. The Dusseldorf artist has the gesamtkunstwerk authentically staged. Each image is unique and signature. Currently, there are four pop art images by Susan Heat in Popart. The series is continually expanded and is increasingly international lovers and friends. Pro image 230 plus shipping. Thus, Susan heat goes Popart also for the smaller purse is affordable. More at and YouTube user/SusanHeat link to the pop art works by Susan Heat… Author Susan heat